I hate being unattractive

It can't be height. I'm above-average (62) and last night I saw a cute shortcake with a dude barely taller than her. Unless he had money? I don't think it's looks because I see plenty of mediocre, schlubby guys with girlfriends. I guess I'm just socially retarded or something and don't have the charisma to attract women. And when someone like me attempts to do this, it comes across as desperate and phony, not to mention exhausting. That's not me. I'm stoic, taciturn and introverted. I'm not the life and soul of the party. You'll be lucky if I come to the party. Sometimes I wish I could be "normal" and have a girlfriend like everyone else but perhaps some people are meant to be alone?

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Awww man. Gonna have to bump this shit

I know it might come as a surprise to you, but you need to actually "talk" to girls if you want a gf

The four main attractions for women, in this order, are personality, personality, personality and looks

Work on your fears.
Get a good haircut and workout
>not the soul of the party
buddy, just go out and try it. Its never like you imagine. Take dancing courses if youre shit and work on it. Talk to girls and smile you faggot

Thing is, I don't really like that stuff: dancing, clubbing, boozing. Been there, done it. It's not really my bag.

I think thats not quite true, I belive it is, the way youappear in public(talking to strangers, giving a helping hand,...), looks, as when you managed to get her attention, by for example asking if you can help her carry her bags, she will watch how you look, but usualy(at least where I come from) they don't look all to close, just generaly(e.g. is he wearing normal clothes or something completly teared appart, is his hair greasy,...) and then what keeps the girls with you is your personality.

In german there is a saying translating to: the looks decide who finds together, but only personality can determin if you stay together

>some people are meant to be alone?
Yes. This is a simple mathematical reality. You can about it countless ways but let's just say genetically speaking, not ever person in the past has had children, especially men. Men die virgins all the time but even more men die childless. It's just the way things have to work.
Now, you probably have a chance because the percentage of the population that dies completely alone is small.
There are two things you need; a single positive point of attraction and some degree of confidence (can be faked or genuine). If you have only one of looks, money, personality, intelligence, or social status you can get a girl but only if you have the capacity to approach. Only the best and most attractive men don't have to approach.

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In my opinion, for us mortals (not 8/10 and above dudes) it works like this: you have to not bee too ugly or unkept, so she doesn't feel disgusted, then comes your personality and finally you get your looks checked more thoroughly again. The process described is subconscious.

This shit is so disheartening. Especially when the female equivalent of us can always fuck a +8/10 Chad.

You have a few options, but among them you have to decide whether to play or not. I personally am not. I was selected at birth to not breed by the collective female consciousness and to fight against 50% of the human population is folly

Then use tinder nigger

Please go watch the Elliot Rodger videos again. Really pay attention to them. Your first sentence is the autistic judgemental incel shit that kept him a virgin for life. Consider the absurd possibility that nice, likeable people with healthy outlooks on life tend to find partners and live happy lives, regardless of looks

Good way to get "me too'd"

I'm scared of talking to women because I get rejected 90% of the time.

I don't think women realize how nerve-wracking and defeating being rejected by them is.


This. Give women an inch and they take a mile if you're unattractive. Chad can and does rape women but gets away with it because it's "sexual domination" if the guy is attractive. What a joke

>This. Give women an inch and they take a mile if you're unattractive.
>be nice to woman
>not even trying to get with her
>she thinks that I like her, treats me accordingly
>constantly tells me what to do or asks me to do shit but expects me to do it
Every fucking time. And I feel like if I don't, they'll think I'm an asshole.

>Consider the absurd possibility that nice, likeable people with healthy outlooks on life tend to find partners and live happy lives, regardless of looks
>nice, likeable people
Yeah but what if I'm ugly, small (5'9 in western Europe), boring, and bitter. There is simply no hope, only solitude and suffering.

Wtf do you even talk about with girls, I always ask her how she's doing all she says is good then asks how I am, all she does is work in a job she doesn't really like, when I ask her what she wants to do she tells me like 10 different things... bruh

>western Europe
lel at least you have that going for you. My friend is even shorter than you, no money, no job, his hobbies are rap music and smoking weed, every time we go out he gets way too fucked up and others have to take care of him.

Dude is easily the biggest player I have met. He pulls pussy left and right, just by being a likeable and social person.

You forgot money

haha user you're so funny

this is why people drink and do drugs. try it and it'll let you cut loose at the party.

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I genuinely don't understand people like him. How is that even possible?

This is the most blue-pilled shit I ever read

By being a likeable, social person that people enjoy being around