I'm ugly

Woman here. I'm actually not bad looking except I have the ugliest nose. Guys still like me but I have zero confidence to take photos or videos, especially in profile. People always comment on it. I feel hideous. It ruins my face.

It is partly genetics but I also made it worse by wrecking it as a kid.

I've never been able to afford plastic surgery and never will so I'm considering breaking it myself so the surgeon has to fix it. How can I do this?

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Don't. Stop searching for an easy way out. Learn to accept your face as it is instead.
>I can't
You can.
>I don't know how
Seek professional help.

>guys, I'm a woman, I look like shit, but actually I don't, and I get all the dick I need, did I mention I'm a girl btw?
Tits or gtfo

It's been called a witches nose.
I've been told I have big nostrils.
I've been told it is so high.
It's a roman nose.

I've considered suicide over this because I'll never be pretty. Every other feature people can chan easily or hide but nothing can hide this. I have wide shoulders too and nothing can be done about that either. I want to die. Unless someone can get my surgery... which nobody will because "just love yourself even when you're ugly"

Sweetheart, why getting to the point of hurting yourself?

Don't you love yourself as a person? I can understand not liking an aesthetic trait of your face, but there's so much more than that.

I dont want to be big nosed freak anymore. I've tried for years to afford it.
Only good looking people say this.

Guys will fuck anything it's not a compliment. I want to love myself not get validation from my fuckability.

Here look at it. In candid photos it looks so much worse.

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>I want to be pretty

But... Why? To be liked?
Keep in mind that if one likes you only for your appearence, he doesn't truly like you. He just likes the box containing your soul.

But what really matters is your soul. Who likes that won't care about its "box".

Don't hurt yourself just to please strangers' eyes.

I do love myself in every other way that's why this sucks. It ruins everything else. Just having a slightly smaller and straight nose would mean I have no flaws that people see first before everything else. It means I could take a damn photo without having to find angles and filters to hide it. It also means I wouldn't have so many breathing troubles with this nasal bullshit.

It's not that bad, mine is waaaaay worse.

I expected something horrific. You're fine.

>Only good looking people say this
No, I'm not good looking and still say this. Stop making excuses to justify your fears. Talk to a specialist.

Another solution: get a sugar daddy to pay for it.

I'm scared to post a photo that shows how much bigger and humped and droopy it is... Like that's all hat can go wrong. Big, has a bump, crooked, droopy tip..Even fixing the tip would be enough and less invasive than the fixing the bump, I don't care about the bump as much as the tip, and everyday I try to lift it up. I already had a cheaper filler to make it less hideous.

what makes you say yours is worse?

Breathing problems are a thing, worrying about what other people see on your face first is another.

Your nose is characteristic to you tho. I bet who loves you would never like to see you hurting yourself just to change that.

I hate my nose too, and so I can get why you're so cencerned about photos, but it's still part of me. Sure I'd like to have a different nose, but my face would not be mine anymore.

I can get why you want to resort to surgery, but hurting yourself is not a good way to reach that goal.

Tought the photo was of your nose. Mine is worse than the one in the pic you posted.

you low self esteem punk bitch
I've seen women with their noses ripped off pull some bad dudes, I mean jacked dudes with brains, careers, and who care about them.
I've seen finger long nosed girls get married to great guys and have long nosed kids. Hot chicks can have all types of noses: short, fat, wide, long, skinny, horned, round, bumpy, thin, broken, fucked up, etc.

Learn how to be hot, it's a fucking skill.

Oh it is me but I mean I have photos where it looks worse but... lol I just can't

It's not about someone loving me.
I just don't think it projects who I am, it's like the inside doesn't match the outside. People having it worse doesn't mean my feelings about it don't matter. And yeah I've had mixed comments about whether I am sexy or not and I don't care, I'm not trying to project a sexy image. If you sae my face you'd realize it is ruined by the nose becoming the focal point of it.

