Men with shit jobs: when you approach women and they ask what you do for a living, do you tell the truth?

Men with shit jobs: when you approach women and they ask what you do for a living, do you tell the truth?

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obviously not. why do they need to know?
If and when it gets more serious i'll give them a more serious answer.
If I have no intentions of keeping them on, tell them some real bullshit.

A shit job is better than no job, user. Plenty of retail doomers are dating and banging hot as fuck girls.

Im there to fuck them, no to tell my past experience
So I think of the most useless job someone can have and I tell them that
Last time it was beach sweeper

Not like she's gunna fuck me anyways, what use is it lying?

if you are

Only if you have plans to get a better job. Everyone is trying to avoid living in poverty.

But doctor... I am 27.

I would, I can't lie about stuff they really want to know about me. If you don't want to lie then don't bother talking to them and better yourself if you're ashamed doing what you do for a living.

Sure, it is decent wage for one person by my countrys standards and 5 hours of 8 I do nothing in my shift.

I'm dating a guy who has worked in bars most of his life and that seems to attract women more than not

I think it's better to just be honest about that kind of thing, I used to be a janitor and even then one of my coworkers wanted to date me. She was ok, but I felt like shit dating someone like her so I tried to keep my distance. I ended up hurting her feelings anyway because I didn't say anything, still hurts. She would've been my first girlfriend.

Of course.

Women aren't interested in your job, but your overall outlook in life.

>brag about being dealer manager
>talk about loving to work at Starbucks and fucking with people's names

That's a story btw.

>be me
>literally want to work a job with no real need for thinking or responsibilities
>Starbucks it is
>clean floors - love being cleaner guy
>super happy about cleaning shit
>woman customer asks me why I'm so happy cleaning floors
>"because there's no stress dealing with floors"
>every day she comes back
>tells me she is a psychologist
>I'm not interested
>one day says she could categorize my personality
>"I highly doubt that"
>says a bunch of shit, uses some psych terms, and I nod
>asks me what I think
>"I think that's a good start"
>looks at me puzzled
>"user, what do you mean start? I finished already"
>I stop - look at her, and say: "Really? I thought you had just begun after finally asking me what I think. Considering this is the first time you ever asked".
>she goes deep red. Doesn't know what to say
>"I get off at 4pm. Buy me some wine and we can go back to your place. I'd tell you more but I'm on my shift. If I see you at 4 then I know you're game. Bye."

See her at 4. We buy wine. Go to her place. We fuck.

We still occasionally fuck. It's been 8 months.

emphasis on occasionally, she wont settle for you sadly

I should hope not. Last thing I need is some retarded bitch trying to marry me. No, thank you. I'll use the pussy until I can get something decent.

This comment made me cringe and burst into laughing at the same time. Kind of a fart-barp (farp?) while spilling my coffee experience. Something very unique really.

you are the one being used and going on for 8 months its pretty obvious your search isnt going well

my point is bitches are vapid golddigging whores and you gotta be incredibly lucky to find one which isnt

Not everybody's under 27 retard

No, dude, I just lie, it's so much easier in the short term, and that's the only thing that matters. The future is fake and gay.

>well, my job is none of their business so I lie

Really? I'm not

The issue is lying makes men uncomfortable, hence why there's a specific thread about it. I've yet to see a thread centered around a female's consciousness about lying about anything

Where exactly in the OP did he ask for your opinion?

I deliver food on a bike. I don't lie about it. If girl's wanna know, I tell them I'm a bike messenger and I talk to them about what it's like to bike around in a busy city. If a girl is too shallow that my part-time job is a turn-off, then I don't want to hook-up with her anyway. If she wants to fuck, she won't care what my job is. If she wants to date but she cares what my job is, then she doesn't really deserve to be with me.

Sort of. Sort of not really.

The last girl I fucked was an easy 9/10 that I briefly met a long time ago and ran into again at the movie theater then asked out.

The conversation went something like this.

>So what do you do for a living
I work at the [blank] warehouse down in [blank] town. Its not a super interesting job, but it pay me more than enough to get all my bills paid and gives me plenty of time to work on the projects that I'm really passionate about.
>Oh what projects are you talking about *conversation starts to go towards what I'm passionate about*

So the trick here was that I didnt really lie, I just implied that I made a lot of money when really I'm just scrapping by. And then I change the direction of the conversation into something to make me seem more interesting and like I'm working on something in the background.

only reason she fucked you is because she thought you were good looking, your personality just sealed the deal. You guys only fuck occasionally because she is probably looking for a guy not cleaning floors at starbucks.

>beach sweeper
This is hilarious. You earned her pussy with this.

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Any thread that starts with
>be me, femanon
gets at least one "fuck off cunt enjoy your easy mode life"

Femanon here, totally depends how old you are. If you're in your 20's and you go to uni (especially my school) I don't give a damn where you work. If you're a 30-year old bus driver hitting on me I'll be very uncomfortable because you're both 30 and you drive the bus that takes me to my classes please don't

Well, they do have life on easy mode so pointing out the truth is permissible

Yeah, of course! I don't want to immediately start lying right off! A good relationship is built on trust. You can't build trust if you lie to her (or each other).