How do I tell my gf I cheated on her? It's destroying my relationship with her...

How do I tell my gf I cheated on her? It's destroying my relationship with her. I'm cutting the other person out of my life for a while tomorrow so my gf and I can continue with a relationship. I'm a shit excuse for a man, I get that.

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You don’t tell her.
Either you break up or bury it inside if you forever.

She already knows though. She cries about it every day. She trusted you.


This relationship is over and you are merely walking around with it like a skinsuit. Unzip and get out of her life because you for sure do not deserve her you piece of shit. The worst part isn't cheating on her, it's wasting her fucking time with an unfaithful jackass.

It was the worst mistake I ever made. I wanted to kill myself after. I'm not used to having this kind of pain, how do I make it stop?

>how do I make it stop?
Tell her, deal with the consequences, suffer for a free weeks/months like a normal human being and then move on.

By breaking up with her and removing yourself from her life.


I wouldn’t tell her man, it would really impact her feelings with trust/intimacy for the next few years if not her whole life, if she’s never been cheated on. Break up with her or don’t tell her

Dont tell her lol only tell her if you are interested in a serious long term relationship and you have reason to believe she may find out on her own at one point, if you tell her be prepared for the very likely outcome she breaks up with you

Breaking up with her is possible, I just don't know what she'lll do if I tell her. She scared me that way. I'm worried she'll try to hurt herself, if not now physically, than for the rest of her life psychologically.

What caused this is that I felt alone for a long time even dating her. We were tryiing to make it work but it felt like I was the only one working toward that aim. I know it was selfish

man, you're not that special. if you dated awhile, she'll be upset, but she's not going to be ruined for the rest of her life. just break up and save her from being stuck with a cheater. resolve to do better with the next one

and if you're not going to tell her, fucking delete ALL proof. my ex dumbfuck left messages on facebook, steam, and snapchat that I easily found when he started acting weird

>It's destroying my relationship with her.
You already destroyed it, you dumb fuck.

>I'm cutting the other person out of my life for a while

break up with your gf asap, you selfish scumbag.

by killing yourself

I really want to

She said everyone she's been with has done this to her, that's why I'm fucking terrified to tell her

Thankfully I'm not that stupid

>men are literally shit

>me me me me me me me

wow you sound like a prick

Women aren't that great, either.

The guys who don't cheat (me) aren't even on the women's radar though. You worthless cunts are only attracted to jerks while rejecting nice guys.

Kind of, especially after this.

If you think you're incapable you're wrong. That's the pit I fell into. Don't be foolish, everyone has the potential for this