What are the main differences in the psychology of a man and a woman?

What are the main differences in the psychology of a man and a woman?

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Psychologically were both about the same, except sex drive and the stages of sex.

Culturally we are raised near separately.

women tend to go for emotion first where men tend to use logic which is why it can be hard for us to see eye to eye
at least that is from my experience. Take it with a grain of salt

Men face consequences for their actions.

Men sufferer from the entitlement that their actions will always be considered the correct one at a glance against women but comes with the issue that they're assumed to be competent and the punishment is severe. Men are told that they need to focus on one thing and be really good at it, to hopefully the point where he's the best.

Women have the entitlement to protection or favourable behaviours from men but this comes with chronically assumed incompetence. Women are told they are supposed to do multiple tasks at once with good results, but no one's expecting her to be the top of her field in these tasks.

It's the whole nature Vs nurture debate

At the end of it all, we're all individually different in terms of personalities and psychology, even the slightest bit. I've seen men be better dads than some moms, so parental instincts being tied more to women doesn't sound right. We're all different. It's just you can't really escape what your genitals say.

So I guess the differences in psychology are determined by the differences in your body. Men want to penetrate, women want to penetrate. Some women are more reserved over the fear of getting raped, e.t.c. Then again, that's being really general.

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I think the difference is culture and not psychology. There isn't much difference in dogs of opposite sex. Plenty of men are fucking bitches and the get a free ride for being in the dude club. Men men are expected to suppress whims and feeling of emotions and act in a calculated logical manner. Have high tolerance for pain and a willingness to fight to achieve objectives. That's how women should act too.

Have you seen human children?

Women want to BE penetrated* fuck

Yes. ??

Oh. I thought you were so right the first time. Let's take that as a Freudian slip.

Brains are literally different, hormones are different, interests different from a very early age... They are tendencies of course and culture means a lot

Men: expected to do and be everything otherwise you're worthless. Once found worthless your choice is military or jail.

Women: nothing is expected of you and you're entirely evaluated on your looks. Celebrity status if you're hot.

There are VERY few differences based on biology. What differences there are are all socially implanted

Women make decisions based on how they feel mentally/physically while Men Shapiro destroys them with facts and logic

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Ah, the oldest incel rhetoric in the book. Sad

Women spend their entire lives living in luxury and therefore have full souls. Overgrown children that hold a monopoly on reproduction. Their existence can't be justified by their own virtue or value added to the world besides muh cunt.

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*Dull souls

Typical social-constructionist garbage.

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Yeah, it's honestly shocking that this is a mainstream position. And they say the West isn't dying

I see the incels / "tradcons" have woken up now

Men can obsess over things. Women have a much, much lower capacity for obsession, save for some rare examples. It has to do with the nature of courting. Men have to compete to earn the attention of a woman. They have to make money, dress well, bring flowers, provide a nice meal and do it all better than every other guy that comes to the womans doorstep. Woman just have to listen to offers. They just have to look pretty and watch the silly boys fight over their hand. This is why so many math and science breakthroughs are made by men. Not because women are stupid, but because women hadnt had to deal with a lifetime of competition, so theyre less inclined to stay up for a week working a difficult equation. Men, however, live for that shit.

There are biologically-caused behavioural differences between men just due to normal testosterone level variation and you think that male-female differences are purely a matter of environment?

Also women are taught that being obsessive (in romance) is expected of them and a living nightmare for their partner, so they spend their entire lives having this in the back of their mind. Men are taught that they are pursuers and that if the chase doesn't work they're simply not trying hard enough. So many of our differences are cultural despite having biological bases.

Ntayrt but
>Very few
Doesn't equal
Please see the elsewhere, ESL.

Those are just socially constructed labels and therefore meaningless. Try again

His opinion is pretty clear.
>What differences there are are all socially implanted
It's a big mistake to claim that the biological differences are negligible.

But they are.

And I explained that testosterone-related biological differences even between men affect behaviour in a significant manner, and they're even bigger among men and women. Sex hormones are also involved with brain development.

Read Sex and Character by Otto Weininger

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that's why men logically go on rage killings and sperge out because "muh logic"

there's really little difference except women realize they are usually targets by nature of being women so we take extra precautions, men can't really ever understand that

I can't agree that women are targets. Y'all are just scenery in our world and don't make no never mind. You are a vacation from our reality. And deep down, for some more than others, violence is the appropriate natural solution to things when they cannot be made to make any sense. There ain't much difference between bitches and bastards. We all need to disregard our emotions in favor of logic.

lol I've never seen someone illustrate my point so well, thanks

Aw shucks.

Main difference isn't logic or emotion. It's that men are more solution and women more process oriented.

The people living in luxury are wealthy. If you aren't wealthy you won't live in luxury, no matter if you're a man or woman

Go into neuropsychology, and stop asking questions like this on Jow Forums where nobody has any idea what they're talking about.

>Nonsensical suicidal idiot's philosophy

Men cause most violence and the ones to suffer from that violence are mainly other men. Violence is something regarded so intrinsically male that men being the victims of violence is legitimate while women being the victims isn't. That's why you're here telling us that women are the main victims when they aren't

>wonders if he knows he was being mocked
>probably not

>men want to be the victims so bad

Yeah. Like a ball of string playing with a cat.