My ex doesn't know i'm 5 months pregnant

I wan't to tell him but i'm scared as fuck. I found out I was pregnant in April. I scheduled to have an abortion as early as six weeks, but I just couldn't go. Instead I went to the hospital and got an ultra sound. While knowing i'm pregnant, iv'e went to his house and we fucked many times. He's noticed my tits have gotten bigger, but that's about it. Weeks passed and I now live in another state. We text everyday, but he still has no idea. To be honest, I'm not even sure if the baby is his. I looked at my old facebook posts to see what I did on the day of conception. On March 13th I was at his house. My estimated due date is December 3rd, but my OBGYN says the baby looks a few days older but to keep the due date the same anyway.

I am obsessed with this guy, and have been for three years. We dated for four months in 2016, but broke up. Ever since, I've been trying to get him back. If the baby isn't his, I'm never telling him I had one. If the baby is, should I tell him? He's a real dick. He's gotten me pregnant before after we broke up in late 2016, but I had a miscarriage. When I first told him about the first pregnancy he was really mad at me and demanded I got an abortion. I don't know what to do.

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abortion is murder

if you don't want the baby get it adopted

your womb

Marry the guy you degenerate

He hates me.

I wan't the baby. That's not the issue.

He should know if it is his no matter how mad he gets. It is what it is.

Dam use birth control sheesh

No wonder why, you're a degenerate that fucked before marriage
Leave your kid to adoption and tell him about it before you do it, who knows, maybe he will try to marry you

>I wan't the baby
Can you please write correctly? It's want, not wan't, where the fuck did you learn that?
Fucking spics let me tell you

>scheduled to have an abortion as early as six weeks, but I just couldn't go.
why do so many women do this?
i'm officially SHOOK if most women aren't pro choice

honest mistake college boy. I'm typing in the dark, holy fuck.

> To be honest, I'm not even sure if the baby is his

To be honest, nobody is surprised.

What I am saying is that you are a whore.

It's something I had to consider, I have a blood condition. But since seeing a Hematologist, he said to carry to term is fine.

>I wan't to tell him but i'm scared as fuck.

if you're no longer together, and its been that way for a while... then two questions. 1, why the fuck are you scared? He can't break up with you more. and 2, if it is his, do you think hiding it for so long is going to make him like you more? or less?

you're not thinking clearly.

how do you get pregnant from the same guy twice? and worse, from a supposedly prick
>not even sure if the baby is his

I'm usually against abortion but jesus christ you better abort your child, we don't need more retards like you roaming the streets nor that baby should suffer from your stupidity
or better yet kill yourself before the 6 months mark

Other people here already scolded you for possibly the worst life decisions ever
Let me just say in this case that you have no choice but to tell him. It's either that or be a single mom. The earlier you do it the better.
If he is a dick you should be careful though. Maybe it's an abusive relationship.

You should abort, the world is better off without your children. Use a condom next time.

Why were you retarded enough to not have an abortion?

The kid will obviously be retarded

He can get mad, then what? Single parenting is super hard, at least milk his money to pay for expenses, that's his fault for not bringing a condom (and also yours for not forcing him to wear one). Being the gigantic asshole that he is, he will obviously disappear once the baby is born but as I said, milk his money because he has to take responsibility for this. You too as well, but raising an unwanted children is enough payment I guess.

Abortion. Society thanks you.

>He's noticed my tits have gotten bigger
Fake and gay. Tits only get bigger after birth.
Try harder user.

shit man at least Google what you are going to say before posting retarded shit
I know OP is fake but come on

most logical post in thread

Hahaha you don’t know how the female body works on a basic level. That gave me the laugh i needed right now.

I'm sorry for the baby, having such shitty parents.

samefagging in this lame way doesn’t cut it either user, stop embarrassing yourself, it hurts to watch.

oh womb, you can't even tell which dick got you preggers. Maybe shut the fuck about an abortion, when it's already legally too late to get one.

adoption is best for everyone. you can make some sweet cash, and the baby will be will parents ready to spend everything they have for the lil' one or more.

OP, you could be the finest bitch around but everyone knows black guys never stay around. They'll keep hittin it till you get knocked up then flee and already be hittin the next girl

Time to woman up, girl, and be a single mom.

You have never seen a pregnant woman's tits I guess
They get bigger
Have sex