Cringy to move back to land of ancestors?

As the title says, im planning on leaving the states for good soon. I just dont think the states are headed in a good direction and i want to weather this storm. My grandfather was from hungary, therefore im entitled to citizenship, if you learn the language. Would it be a bad idea to take advantage of this? I know hungary isnt as well of as the usa in terms of economy buts its almost impossible to buy a home here

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I'd definitely do that if I was you. I'd leave this country in a heartbeat if I could convince my family to come along. If I ever obtain the means to move myself and live comfortably in Europe I probably will. If I make enough to move my whole family I definitely will

I probably cant convince my family to come with me. Im still young (just turned 20) and my dad is a boomer conservative who thinks the problems of this country are menial

Hungary isn't exactly in a good position either. If you're leaving because of shitty politics, Hungary basically has the exact same problems but worse.

Hungary is also in the European Union. Once you're in Hungary you can leave Hungary for any other place in Europe.

Not really just politics, i dont want to raise a family in a country where my children will be a minority whereas their forefathers were the majority.
That was one of my possible plans

Yeah, I know that feel. I wish you luck if you end up moving

Thank you my friend

Yes, but because all of Europe is a joke at this point, except maybe Poland and Russia.

It's cringy if you're going to LARP like you're a Hungarian coming back home from his great overseas expedition.

>i dont want to raise a family in a country where my children will be a minority whereas their forefathers were the majority
You will be a minority in Hungary. No one gives a shit about muh heritage and whiteness. You're an American.

Also, don't expect milk and honey in Hungary. And your biggest problem will be learning Hungarian. It's one of the hardest languages, and it's not an Indo-European language so don't expect similarities. It's hard to understand and it's hard to pronounce. If you're planning to work there, and you don't land a job in some comfy IT company that is willing to deal with you only knowing English, you're going to be fucked, and you certainly won't learn Hungarian in a month or two.

Also, if you can get Hungarian citizenship, you get EU citizenship, which opens all of EU to you, meaning you can go somewhere more migrant-friendly and with a better economy.

If you think Europe, especially Hungary, is better off than the US, you are delusional.

If you just want to buy a home, you need to move somewhere in the US more affordable.

thats not what im planning on, i just want to live a quiet life with a family. No larping or whatever.

Great idea. I did it. Moved to France. It's much better here, it's not memes. The life and everything about Europe is significantly better than the United States.

How do the locals treat americans?

Why not move to somewhere in the Midwest or rockies instead, land will be much cheaper, you'll be able to get guns beyond some crap bolt action 22lr rifle and you won't be faced with the huge cultural barrier. Hungarian isn't even an Indo-European language so it will be real hard to learn.

Because usa will be minority white by
2040. Not gonna stick around for that

Western Europe won't be far off, and becuase of the EU there isn't anything actual stopping the naturalised non-Whites in the west from moving east.

Europe is stoll 93% white. America is atmost 58%. We have atleast 30 million illegals, but legal immigration is what will kill the usa. Trump willl not stop it

no it wont. Even if it does, live in a nice suburb that is 90%+ white if that's your concern.


What evidence do you have to back that up. White birthrates havent been replacement level in over 30 years. Once boomers die that white populstion will significantly diminish. The vast majority of h1b visa immigrants are indians or chinese

Many Midwestern states have the same demographics, there's a bigger distance between the eastern and westetn boundaries of Montana than their is Between Budapest and Paris. You larp about muh forefathers but i doubt they would be so proud of you giving up your country without resistance becuase your afraid of some fat Mexican manlets

>replacement level
Neither are Hispanic birthrates anymore
America is fucked but is not hopeless

And just how are you resisting? I havent larped anything about my forefathers lol. You gonna start a race war?
>speaking as if hispanics are the only problem

according to Pew Research Center. Growth in the Hispanic and Asian populations is predicted to almost triple over the next 40 years. By 2055, the breakdown is estimated to be 48% White, 24% Hispanic, 14% Asian, and 13% Black.

That's assuming that birthrates among each group remain the same, which won't happen.

Regardless, though, it's not like the US is going to become Brazil or some shit hole. There will still be towns that are like 95% white, move there if you want. It'll still be better than Hungary.

Run while you can before Russia nukes it

Is that including illegal populations? 10 years ago they said we have 11 million illegal citizens and undoubetsly that number is gonna go up. Hispanics already make up 17% of population, no doubt its gonna be more than 24% in a few decades

>And just how are you resisting?
The easiest way to resist is to simply stop working, funding the subsistence of non Whites and become self sufficient

>speaking as if hispanics are the only problem
Blacks are a at lower proportion than they where 100 years ago
Asians are annoying but largely harmless

Cool, so ill stop slaving for this country, and be self sufficient in another one

i dont know if that includes illegals, it probably does though.

Don't worry, man. Everything will be fine. People who don't assimilate are gonna struggle, so American culture will largely remain the same. You should worry more about socialists (of all colors) who want to steal your income.

Its harder to be self-sufficient in a country where land is much more expensive, you don't speak the local language nor are allowed weapons to defend yourself with

Citizenship for learning the language? THAT'S A GREAT DEAL, OP! You should do it whatever the case. Probably have to live there a bit even if you plan to stay In USA but multi-citizenship can be quite advantageous.

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>i dont want to raise a family in a country where my children will be a minority whereas their forefathers were the majority.

That was what the native indians thought to themselves back 400 years ago. Suck it up, faggot, your people are dying out and it's survival of the fittest.

You cant really defend yourself in usa either
Thank u for having actual advice

Yeah and im not gonna be one of the retards who gets killed

Stand your ground doesnt exist in anywhere in Europe, it does in America, if you stab an armed burglar here, you go to prison, if you shoot one in America you don't even get arrested even if he is unarmed

They love them. The French seem to fetish us and have big dreams (inaccurate dreams) of what America must be like.

Oh you will, You will just die during the Russian re-invasion of Eastern Europe, or in an ISIS-sponsored bombing against Euro infidels.

meant to reply to you

Cool. Thats kind of what the irish think of americans too. If only they knew... but i guess we have our own preconceptions

Also, what part of france did you move to?

You're welcome. May you be successful.