I have other physical flaws but I can and have worked to fix it. The lack of control over this is what gets me. I already paid a ton to make it better than before but it's still bad so I feel a lack of control.

It's not for other people, even if people like it I still don't. Men like all my other features anyway so it was never about that. I want to not feel sad when people take photos of me.

(((big nose)))

Again, this is entirely a psychological problem, not a physical one. Nobody here is going to tell you how to break your nose. You can either do something or keep making excuses, that's all there is to it.

Well, photos are bitches. Even Megan Fox could seem shit in a pic took wrong.
You said you try to get the correct angle to make your nose look better... And that's totally fine. Everyone could be good or bad depending by how was the pic taken.
Even if you get your nose done, you'll probably need to adgust angles and lights to look good in photos anyway.

I can understand what you say about your nose being the only part of your appearence you don't like. It's the same for me, but you're suffering a lot more for that.
It's ok to not liking something of you, but thinking to hurt yourself in order to get it fixed should be a ringbell to you: probably you should find the root of your insecurities first.
Or else, fixed the nose, you'll find something else you won't accept.

I mean, before fixing your nose, you should find a way to be at peace with yourself.

Why do you think you are qualified to diagnose someone? Too lazy to have any real advice? My nose doesnt match my features. I don't have to like it. I can want to change it. You are seriously condescending ^^;

har har har

>Así for advice
>Complain when advice doesn't meet expectations
I don't know what to tell you, the fact is nobody has told you how to break your nose, instead every single person in the thread is recommending something else. The thread has become a repetition of
>I don't like it
>Deal with it
>But I don't like it
>Bear with it
>But I really don't like it

It's going nowhere and it will keep going nowhere as long as you're stuck on that point. Why not try a different approach instead? Do you really not understand how fucked up it is to want to hurt yourself because your nose is weird? Do you really not see anything wrong with that kind of thought? Try to put yourself on the other side, think about a friend asking you for tips on how to tear off their nails. Would you give them tips and help them actually do it?

If it's just your nose literally save some cash and get a nose operation. If you're in Europe you might get the insurance to pay for some of it if you claim it affects your self worth so much that it has a negative impact in your work or smthing. Nose operations arent even that expensive and if its really that important to you it shouldn't be hard to save the money. Either save money and pay or live with it. Both are valid options. (breaking your nose yourself is not)

Also fuck off with that attitude that user was trying to help you. If I was in your area I'd meet up with you and shin kick you in the face I'm sure that would break your nose. Also I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people out there who would punch your for free you fucking retard.

I think you are really too stupid and close minded to understand this and it makes you angry.

And stop posting as other people to defend your patheticness. It's weird. Leave my thread weirdo.

It is expensive. I have been on my own my whole life and affording to eat and survive and do other things, having to save up money and take all the time off to recover isn't an option. So I looked into cheaper procedures but I'm not rich.

Op, I was in a pretty similar place to you.
My nose got beat on all throughout my childhood because of sports, I think I broke it like 3 or 4 times, I couldn’t smell anything or breathe out of my nose, and most importantly to me at the time- I was very self conscious about how I looked from the side.

I didn’t even realize how much effort I used to put in to trying to hide my nose. I CONSTANTLY held myself at what I thought was my most flattering angle to people I was talking to, I hid behind my hair, I wore heavy eye makeup. I tried all those little gimmicky products that are supposed to help (none of them do). I didn’t realize how much effort and mindspace the worrying was taking up until it was gone.

I decided I wanted to consider surgery, even though it is expensive. For the cosmetic reason primarily, but in retrospect the ability to smell and breathe has been monumental as well.
It. Was. So. Worth. It.

Some people have surgery and are never satisfied. I wasn’t like that. I wasn’t chasing some “pretty” idolization, I don’t even think looks are that important. I just wanted to NOT feel ugly. I still have other facial features that aren’t perfect, but I like them the way they are and wouldn’t ever get surgery on them.

