What keeps you going?

What keeps you going?

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Nice social interaction
Comfy stuff

Knowing that I’ll die anyway and that I’ll be dead for all eternity. So I may as well try to enjoy it while I’m here.

A lot actually.
Mainly I read manga, browse youtube channels, draw stuff.
For other hobbies
New Anime, Niche Games, 90's Movies, Vocaloid music, Looking at illustrations, Reading books, Reading philosophies, browse Jow Forums.

If I have friends I would do sport. If I were rich I'd spend it to high tech stuff. If I have time I will drain every drop of it on my hobbies.
I hate other people when they have lots of time to spend and they spend it on meaningless stuff.

>I hate other people when they have lots of time to spend and they spend it on meaningless stuff.
Such as yourself?

Trying to figure out why the fuck I am on this planet. What purpose am I playing? Why does it feel like my life is completely playing out as fate and everything the happens is teaching me something I needed to know even though its painful everytime o.o

Drugs, alcohol and my friends and family

I make music and i paint.

Sex, hiking and video games.

I like university, can't wait to graduate and get a job in the field

I don't want to make my parents sad by offing myself and as much as I want to deny it I still have hope that I'll be happy again.

How can you be unhappy when there is free porn, video games, sex, food, candy, outside, inside and stuff?

I dislike porn and video games don't make me happy anymore. I don't feel like having sex since she broke up with me because I really don't want to risk having feelings for anyone else ever again.

Can't argue against the other points however. I guess there's always food and nice places to go.

Ah, so this is all about teenage heartbreak. Well that’s the end of this thread. Go away and come back when you’re an adult.

>I still have hope that I'll be happy again.
Me honestly

Literally all those are cheap pleasures to forget the ticking clock until certain death comes to you. Is there no greater purpose in life than mindless hedonism?

lmao I'm almost 30 y.o. Eight years together planning to marry and I got thrown in the bin all of a sudden. I'll get better someday I guess. I'm just tired right now.

Right now, it's only the dollars. Need to keep growing my passive income

Hopefully going to China a get rich, if it doesn't happen by when I'm 30 imma kms

Nothing, I'm just waiting for my suicide pills. Ironically, my dealer got into some deep shit and he's only going to deliver them to me in two weeks. If there's a God, He really is pulling his strings, won't stop me though.

Noticing Incremental improvements in myself and Wanting to make this one shot i have worth while. Every time i feel down , i go out side to a public place and look around thinking to myself in 100 years everyone i see will be gone. But what will remain of them is the impact they left on the world. And i desperately hope when i'm on my death bed that i can truly say that i made a impact on some part of the world.

That's what keeps me going.

The fact that nothing is written in stone.

Over the last four months, my gf broke up with me out of thin air, I had to move an hour away from work and my parents suddenly divorced after 25 years.
It stressed me to no end (and it all still gets to me), but my take-home-message is that nothing's absolute. Everything can be changed. And that includes me and my suffering. I never thought I'd actually work towards moving out of the country, learn a new language, sell all my stuff, burn some bridges and start a new life. But now I'm doing it, and knowing that so much shit that seemed to be written in stone at the time can just change within a heartbeat shows me that my goals are not as out of reach as I always thought. Not gonna be easy, but not impossible either.

Coffee in the morning, cannabis at night.

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What keeps me going is to see what comes at me next. You really never know what tomorrow is going to bring and I think that’s what excites me about life. It also might be the antidepressants talking

You can pursue a meaningful life.
This alternative means you will spend your time on working on a specific goal.
It provides hardships however as time pass by you'll realize that you're more happy than pursuing a hedonistic lifestyle.
I'm an artist so I would say I'm living the life.

Nothing, unironically, I simply live with the pain, day in day out.

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Not much these days, the hope that someday I'll be someone

Inertia? Biological drives

Every year I learn more about the world and only feel more jaded and apathetic

I've actively tried to be as involved as possible in a local student movement. Going to meetings, helping to organize demonstrations, etc. It's keeping me grounded and makes me feel helpful and not a waste of space. Also gets me going outside and I'm meeting some really cool, like-minded people. It feels really nice to be part of something, you know.

Like, you can't just stay in bed all day when you've promised to hold a speech or hand out flyers and similar things. It forces me to do stuff, to leave my apartment and interact with people even if I'd rather stay inside and waste away. I kinda love it.

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i have no idea
i spend my days doing art, drugs exercising. good food is essential too

Just hope at this point.

It's fading, but very very slowly.
Should keep me going for a couple years at least.

Life is devoid of any meaning but not as much as ceasing to exist

Being a negative little bitch has taught me that being a negative little bitch only causes negative and bitchy things.
so I'm trying to give that up and start F O C U S I N G ON THE GOOD STUFF
it's incredibly dumb but it's funny and the fact that I can laugh about my attempt at being positive while being in at the botton for so long makes me want to keep trying and keep making myself laugh and happy..
This world has abandoned me, but atleast I have not abandoned myself

i dont want to die before my cat does

The city has always a promise for you, it might be a lie and illusion.


money, desire, dreams. in all honestly life generally sucks but you gotta find something worth living for.