Parents kicking me out because of rage issues

>parents kicking me out because of rage issues

How am I supposed to deal with these issues? I get angry at snap at anyone for even the slightest bit of sass or angry talk against me.

The final straw was that last night, I slipped and nearly tripped over and my baby niece laughed at me, so I threw a fork at her head (luckily I missed). The laughing was just pissing me off so much.

But i've done other things due to rage I am ashamed of

>punched mother in the back of the head because she laughed at a carrot juice stain on my shirt that looked like a penis
>smashed my electronic keyboard because I dropped a dry sponge on it, for some reason this pissed me off bad
>broke my hand punching a wall because I woke up at 5am, woke whole house
>dad bought me a gag gift on my birthday, a book about pooping to read on the toilet, and I forgot to bring it to the toilet with me, and felt I let him down so I shit on the floor on purpose

I just go white hot so often. How do you keep your rage inside?

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Uh, you need COUNSELING and probably some kind of medication.
That is not even close to normal and regular people are not equipped to give you advice on how to manage your disorder. You need to go to a professional.

nigga that's not normal and you could even be a treat to people around
have you ever tried benzos? getting angry on them is almost impossible for me (but they could inhibit you even more so tried them alone first and check by watching shit that usually makes you angry, Jow Forums or /new/

Dude you need more help than adv can give you

>How do you keep your rage inside
This isn't normal user, we're not all like this and just better than you at holding it in. You have a problem.
Tell your doctor about your rage issues. It is most definitely a medical or psychological issue.
It could even be hyperthyroidism for example, or an adrenaline disorder, or a mood or personality disorder.
Also when it comes strictly down to emotions (that is to say you're just angry and this isn't stemming from something) medication is extremely effective. Fuck you might even be on your jolly way with something as mild and cheap as a beta blocker.

I'd lean more to medicine. Anger is physiological. Unless OP has some actual trauma or a web of problems and anxieties that have him on edge, then this is a hormone production problem, or a thyroid problem or something. I'd definitely say this issue is fixable by medication by the way he's come in here like "im angry at everyone!!" But didn't go into details about why it's everyone else's fault or some shit. Something in his body ain't firing right.

bumping for more analysis
OP, My walls are absolutely full of holes which I'll have to fix myself. The other week I smashed my laptop. The fact is I grew up in a very sexually repressed household with a dad who taught me nothing about being a man, also I showed signs of autism since I was an infant, and finally I'm a kv at 28. But I've never met anyone as angry as me or found an explanation.

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>the other week I smashed my laptop

For what purpose?

I don't even know, really. It was slow, and I was hot.

When I get sufficiently agitated I go into what I call Tasmanian Devil Mode, where I feel the urge to just start spinning in place and smashing everything within reach. I don't go that far but I always have to damage or break something, and I usually do.

No wonder. You're literally a danger to the people around you. You clearly exercise no form of self control whatsoever and allow your actions to be dictated by impulse alone. Try using your fucking brain and thinking things through instead of weakly giving into emotion. Be a man. Not a beast. You are the antithesis of Nietzsche's ubermensch.

You people really don't get that your words sounds like demonic gibberish to someone when they get this angery.

You need to stop acting like a senseless child and carry your actions like a human with actual thought. Stop chimping out like a negroid. Find moments private to release tour mindless energy.

>user asks how to stop having rage issues
>just stop lol
every time

People with anger issues, bisexuals and pedos are the bottom 3 of the Jow Forumseddit societal hierarchy

Nope, it's
>Kyles (anger issue stereotype)
>and Autists

Anger management classes teach you that rage, even if it seems instant, actually goes through several warm-up stages. You lear what the early steps are, and how to abort it before it becomes full rage.

To take a silly example, suppose you learned that the first step toward anger was your left leg shaking. You can learn to spot that and back off the situation.

In my view, anger is blaming external conditions for your inability to control your internal state. Get angry at yourself if anything. Take life and yourself less seriously and get more empathy

You should probably seek help. Really, I don't know what to tell you except to go to a specialist. I mean, punching your mum because she's smiling at a penis shaped carrot juive stain? The fuck.
I don't think you should take it lightly, this is seriously wrong.

Aside from the anger issues, op is 28 and still lives at home. Yes red flags there’s something wrong with him.

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Tuning into the thread. I'm not nearly as bad as OP but I have anger issues that cost me my relationship.

The theory that there is physiological reasons is interesting. I'd like to see more explained; currently Googling.

Why are people taking this serious!?

This is bait.I recognize it from somewhere here.I think I saw it about a year ago.

>broke my hand punching a wall because I woke up at 5am, woke whole house

fucking WHY would you do that?

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Out of curiousity OP what race are you ??