My nose was the only thing I was ever self conscious about, and once it was fixed, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

Anyways I just wanted to share my experience. I can’t promise that you won’t feel self conscious after your surgery but personally, I was very glad I went this route.

Also sorry If the blacked out eyes makes it harder for you to see my nose in relation to the rest of my face. Just trying to be a little cautious with privacy. Top pics are pre surgery, bottoms are post

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that's exactly what I want!
I'm sure it cost a lot though right?
I'm actually willing to settle for a less dramatic change, mostly lifting the tip

Thanks for sharing and btw your hair is amazing as well

Ok I read through the thread and I see that cost is a barrier for you op.

Can you give us more information about your financial situation? Like are you stuck in a job with no upward mobility? Do you live in the US?

I know mu insurance covered atleast half of my surgery because I had issues with breathing and it was caused originally sports injuries. Do you think you might be able to spin that type of approach in order to get your insurance company to help pay?

Also, I know how you feel about the “i’ll break my own nose” thing because that thought crossed my mind when I was in your position. I wouldn’t recommend breaking your nose yourself. If you broke it incorrectly it could make the problem even more difficult to fix, and I don’t think the emergency surgeons really care that much about aesthetics when they reset a nose. I don’t think they’ll shave down the bone and stuff like they do in a cosmetic procedure.

I paid 2000$ for mine here in the states, I think the insurance company covered 2 or 3 thousand. For me it took a few months of saving but luckily i was able to set that money aside.

I wouldn't be able to anyway but writing this best expressed how I feel.

I can't get work in the US, I have a driving phobia too so after studying abroad I decided to follow my dreams and keep doing that. I have to constantly find housing and visas and freelance work, insurance is different here and some places I worried about trusting doctors. I was back in the US for a while and spent a year working and trying to do medical studies and didn't get as many as I wanted and made a few thousand but it wasn't enough even for surgery in Korea, which is much cheaper, because I had to survice otherwise. I ended up getting a filler which straightened my bridge mostly but the issue is the droopy tip, especially when I smile. It hurts me deeper because I went through so much effort and struggles for basically nothing because I still couldn't fix it, and my life in general has been so hard.

Anyway I am happy someone understands.

where did you go? because I can easily afford that, I always saw US prices as way higher, but that's even cheaper than Korea and Thailand.

I was in North Carolina.

Nose surgeries vary a lot on price depending on what you need done. The only way to find out is to go to offices and compare the prices they give you after making their assessment. Because it’s an “art” surgery too, some places will try to charge you a lot more than other places because they have an experienced portfolio and can guarantee perfect results.

A nose job isn’t that expensive. You can for sure manage to save up for that.

Many men actually don't want flawless barbies.
Be more confident.

So like. Have you considered providing certain explicit services to men in return for money?
Because that would be the first thing I would be doing as a woman.

you can be gay for pay

>It is expensive. I have been on my own my whole life and affording to eat and survive and do other things, having to save up money and take all the time off to recover isn't an option. So I looked into cheaper procedures but I'm not rich.
Save money for it, 50$ a month. When it's your birthday or christmas wish for some money and save it up. In 4-5 years you can afford a surgery. I understand that it bothers you so much, but it's easily fixable and it's up to you to fix it

Oh I'm rich enough that I could buy a nose job but I get by just covering it up in pictures like this one.

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I honestly think your nose was cute, both before and after.
That really isn't too bad OP

Thank you, that’s kind of you to say.

And thank you OP for complimenting my hair. I’ve really grown it out since the surgery now that I don’t feel compelled to hide my face anymore.

but for men it is easier I think

lol you are too kind, it's never been my best feature. at least I can draw attention away from it with other features

it looks so healthy :)
my face is very similar to your before so I just feel less alone now, I used to hide my face too, I had dismorphia. But now it's just I'm reminded of it everytime someone takes an ugly photo of me.

Just save up money for a surgery. You need proper plastic surgery - otherwise the doctor will most likely fight to save your airways and leave you with an even uglier nose if you break it badly.

