Femanon here:

I am affraid of males, they are scary AF, why they all looks like rapist and serial killers?

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Because we are.
Learn to take care of yourself and read body language and facial expressions.

Wow, rude.

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The ones that look like that are the good guys. It's the dweebs around here you gotta watch out for.

Tits or gtfo, bitch

Get lost pervert



The weirdest part of this thread is that OP is 90% from Korea, and they all seem pretty onions over there.

누구나 위험 할 수 있습니다. 신뢰는 소중합니다. 매일 더 많은 것을 믿으십시오. 하지만 신뢰를 위해 바보 같은 행동을하지 마십시오.

But let be honest, males are more dangerous than women

>afraid of 2019 nu-males

True, a violent crime is more likely to be done by a male. And you know what's more common than that? No crime at all. If you care about statistics, think about how many billion people don't commit any violent crime every day. Every day you walk down the street looking at hundreds of people who have spent decades not doing any crime at all.

Think about this: you are more likely to be hit by lightning in the United States than attacked by a shark. That is a proven fact. It is MORE LIKELY, but still extremely rare. So if you ever visit America, don't walk around in fear of lightning.

드문 것보다 더 흔하지 만 여전히 드문 것입니다.

>Afraid of gigachad rapist

>Yeah I rape and kill regularly, how could you tell?

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More testosterone=more violence

racist sexist degenerate korean, what a surprise

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>reject nice guys and make fun of male virgins and only date abusive jerks which makes nice guys angry as well
>wHy aRe mAleS so ScAry???

Dumb cunt.

Take your meds

I didn't reject anyone, because i don't leave my house 70% of daynight

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You linked two different people. If you're confused as to how we both know OP is Korean, read the filename.

You're welcome. No tip necessary.

Just become a lesbian

how could you possibly come to that conclusion? where did op give off this impression?

also I am fluent in Korean and you are writing way too formally.. reminds me of cult people.

Go to r9k, they all look like masturbators and serial incels

And why do all females look like selfish bitches and gold-diggers?

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