Cry it out. GIOYC.

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I just want a bf who rapes my face twice a day.

my bf won’t fuckin pay attention to me!!! his eyes are locked on some stupid game, wtf is “runescape” i’d dump this loser if he wasnt 6’2 and so sexy when he bosses me around. ugh

steal the power cord if its a computer and force him to make you give it back. If its a laptop take the charging cord and do the same thing.

This is pretty eye-opening

It has been the CIA all along, probably here too.

I knew it was the CIA but I didn't really have evidence. Now I do.

I just decided I'll leave this place for good next year. As soon as I have my degree in spring, I'll leave the country and get my PhD somewhere else. There's a good chance my prof will get his contacts working considering my grades, and I already know some basics of the language of the country I'll go to. I'll work my ass off with that side job to have some emergency funds when I leave, I might be able to save up 2-3 k and selling the stuff I have will get me some good money, too.
This whole place has become so toxic for me and I feel so out of place, have felt this for god knows how long. I'm living someone else's life. I'll leave and be someone else somewhere else. Only one who'll know will be my prof, I won't tell anyone else.
It'll be hard to burn all the bridges I've built throughout the years but I see no other way out of this.
It's already dark here. I'll work out the time schedule after waking up, and I'll keep studying until I get off that fucking plane next year.

Thanks for reading my blog, like and subscribe.

Me thinking about my alien bf and his sexy tentacle mouth feelers

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Imagine being raped by a New Zealander.
Just imagine it.

Over the past 6 months two girls who made going to work worthwhile for years, have been sacked.

Another 100 or so lost there jobs as well.
Investigations are being fabricated, they are looking or those who won't put up a fight, or can't.

I'm safe, having publicily accused the company of something similar before (therefore I could argue it's a pattern of behavior - not just the bullying, but bullying vai proxy by a specific senior directors hiring choices), being the only one who actually wants to work weekends, and the fact that our manager turnover is so high many of my bosses come to me for help and advice, there's no real chance I'm gonna be bothered.

I've also made a clear "no settlement" policy if I ever need to take them to tribunal. I've been forthcoming that public record of this behavior is more important, than the bribe they offer.

So I get left alone.
To watch everyone I care about get fucked over.
To disappear because I was too chickenshit to ask her for her number or let her know I cared.

I don't even want this job anymore, but it takes so much out of me that I can't even bring myself to look for something else even when I know a business nearby will hire literally anyone.
I get a day off, I do my chores then relax and refuse to put the effort in.

Depression is setting in and I hate it. If it gets the better of me, the suicide note/investigation into the company notes get sent to a national newspaper.

Idgaf about you lmao you're fuckin addicted to me. Ive broken u down before, ill do it again. Just wait.

That’s mean. Why do you even want to?

I know you'll find someone when get there. Let it be

Sorry bout that fren didn't mean to hurt you hope you're ok these days

They are CIA, the only group of people on earth that could be that evil.

I just want to find one girl who is a 10/10 conversation wise and physically wise who lives near me (or at the very least is accessible to me) and who is ok with birth control and not having kids so soon

Like literally all I want is a thick Hispanic, south asian or Asian girl man

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Damn why is the world so wayward? It's really not that hard to be good or just neutral. I'm not perfect but I at least try not to be a dick.

Aw man these people don't understand idk how to cope with that

Damn I'm so unproductive.

Ok I'm sorry whatever I did. All I do is try to improve. I know I have problems. Sorry. I can't sit here and just criticize people that's just messed up.

Kleiner Teddy süß und putzig, goldig, schmusig, weich und knuffig.
Knuddel mich! Knuddel mich! Knuddel mich! Knuddel mich!
Kleiner Teddy flauschg, drückmich, durchgedreht und immer glücklich.
Tanz für mich! Tanz für mich! Tanz für mich! Tanz für mich!

Can someone tell me I would be able to become better? I work on it every day as much as I can.

Well, if you're offering...

Ok I gotta grow up. I've tried before but I guess it didn't work. One more go.

Damn, people like techlead should focus on family and people like me should do more youtubing and whatnot. Not that I know what I'm talking about, I just wouldn't mess up my family by being focused on internet stuff
Aw man I've really mess up my mind and body.
Maybe I should just have blind confidence. It might work out better.