Are you me OP? I feel the same way only I'm a guy. Over time I just tried to accept my face because I know I have other good qualities, I'm sure you do too. I also avoid profile selfies for that reason, but I might reconsider someday.

I'm not going to tell you whether or not you should try to fix something like that, in the end it's your decision to make.

What's wrong with your nose is it bulbous from the tip or something? I'd say mine is worse it looks like a Roman nose wanabe.

>surgeon has to fix it.
Break your nose and they usually just give you a piece of tape. Im not even sure what you're supposed to do with it.
t. American.

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I know that feel, my nose is all kinds of fucked up. I have a badly deviated septum so it's crooked as fuck, i got surgery septoplasty and turbinate reduction on it to be able to breathe out of it again but it didn't change anything about it visually but i can breathe great now. It's also always red which is not good, def wrecks any facial symmetry i might have.

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This comment literally cannot be more reddit.

Were you born like that, what happened?

дa, well we can still be self-conscious about it but there isn't as much self-perceived focus on being pretty. Not to mention all the time saved by not applying makeup.

str8 girl here lol but DAMN you’re absolutely stunning and you have a great smile

cute nose though i like it

if you’re self conscious about the redness just get some concealer to dab onto it

Where are you living OP?
How much money do you earn/save monthly?

I know. I think people like me say these things oit of frustration. Truth is smashing my face into a bloody mess as a kid is part of what already messed it up.

Same insecurity friend. I think I'd look better overall with minor changes.

You can't see but there is an off centered bump but mostly it is just a droopy tip so it looks like a beak, to me it is ugly.

Med and Slav actually. Roman nose gets around ;)

Guys pull it off better.
For redness you need a good skincare routine.

Everywhere and nowhere.
I'm a bit of a nomad.
If I want surgery I need to stay in one place and work more but Im taking life easy, and looking for a regular job for next year.

I don't know, i was not born like that at least the crooked part. Pics of when i was a little kid it is nice and straight. I think it was when i was playing catch with my dad when i was little and i have needed glasses since i was little but never wore them until i was actually 18~ due to astigmatism in my eyes. I would have a hard time seeing the ball playing baseball and if it came right at me i would see it too late and not be able to catch it. When i was playing catch with my dad that one time it hit me right in the face/nose and hurt pretty bad. That's the only real time i can think of something hitting my nose hard and hurting for awhile.

I'd like to say this is why i have no gf, but i know it probably isn't. I don't know how easily people see it in real life motion and even in a still picture that isn't some close up. One of those things people probably don't see until you mention it or maybe not they just don't want to say anything. Also brother got green eyes, two sisters got blue all have nice straight teeth and i got brown eyes with two crooked canine teeth. Seething rn.

I might get the cosmetic surgery one day, but i was only able to get the other surgery due to socialized healthcare. I would have to get the cosmetic one done privately so it would most likely be pretty expensive.

Thanks lad,I don't know how i feel putting makeup on honestly.

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I could sense that we were somewhat alike by how you described the way you feel & look. I really hope that you are able to find a solution that brings you what you’re looking for :)

If it makes you feel any better, the asymmetry seems really minor and the rest of your features look really handsome.
I think it gives your nose gives your face character.

Aww haha thanks! ^^

I really don't see anything wrong here. My nose looks basically like that, maybe even a bit more deviated, and nobody has ever mentioned a thing.

You probably have a deviated septum then. Do you have trouble breathing out of one side or at all through your nose? Also if you look at the pic i lined up the direct front face shot on the right with the nose itself to make it look less crooked. You can see that because one of my ears is missing due to having to line my nose up with the camera to straighten it, if i put it properly straight on it would be all kinds of crooked and i don't even want to see a pic of that.

Yes, my septum is deviated. It doesn't make breathing harder but it's really easy to see it poking through the left nostril. Never bothered me in the slightest to be honest, hence my confusion, I just thought this was a common ocurrence.

God dman Jim Carrey's eyes are so beautiful