NEET-pros, how the fuck do you do it?

NEET-pros, how the fuck do you do it?
I recently got laid off from my job so now I'm looking for a job and the past two days has just been that and waiting, and I feel like absolute shit, how do you do this every day? I'm just fucking bored and I can't stand it after only two days.

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Why would you want help finding comfort in NEET life?

I just want to see how they look at it, because I just don't understand what there is to enjoy

lol wageslaves
get a hobby or grab a book

That’s mostly sour grapes and an effort to reduce cognitive dissonance. Very few people are happy living the life of a leech and not contributing to the world around them and those people are usually quite unwell.

>implying you can't do both

I don't enjoy being a NEET that much, but considering I've been one for about a year now I do have some advice to keep yourself sane.
First off, don't just 'do nothing.' You will eventually find yourself sinking into habits and repeating a cycle of whatever is easiest. If money is not an issue, then go out and do something to shake things up when you start to feel like shit. If you don't have much money, at the very least take a walk outside or if you have friends that don't mind just talking, hang out with them.
Secondly, set goals for yourself. Learn that instrument/language you always wanted to learn, or try to find a (as much as I hate this fucking phrase) 'side-hustle' to earn some extra money. There's lots of vids out there to help you learn how to properly set goals for yourself and work towards them in baby steps, I recommend you go watch those.
Basically, if you situation isn't dire enough that you're about to be homeless, then just keep working towards something.

I've never really understood them, like yeah it's nice making money without working but to NEVER do shit just seems fucking abysmal

That's a good idea, I've thought about learning things, and I do have a bit of money coming from my last paycheck, so I can coast for just a bit, but I'll be looking around

The only joy to the NEET life is being in your own comfort zone, once you're out you realize the big world you live in and start to feel unsafe because you can't adapt to that world immediately. Once the NEET knows what he/she is missing out on they don't want to go back unless they face traumas they can't overcome.

>thinking not contributing to the world is something anyone would care
that's some bullshit wageslaves say to reduce cognitive ressonance for having to fill excel sheets 40 hours a day to make their bosses make a lot of money

however, being a neet is only good if it's temporary and with a end in sight
the secret is to workout and actually have interests, hobbies and an intellectual drive
if not then you will go fucking crazy as your only definition of productivity is doing menial work that can be done by anyone else in a place where you could be easily replaced
you aren't enjoying it because you have that feeling at the back of your head that you should be finding and getting a job or making money
but if it wasn't the case you would finding a job not as urgent
so it's a trade off between frustration or not trying as hard
if you try to pass the time playing video games and watching cartoons for years like people here do you are going to end pretty badly, as no one can live like that

A. Do you mean: cognitive dissonance
B. Funny you assume I'm working an office job, is that the only job you think exists because the father that left your life also worked as a cubicle clown?

There’s neets and then there’s people who worked full time before becoming disabled. Neets have nothing but opportunity and freedom to piss away doing fuck all with their lives. They’re miserable people who fake joy kinda like how incels don’t see their behavior as counter intuitive to the life they really want.

Disabled people do other things than working to keep productive, making Art is a huge help for physical and mental therapy. Maybe they go travel and see the world before they die, they’re only limited by their specific disability and imagination.

I was trying to point out that cognitive dissonance as well as defense mechanism are bullshit ways to explain something as you can't always explain the reason behind someone's behavior

mocking me doesn't make my post any less or more true

get a job retard

Their parents die, the gravy train derails and welfare stops paying because they refuse to get a job. So they become homeless and do nothing but drugs to deal with it. They’re called losers.

I have been unemployed since December. every day I want to die. every day is absolute suffering. yet I can't seem to force myself to actually go out and get a job. I am so useless.

Videogames and anime bro

After the depression begins and you feel like you’re cognitively declining in ways you never imagined you easily get stuck

You get used to it. It's the same with working insane 60 - 80 hr weeks and people wondering how one can even work so much. People can get used to literally anything, problem is getting used to being neet will fuck you over

Very good advice. I'm about to take a couple of years off but I really need to get my shit together if I want to take best advantage of the time.

Have a regular schedule and a plan for your time

Most NEETs have mental deficiencies so they typically have no qualms about being leeches of society or have gotten screwed over so much that they gave up.

Also remember that this is Jow Forums. Most people here are liars because it's extremely easy to lie on the internet. Most of those smug Pepe's you see are simply pretending to be smug.