My cousin likes me

Hey Jow Forums, I am in a pickle. I am male and she is female, we are both the same age, eighteen, and we never really spoke until about a year ago through whatsapp. I am a khv so I wasn't aware but she was giving some signs that she was interested (messages, hearts, kissy-faces) that I ignored. I only found out when my sister told me, and I realised this wasn't just how girls talked. Still I tried to play it off like this was just how we spoke and that we were platonic. We went to stay with them for the past week, and she was constantly trying to get my attention, she would sit next to me whenever, cuddle up against me, give me hugs and she even spoonfed me ice cream. This was directed at me and no one else, and both my sister and mother tried telling me to stay away from her because of how 'close' we were getting, and told me to not talk with her on the ohone anymore. This isn't some "virgin inflating conversations with a girl", I truly believe she has feelings for me. The thing is, I kind of enjoy the attention and I might like her back. I don't know if these are real feelings or just me being happy to receive affection but I do enjoy whatever we have.

Should I avoid her and end all contact, or should I just let it happen and enjoy the affection?

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Honestly, I say it's a horrible idea but I know how your dick can cause you to void all logic.

Better put a dome on your bone. You don't want kids.

>both 18
op is gay

I'm not even sure if I am thinking with my dick, just being around someone so affectionate improves my mood to no end. Still, it isn't a good idea to play with her emotions like this, even if I play along and "return" them.

>I enjoy the attention
Anyone would. Get a girlfriend who you're not related to and that itch would be scratched
>I might like her back
Most people reciprocate at some level towards people who show interest in them, it's very natural. You shouldn't feel ashamed or try to repress any thoughts or feelings of this kind because that will make it worse; just identify it as a physical/subconscious reaction and give yourself control over your actions.

Sorry, I didn't answer the question

>Should I avoid her and end all contact, or should I just let it happen and enjoy the affection?
Ending all contact seems to me like a bad idea and would make everything works. Let it happen, but let her know very clearly when she's approaching any boundaries of yours. If you're big diqqed enough, you could try confronting her directly about it but that could go poorly very easily.

You are both 18, this will most likely blow over within a year.

You are absolutely thinking with your dick

if she's a close cousin you might have problems from other family members, if she's not then go for it and fuck all criticism you get.

Don't do anything besides talk about stuff friends would talk about. You don't want to get too close, your mom's right. Listen OP, your mind isn't designed to filter out people you didn't grow up with so your feelings are natural if both of you are at that age, but you know you shouldn't keep this going. Don't do it. Back off and let her know she's friendzoned or familyzoned or whatever.

pathetic advice, how is it a bad thing to like a cousin?

Before you say anything, believe me I get it. I get that kind of attention from some of my female cousins that didn't grow up around me so to them I'm just a guy. Still, I know they're family so I treat them as such. You shouldn't get involved with any cousin unless the gene pool is diverse enough. 3rd cousin and beyond is usually acceptable.

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Nothing wrong with liking your cousin, as long as you don't like them sexually or that intimately. You should only go as far as being friends with them.

I don't think it's 100% degenerate to be into your cousin, but I think you'd regret it a few years down the line. You're both 18 and thinking with your libidos at this point. Think to yourself, "What happens when she gets pregnant?" or "What are family events going to be like if things don't turn out well?" If either of those questions have negative answers, you're gonna have a bad time.
TLDR you're not thinking with your head, consider your future.

>the fact that you’re a cousin fucker
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in all honesty it’s biologically wrong inbreeding is a thing

>doesnt know you get purebred dogs from inbreeding

appeals to emotion, not logic

Sure, it can have ramifications. But so can dating someone from a social group, someone from work, someone from school, etc. People still do it, and its up to each person to determine if it's worth the risk.

I dont believe sexually liking your cousin is bad either, even less when they're distant cousins.


That's why I said unless the gene pool is diverse enough. If your cousin is your uncle or aunt's kid as in the sibling of one of your parents that's too close dude. A distant cousin like a 3rd cousin shouldn't really be a problem though, any risk for genetically inherited diseases is about the same as if you bred with anyone else. The more distant you are the better.

As for what you said about dating people from your workplace well that's up to you but I do see the potential issues if the other person doesn't take the breakup well. I would be ok but I don't know if the other person would so I shouldn't risk it unless I was planning to leave anyway and wasn't going to stay for the other person to feel uncomfortable.

Dating someone you're related to is fundamentally different than dating someone from work/school in that someone from one of those social circles isn't going to be as permanently attached to you as a relative. You can change schools or graduate if things don't go well, you can go work somewhere else or change departments/career paths. You have more options with randoms than you would with your cousin.
It sounds like your family is close enough to care about getting the extended family together, so if shit goes south and your family finds out, there will likely be a fallout that affects more than just you and her. I don't know how close you are personally with your family, but thinking of how they would feel is something to consider.

OP here. A lot of the advice you've given me has been great, and it seems like everyone agrees it isn't a good idea to go any further with this. I haven't spoken to her since the visit, and I might keep it that way, but even if I do I'm gonna steer the conversation away from romance.

Yeah just be sure to let her blow you

First cousin marriages are still legal. I see no problem with you persuing this.

I dated my cousin and after a couple of months of hiding it from everyone, we came to our senses and broke up. We're still close but it's really hard getting over each other. Don't do something you'll refgret OP, it's not worth it in the long run.

In what church?

Churches don't pass laws, retard. Nor are they required for marriage.

Nor did OP said he wanted to get married you fucking retards

Just fuck your cousin OP. And you two should stop being so obvious about it if your mom or family are bothered by it, they just jealous they can't get into incest with a cute relative anymore

My female cousin once tried to fuck me at 17. I declined, and regret it every day.
It's okay user, it's just family bonding.

if 1st generation yes avoid. if 2nd you're solid

>if 2nd you're solid
A 2nd cousin is barely related to you, everyone knows its okay to fuck a 2nd cousin.
What's so bad about fucking your first cousin, truly? The only thing I can think of is that it's going to make your other family members uncomfortable. OP should go for it, I may go for it as well. You can't tell me i'm wrong
>but your kids could end up retarded
So you shouldn't be allowed to have disabled children? Do you support eugenics? If so fuck off back to Jow Forums. There is no losing this argument.
Ima do it and nothing you faggots say will change my mind.