Dealing with short height

5'4 here, was always bullied because of my height and never had any luck with girls
All I ever want is a girlfriend who is in much of the same stuff I am into and loves me, she doesnt even have to be specially pretty or anything
I just feel that everywhere I go every girl just rules me out at sight by my height and basically looks at me like a dog
Im starting to get really mad and desperate
My facial features are quiet good looking and I go to the gym 3 times a week, even meneged to get some matches in tinder which I dont like because its too superficial for me, but I needed to try and see how many matches I would get, but as soon as they discover my height, they turn me down
If there is no way arround it how do I cope with being destined to be alone forever?

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Is it your lack of height or your lack of self esteem?

Dont get me wrong I'm not unsociable like most of the anons, I'm actually pretty extroverted and not afraid to talk to girls at all
Just getting tuned down so many times while I see friends that are taller then me and dont even go to the gym with girlfriends really makes me distressed

What kind of retarded question is that. He said 5'4. Im a balding ugly fuck so I can't even trick girls with tinder. As for Op i feel for you but it's a numbers game on hell difficulty and it hurts

Generaly I don't think height is a problem, I personaly know multiple short guys, and most of the got a gf, the smallest one of them is 5'05 and he got a girl, I just think it depends a hell lot on bias from the girls, and when you find a girl that likes you, she wont judge just by your body size, I think so at least

I think you are understating how superficial the average person really is
How will she even "get to like me" if she doesnt even want to talk to me due to how short I am?

>How will she even "get to like me" if she doesn't even want to talk to me due to how short I am?

That is your own insecurity talking. 90% of people don't give a shit how tall you are.

You're fucked unless you can find a woman with a fetish for small men

The reason guys don’t get what they want is that’s the only reality they see for themselves is unfair and lonely. You need to be extra charming or impressive to win a woman’s attention, so does a tall fat dude. Or someone who has weird non symmetrical face features.

If you want to blame the fact you’re a boring guy with no big dreams or goals you’re actively working towards, on the size of your body then go ahead and waste time.
If you want to actually pull women, get good at something that’ll make ice breaking a cake walk. I date taller women because I know how to push the right buttons and say things from my heart. I don’t hide my true self like I would as a teenager trying to fit in.

You don't want advice do you. You only want validation for your whining. You don't actually want a girlfriend, you want to come up with excuses for not trying.

Yeah I should have read the thread before trying to reply, this dude doesn’t want a woman he wants to be a woman.

Your advices were good but it would be cool to receive advice from someone who is actually short or some advice in how to deal with being permanently lonely

But saying that woman dont care about your height is just bullshit and you know it, I bet you are pretty tall

I assume OP wanted a female girlfriend, not a boyfriend who's also a manlet.

Girls do care about height. It's not the most important thing to them. My height is exactly American average on a good day, but a shorter than that if I'm honest. I round up to 5' 10".

I promise you though, as a guy who has dated many women and talked to lonely single girls (roomies of girls I've dated), height is never their #1 thing. In fact, most girls are surprised when I tell them I have friends who are self-conscious about their height. On the other hand, I have had girls say to me, "I'm so glad I can fit my head under your chin" - this isn't a given for an average dude like me, only short girls can do this.

Anyway long story short, I promise you, you care more about your height than they do. It matters, just not that much.

You don't want advice, stop lying. You were already given solid correct advice and rejected it.

how much is that in superior units?

dont let people bully you. I get a LOT OF ROUGH AND TUMBLE CALLERS that like to bully me on (mostly progressives)

but if we stick together we can see it all through (: feel free to call in and we can talk about height on the show. might help people who strumble over the same issues.

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Stop spamming your shitty site.

Fucking come on most advices I got were people saying "it doesnt really matter" which is a non-advice because it doesnt even recognize the problem

What kind of advice do you even want? You can't change your height. You can't change people's perception of you. You have been dealt the cards now the only thing you can change is how to play them.

Maybe because you are making up this to be a problem when it's not.

>You have been dealt the cards now the only thing you can change is how to play them.
Maybe in how to do that then

Plenty of people I talked seem to know its a problem, I doubt that any short guy out there will say its a non issue, maybe you have too little empathy with this

>All I ever want is a girlfriend who is in much of the same stuff I am into and loves me,
Most people don't get to have that, regardless of looks or status. Women do not give love like they do in anime and romantic films, nor share your interests. The exchange is more like this: you get companionship and sex, she gets security and love