Is it normal, that when you have depression, you seriously think of a hypothetical scenario where you shoot in the form of political radicalization?

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Uh, no.
Not normal.

Seek help

Please seek help user. Even if you want to kill yourself, leave other people the fuck alone.

You're fine, your mind is like a news station to entertain you with whatifs. An actual chronic urge to do whats in these extreme whatifs is not normal tho

Also ive had scenarios where i wiped out all black people with a button after being in a saw style room, or blew up the earth with a superpower accidentally and had to lead a space colony. I wouldn't hurt a living creature irl

>Is it normal
Evidently. I guess that's what people do these days. Blame muh guns because kids gone batshit crazy. But yeah. Im an old fuck and have always had those evil thoughts. Planning shit out and everything. It's probably a defense mechanism against realizing that we are powerless.

If you're concerned about the state of this world this much you're a fucking nerd who needs a hobby.

So simple and true user. People be all bent up about politics and apocalypse when that shit makes like zero fucking difference on your actual life and it is best ignored.

found the retards

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No I suggest find criminals who got released and hunt them down

>the black guy


Don't get me wrong, I don't want to kill people for killing. That is very edgy. I would do something with a specific objective (person). That is why I speak of "political radicalization"

Something like this.

This guy gets it

Depends, I've seen some people latch onto political radicalization because they lack direction/meaning in life and gain try to find it there.

Hey if this isn’t mossad, then can you shoot up a politician’s house instead of normal people shopping or a school. Thanks.

Obviously. Dont worry.

Literally me.

Don't shoot people.

if you are being serious please seek help

people don't deserve to die over dumb political opinion or stupid cultural or biological differences.

we are all human and we all want the same thing happiness remember that! so nobody deserves to die by the hands of another and have their chance of finding happiness robbed from them.

Yes it is, as long as you wouldnt want to replicate it. I dream of shooting the IRS, but would never do it.

Kek, same. Ancaps FTW