Stripper want to come over

If a stripper gives you her number. Then want to come over to your house for "dinner". What does that mean? Can a stripper be a cop? Does the stripper want to do something illegal? Or does she just love my cool personality? What's going on /b/?

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The perfect woman.
All women should look like her.

Sounds like she wants to fuck. Probably is a hooker on the side, less likely she's a cop, even less likely that she's into you.

If she's hooker tell her you'll pay after you fuck her, if she's a cop she'll want payment before sex so she can arrest you for soliciting prostitution. If she's into you fuck her, but don't date her. She's a stripper and that's how you get cucked.

Sounds like she wants dinner.

All women should look shooped?

She probably wants a meal with you OP

Strippers are hustlers and its easier to have a few guys that pay a lot than many that dollar you to death.

She's looking for an arrangement. She pretends to like you and you pay because you believe it.

trips of truth

depending if prostitution is legal where you live, this is how most strippers who also do sex work get clients. If she isn't a cop that's how she'll make sure you're not a cop as well

>a cop
And what if she is? Making dinner for someone is now illegal?


You shouldn't date prostitutes.

wished she was a cop ,doing her duty but down the line she fell for you and let herself be dominated by you


She probably wants to fuck.

My buddy started hooking up with a stripper, then got her pregnant, then married her.

They have 2 kids now and are currently divorcing lol.

Potentially, yes.

> They have 2 kids now and are currently divorcing lol.

Why am I not surprised? If she had been a decent woman, she wouldn't have had to become as stripper in the first place.

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just wait a few years for the new google glasses with real time photoshop capability

Or it might be a home invasion?

Her friends are going to rob your ass you naive retard.


Not true. But keep your shitty views on women.

I would hazard a guess that plenty of strippers are much nicer and more loyal people than some women who pretend in vain to be "pure"

I have worked with strippers in the past:

1. She shouldn't have given you her number
1.1 Because the boss will get angry. She's not there to whore around with random Joes
1.2 Her bf will be angry. All strippers have a bf
1.3 There are literal rules in a strip club. One of them is not to mess with customers, because a free fuck is a loss for the venue. They usually rent girls out, that is, for outcalls... so she shouldn't give you her contact full stop. Unprofessional.

2. It might be a scam

3. It might be legit, but then you are a lucky bastard

What would I do? Depending on your income, friends, availability, I would have a meeting with her, but with a hidden back up. E.g. a friend waiting for you in another room... etc.

You choose the battlefield. Not her. If she takes you to a disco, etc. make sure there is someone around to help you and man your defences in case it's a scam.

The scam is the worst case scenario, here. You coming to her place... and her asking for money with a bulky guy pressuring you into opening your wallet.

So, my answer is: try it, but with a back up.

Then come back here and tell us how it went.