What qualities in a woman attract you?

What qualities in a woman attract you?

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Big tits

>What qualities in a woman attract you?
The willingness to bear and raise my children

The soul.

This, but unironically.

Empathy and not being vapid and self centered.

Personally I find intelligent women to really attractive.

I have studied and spent a lot of time with really well educated women who are either scientists in the medical research field, or are established academics in a similar area.

I respected and admired a lot of them and it contributed to me being attracted to middle aged women who I otherwise might not have been.

I don't even know anymore. I've seen so many beautiful girls over ther past few years and there isn't usually much crossover between them. I guess they usually fall into two broad groups: Mediterranean (dark hair and eyes, varied skin) or Nordic (blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin). But then again, genuine redheads are beautiful, and pale girls with black hair and blue eyes are rare but exceedingly beautiful too. At the same time I have a thing for pale Indian girls and darker south/east Asians.
Face is #1 for men, followed by a thin or at least proportionate body. Height isn't important but too tall doesn't usually look good. Tits over ass but again, body compose is more important (I.e. a sleek body with average tits and ass is better than giants tits with no ass).
But regardless, this is all useless because I am utterly unattractive and am not dumb enough to act on my attraction

Not "men"

Big titties, humility

>can she cook?
>does she move her hips during sex?
>is she not obese?
>does she want children?
Bonus points
>she isnt total bitch (no yelling, no emotional blackmail)
>she realizes when shes on period and stops the madness herself
Wow, that was hard. Now we can marry.

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As long as she is not fat, takes care of her hair, doesn’t have a Tom boy haircut, dresses and acts femenine and makes an effort to hide her crazyness (counting feminism as crazy too) I’m attracted to her.

Might as well add hapas, which I forgot. A good looking mutt with slightly more white than Asian makes me blow my load later in the day.
In general, for any girl, having good legs is second to face. And what attracts me is how sluttily one dresses. Yoga pants and short shorts are the easy two, but loose sweat pants, those romper things, and long skirts can look good if her ass is big enough that it sticks through all the material

I like smol and fit girls. I dont hold any certain requirements as long as she isn't fat since I keep my body in good shape too and I expect the same from her. Her being honest and reliable are actually the most important tho but you can never tell from the start how someone truly is.

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Intelligence is really attractive
Outside of that, nailed it.
If she isn't a bitch to people regardless of whether she wants something from them or not, she is golden.

Big penis


Shared interests takes the cake, though. Makes a 5/10 a solid 8 for me easily.

Medium to high sex drive, wanting to please.
Wanting no children, and into nature.

No penis and dtf


Best response in the thread

somehow I think you are still asking for too much. like you don't sound even remotely pleasant to be around

She has to be someone I can truly relate to and respect as a fellow human being with big tits.

well i was always sure shy and introvert girls are my thing, but after noticing recurring patterns apparently its extrovert girls that have a shit ton of confidence, make a lot of noise (positively), know how to and show a lot of affection for me. this absolutely makes me weak in the knees.

also sex with these kinda girls is really something else

Humility and Beauty.

I don't have any strict preferences for what they look like but I'll admit I have a weakness for brown or blonde women with colored eyes (other than brown). I can't even look at them in the eye because I'm usually intimidated. I think it has something to do with my childhood when I used to like one and she turned me down harshly in a pretty embarrassing way.

In terms of personality she doesn't have to be very intelligent but I do admire women that are willing to learn different things and have a strong or resilient character.

Women that remind me of my mom as little as possible.

So I want a blonde or redhead with a decent job and a decent amount of independence, no children, doesnt give a shit about drama, and doesnt need to be constantly in a relationship and tied to the hip with the person they're dating.

So I'm going to die alone :) and probably on a pile of money that I saved too.

>Erratic unpredictable behavior
>Conflicting behavior of love and hatred
>Insulting and apologetic
>Is dominant and submissive
>Somewhat anti-social
>makes an effort to impress
>somewhat lazy
>appears cute and pure on the outside, opposite in reality
>only submissive in public, pretends to be a good little princess
>likes steak cooked rare

>bi sexual
>dominant and submissive
>strangles/slaps/punches me in sex
>wants bff to join in
>crazy role play
>likes dominating other girls
>higher sex drive than me
>is turned on by seeing me have sex with others
>makes ahegao faces

>medium-tall height
>slim but not skinny
>small-medium sized breast
>long legs
>pale skin
>dark hair
>stronger than she looks
>strong bony hips
>firm but supple posterior

That's it really.

Well, obviously it's asking too much in the United States. Not obese? That filters 33% of women already (66% remain). Now you have to find a woman who both has no children and wants children, that's only 40% of the population (Source: Gallup 2013).

So already before looking for a girl who's not a bitch, you are down to about 24% of women, and let's be honest, there are almost no women who aren't bitches - let's estimate that at one in a ten, leaving only 2.4% of women eligible. This doesn't even factor in that not all women are actively dating.

>too much
Kek. Tell me, what do you consider as the biggest requirement: the cooking or the obesity?

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