Dammit what the hell

>mom tries to shame me whenever I upset her
>even if I'm actually right for being angry with her, she will make me feel bad simply for making her feel any negative emotion whatsoever

She consistently ignores how I feel all the time and it got so much that I shouted at her pretty badly. The thing is that even though I was trying to be real with her she enjoys the drama so much that you can't be honest with her. She loves the arguments because it's just like one of her soap operas.

I'm pretty sure the only reason she supports me financially is just so she can show how much of a good mother she is to her friends. I know that sounds cynical but she makes me feel crazy because she convinces me that she's not a crazy psycho when I'm the only one that can see it.

I feel like I'm being gaslighted

I'm just trying to be normal. What's wrong with that?

I miss my dad

Really wish this girl didn’t have baby fever holy shit

Its all going to be ok. It will be over and I will have a giggle at how silly it all was.

I'd probably cry if he got out or at least tear up

I'm not going to college because I want to, I'm going because I feel like I have to.

And I'm not enjoying it.

Soon I will be able to say goodbye. I never thought I’d get to this point. I’m sort of excited and mostly still afraid. Things always work out in the end. You’re toxic and I’m super sad to acknowledge that. I think you’ll be okay one day

You're a fucking dirtbag! I knew it was you who took my Amex card and debit card number and scored the $300 in fake charges. You always were jealous that I got that job. You have tried to sabotage it from the beginning. I hope you get everything you deserve.

I'm so tired of everybody; their vanity, pretentiousness and self-indulgence. I'm so glad I isolated myself 3 years ago. I'm improving my abilities and I will finally be able to create something that I can be proud of. I never needed you.

shut up slut and bend over
daddy needs to let his load out


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I always forget how insane I am, I should focus on just being sane.

I'm so fucked up today

Honestly this girl was really attractive but holy fuck did she have baby fever. She wasn’t on birth control nor did she want me to use condoms

She was beautiful but I can’t get with someone like that

My need for a woman is going to put me in a funny farm.
I can picture it vividly. She's small, about 5'3" to my 5"11, slender and leggy to my wiry and smooth. The first time is intense and forceful, lasts for nearly an hour. I leave bruises on her, she claws my back. It'd probably hurt her slightly at first. My dick is a bit too thick for its 6.2 inch length and standard fit condoms are too tight on it. Fortunately, I'm not very keen on contraceptives anymore. I'm 25 and have a very specific thing I want, and I'd tell the little slut as much every time we fucked. "I hope you get knocked up, bitch."
It takes on an almost automatic function after that first time. She gets in this weird thing where she wants it but doesn't want to ask for it. She'll sit in the same room as me for a bit, dicking around with her phone, watching tv, or whatever, then she goes to do something else elsewhere in the apartment, like a cat walking by and lifting her tail, and I follow her. Those are just the normal days. Sunday mornings we don't get out of bed, and if it starts raining outside during one of those lazy mornings, there's a good chance I'll just fall for her then and there.

I just needed a place to put this down. I don't know if I'll ever have it, and it probably won't go exactly like that if I do. I think it's important that I have a woman who can see me in a sexual way like that, though, someone I can trust who doesn't have contempt for me. I know I'm awful, full of myself. I'm not half as confident as I act, but it's how my chase for this is training me to act.

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I really don't get why it was you in the first place. What the hell? Why am I like this? I have some serious problems, its hard to figure things out when my mind is so full of fuck. Hopefully I will be completely over this soon, its all so repetitive and tiresome.

Cause all of the stars have faded away
Just try not to worry, you'll see them someday

I dont understand why bad things happen to me more often than it happens to others. Id like to think its my perception but I have objectively bad luck sometimes.

2 weeks ago I totaled my car, then broke my leg skateboarding to work 2 days later. Im in a cast and cant rock climb or finish my mountain list this summer. This happened the weekend before a move, and I ended up having to pay an additional $600 for movers to lift my boxes.

Prior to this I had a month where my girlfriend and I broke up, I lost my job, my house and then somehow managed to get a job/apartment out of state right before I ran out of cash.

other bullet points
>got hiv from hetero sex which has pretty shit odds
>was homeless 5 times total in life
>foster child and abusive upbringing

I'm not ranting or upset, or venting even. I'm a normal person trying to get up out the mud and keep having life kick me while I'm down.

I keep going but does life ever chill?

stay away from me you fucking spooks

Need me a giantess alien gf to bully me into submission

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I want to die.

I'm tired of you. This isn't going anywhere.

