Women and their lies

Absolutely fucking furious right now. Words cannot express my disappointment or my anger towards this woman
>Know woman for a year and a half
>Very close friends, have had arguments in the past but so does everyone
>Finally breaks up with her cuck closet furry boyfriend
>Are still close at this point
>We go to dinner and then visit a river next to the town park
>Tells me that they broke up when we're just sitting on the riverbanks
>Tells me that even though she's single she'll still want some time to adjust herself
>I tell her that's fine and I'll be waiting
>Still talk afterwards
>Today she tells me that she was donating blood
>"Oh haha good thing you don't have any like infections to worry about"
>"Actually I had a one night stand with an old ex of mine about a week ago"
>"With user?"
>"Yeah... just kinda worried about it I guess."
>"What the fuck was this the day after our river trip? You said you wanted time before you dated or did anything."
>"It was actually before that..."
>Be absolutely enraged at her sheer hypocrisy

I can't begin to understand women. Why do they do this? Should I continue to be as angry as I am?

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People shop around to find the very best mate. It's not difficult to understand.

That image is so fucking good holy shit

I'm glad you like it but that doesn't calm my rage of emotions right now

No you shouldn't be angry. You're not dating her. From your story, she never said she was interested in dating you, and never said she didnt want to fuck people. She only said she wants time for herself, that doesn't exclude one night stands.

You sound jelly

You're acting like she owes you anything.

How does it feel to be bested by a "cuck closet furry," user?

Obviously not good. It makes me angry. But the worst part is that me and her ex are friends and I've fucker her behind his back so not only do I feel guilty for him I also feel angry that she felt he was good enough to date. Fuck man why are emotions so hard and why do people get attracted to others that are no good for them?

This is literally an intro to adult women, the cycle will continue

You are not special. Should have read the fucking warning signs, loser.

Life is not a fucking disney movie.

She’s not interested in you user. Sorry. Move on

>I've fucker her behind his back

>girl is a known whore
>surprised when she acts like a whore

Why the hell would you even be interested in a shitty woman like this anway?
Jesus man get some standards

>I tell her that's fine and I'll be waiting
Nothing about what you wrote suggests that she is interested in you, and it sounds like you simply concluded out of the blue that you two will be together now. At what point did she lie about anything?

Then I read this:
So you betrayed your friend's trust by fucking his girlfriend, and you come complaining here about "woman and their lies"? You sound like a shit dude.

>orbit a girl
>girl says she's not interested
>girl fucks someone else
>throw a tantrum

What is wrong with you OP?

This affect you how? It’s non of you business.

Bro that was a beta move. Let me explain something to you. Women liked being bitched no matter how mad ; yes they are times in which being a man requires being gentle. So when you took her on the date. She was expecting you to ask her out. If you would’ve never asked her out or whatever you said you asked. She would’ve just been stuck. Now she would’ve thinked that you think you’re better then her and now she would prove herself. But no you fell for the easiest trap. She knew what was gonna happen. Before the date ended. Women are pieces you just gotta play good chess.

Respond to this I wanna know what you think of the response I gave you. Becuase recently some girl on this site was saying she’s good looking and shit. I got her info and we texted and she was like I’m not sending you no pictures of my coochie just my face and boobs. Then I told her fuck off and then she begged me and said she wanted to skype call me naked. Told that bitch GTFO i don’t need internet pussy I was just checking my methodology. And blocked her ass

You’re a piece of shit, dude.

If she wanted to be with you, she wouldn't be making excuses.

Wake up and open your eyes.

I hate that lol I feel your pain.

Just know that when a woman breaks up with her boyfriend (in my experience) she always and i do mean ALWAYS go back and fucks her ex. Every fucking time. Like she has amnesia about why she broke up or something. Seriously, always. No matter what she says.

I think some woman told me it's because they're already comfortable with that person, blah blah blah.

Try not to stay mad over it. It's like getting mad over the sky staying the same color. It's just like that no matter how fucking stupid it is

>Women and their lies
>cuck closet furry boyfriend
>I also feel angry that she felt he was good enough to date
keep telling yourself it's her that's the problem

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>got cheated by the woman willing to break up and cheat for you


>I can't begin to understand women. Why do they do this? Should I continue to be as angry as I am?
Mate, don't expect loyalty from a whore

>and never said she didnt want to fuck people
>Tells me that even though she's single she'll still want some time to adjust herself
>I tell her that's fine and I'll be waiting
She implied that she didn't want to fuck user

>This is literally an intro to adult women
Im interested in this, what are the other courses for intermediate and advanced real-women studies? Is there a PhD program?

Chad here,

Women aren't some sort of trophy you win over, or achieve; they aren't a goal, or an aim in life, or even something you want.

Women are the inferior gender. They lie, deceive, and backstab. They're just a slit for you to fuck. Other than that, they're useless.

Why are you so upset? I mean, haven't you learned anything from watching your mom?

I watched my mom. I just thought to myself: "my dad is an idiot to listen to this dumbass. Well, I guess I'm the product. Not a total loss".

Stop idolizing women. They're literally shit.

>Life is not a fucking disney movie.
Disney movies are mostly about normalization (predictive programming somewhat)
Have you heard of the beauty and the beast? Well...
>And if a woman approach unto any beast, and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them
Basically, fallen angels will try to fuck human females again, Disney is already conditioned people for it

No, she implied that she didn't want a relationship.

>No, she implied that she didn't want a relationship
How fucked up people are to think fucking without a relationship is acceptable

>I tell her that's fine and I'll be waiting
This is the part it went wrong senpai. Should have moved for the kill

I don’t understand why you’re angry at all. She didn’t lie about anything, and she’s allowed to fuck, or not to fuck, whoever she wants.

OP had sex with her and they were not in a relationship, why are you not calling him out on it?

Sometimes people have to do dumb shit to understand what they need.

>fucks her ex bf
>understands it's a huge mistake and need to be alone
>tells her friend aka you what she realized the night before but she doesn't mention the sex part with the ex out of shame and not to hurt you prolly

Be glad she didn't use you as a one night stand

Wait... So you fucked her while she was in a relationship with not only another person, but somebody that is supposedly your friend. So not only is she a piece of shit, but she's also known to be a whore. You're surprised she did shit that a whore would do?

You're not only a massive fucking retard for believing she wouldn't be wouldn't fuck other people while single, but for also believing she would be loyal to you if you. You're a piece of shit for fucking your friends gf and you got cucked by a fucking furry. You deserve it faggot. she also deserves to get a STD

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OP you have company with this delusional belief that if you put the time in, pretend to be her friend and remain in queue you get your shot if you are next.

There is no queue but a revolving door most guys never leave.

She's a misleading, dishonest, stupid whore. Find someone who isn't a Bianca Devins.


>Beta orbiter mad that some chick fucked her ex instead of him

It’s kinda sad, but then you read OPs post and remember; oh yeah, he fucking suck, glad this happened to him.

have sex incel. shes not obliged to fuck you first. you cant dibs a girl retard