Why tired? Where do you want it to go?

run, escape, you stupid roastie.

also, nice bait

I really like you and wanna date you post contact

I don't really have an excuse for being bored of you, I just wish you'd make a move once in awhile. It feels like whenever I try, it doesn't click in your stupid fucking head.

You’re too subtle.

You probably are being gaslit. Get out, if you're a neet you can do it.
Do you have any money?


Maybe, though I feel like if I become anymore obvious i'm going to look too clingy and desperate

How do you “make a move”?

only for C

yesu desu

yall this song fukken SLAPS


going to bypass what is likely getting at and say then you're actually not making a move

I can no longer allow you in my head rent ffffffREEEEEEEE. The economy is not good enough for this to continue.

i'm fraid I can't allow thet m'ady i'll be dancing in your head forever

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How do I know you're my C?

Its not even good living conditions in here. Its ghetto

why not- you better be a girl

I'm fucking annoyed by a girl it's been on my mind all week. can't get over it to be honest. I know I will over time but I just want to be done with it now.

>Meet the most awesome girl I've met in forever
>She's athletic plays sports with me
>She's conservative
So many things about her are so awesome. I don't really have very high standards just not a druggy or overweight and has a job.

>We get along amazing
>She always wants to spend time with me
>I figure fuck it I want to be with her
>Tell her I'm into her.
>She asks what I wanna do
>I say make out
>It's over she leaves my house
>Says im not on the same path as her.
>Something about my job/career not being good enough

I'm fucking 22 I'm sorry I don't have millions and my life put together. This really is fueling me to want to make it, but I've really just cut her off now. I didn't reply to her few messages and now she just doesnt even message me anymore.

We were hanging out like every couple days for like 2 months and in the end it was getting super romantic to me at least. She was really opening up and so was I. About things we wanted who we are as people. Idk it just felt right to me, I'm not stupid normally I can tell a girl likes me. But she just flat out rejected my advance, and gave me some shit answer that I don't even know is real or not because if I believe what she says and take it at face value she basically thinks I'm an amazing guy but she doesn't value my utility as a man so doesn't see me as a good partner. And I hate that blackpill. I hate that someone can be this shallow if she's being honest. I kinda feel strung along and now I'm just angry and want to improve myself but I know I just know if she messages me (which she won't) and said she changed her mind or wanted to be with me, I'd be too much of a pussy to say no, because it's been 2 years since a girl showed this kind of interest in me and I actually fell for her.

dude trust me

So? Are you a ghetto?

no fucking way. i'm actually listening to this album right now

I bought a car for the first time
I'm scared, but also excited. I owe about 9000 but I'm not too worried. To tell the truth the thing I'm most excited about is being able to feed my addiction to escorts. Time to get a second job and buckle up so I can afford them. Also my car

do you want my discord..?

i'm such an evil person hehehe!!!

I don't know anymore. I think I am going through some kind of gentrification.

Ah HA!

add me friend COBRA#4077

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I can't believe you're dead.

I had a dream a few weeks ago that you sent me a message. Saying that you weren't really dead. That you had to fake your death for some reason beyond my understanding. When I woke up I checked. Nothing. I know it's just a dream but I really hope we can speak again one day.

I thought about your mom today. How she probably misses you. Not everyone liked you, yeah, but you were a good person. If I've ever spoken to a good person it was you

I really, really miss you.

take it out to the twisties and make dagumi proud

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Idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing in your circumstances lol rent might get higher.
Probably people purchasing them as real estate properties or house flipping

Men say they want natural this and natural that but will go for Instagram models and then also complain when they can’t get an Instagram model. I don’t have an Instagram bitch body and I wish I did and I thought about surgery but men will also berate you for getting surgery. Incels deserve to be incels for this.

you know it girl now hand over that contact before someone gets spanked

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We will just have to see what happens.


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Do you two actually know each other or what?

Yeah, r is my gf

for you.
whoever you are. be quick so I can delete pls


fuck you Rachael that was wrong what you did to me and you deserve to face some sort of consequences for leading me on then deserting me because I have had to suffer a lot because of this.

suck me off daddy
you about to be my bitch


good luck with your internet girlfriend son

im gonna fuck the shit out of you and then break your skull and skull fuck the shit out of your brains bitch

playing fortnite again son?

go get em

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i'm fucking banned from fortnite for cheating fuck you

You should try Quake 3. It's a great game

i slay pussy not mobs