Do women care about looks?

Or not?

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Everyone cares about looks to some extent

Sure they are not blind, but most men look like dog shit on legs so clearly not that much

Some women care more than others, all care to some degree.

Personally I hold personality and ambition at the highest level of importance.
Looks are somewhere in the middle. I want someone I find attractive enough to desire being with physically but anything else is just a bonus. They just have to meet my bottom standard

What's a good personality

Of course not. Why would you think that, incel?

In the movies the nerd always gets the beautiful girl in the end!

>not in real life
Grow up, incel

Someone who doesn’t have any red flag personality defects and who I also can tolerate being around long term.

Necessary: Emotionally well-adjusted, ambitious/driven, able to talk through issues, logical, loyal, honest, follows through on promises.

Deal breakers: arrogant, narcissistic, mean, overly critical, crazy, manipulative, too clingy, overly pessimistic.

That is where incels get that idea. To be fair they are led on by their fathers and some women to believe that looks can be compensated by money or alpha behavior.

good bait

Incels out in full force this morning, eh?

No, the good guy always gets a girl. You're just an angry, bitter incel who will die alone because you're an angry, bitter incel who will die alone.

But I AM the good guy! Jesus Christ almighty

Hahaha YEAH right. No one with incel rhetoric like yourself is a "good guy." More like evil child

See, that is what I mean. There is a fucking war going on against genuine good guys. Stop calling us evil!

>Women don't care about looks whatsoever
If you unironically think that (which I doubt), you're probably the most clueless human being to have ever lived.
Looks are not everything but denying their importance is intellectual dishonesty.

Proof that women care about looks? Oh, right. You're an incel whose existence is based around being a lying cunt.

Stop falseflagging you massive fucking loser

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Oh the irony

>looks are not that important

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Also convenient how you have **no** proof and just change the topic. Sad. Pathetic. You've heard it all before

>responding to obvious bait

>still provides no evidence that looks matter

>Obvious baiters baiting obvious baiters with obvious bait
okay, this is epic

Nah dawg

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It's that fucking feminists! Real men don't care about looks, real men don't use no lotion. real man drives big car and owns big gun.
Here. Reasearch that proves both men and women heavily respond to physical attraction. Have fun.

second and third link

>incel sources and forums
Ok, this is just tiring and lame at this point. Don't you have anything better to do?

Looks are the only thing women care about

>if I say it enough it becomes true

>scientific papers are incel sources

>science supports inceldom now
I'll have some of whatever you're smoking

Literally everyone does. Just not be ugly and you'll be relatively okay.

Listen to me, faggot.

Women care about looks, but personality is of great relevance as it is the primary indication of male utility that is aligned to the reproductive role of the male.

Good looks indicate low mutational load and is an obvious first exposure advertisement of genetic fitness.

Personality is the measure of your capability to provide commitment and secure the necessities of life towards your mate and the offspring.

What is a bad personality? Everything that diminishes your performance given the male reproductive strategy.

What is a good personality? Everything that is conducive to the male reproductive strategy.

Environment is relevant in this regard : prior to agriculture it was so that the strong men, those who were faster and better hunters and so forth epitomized the optimal male strategy. When agriculture came to be, this strategy was changed to benefit those who were gifted in areas of agriculture, long term planning and similar concerns.

To an extent, yes. My bf is not only handsome but also my type, so he immediately caught my attention and I admire his physical looks all the time.

However, if his personality was pure garbage or we were very incompatible it wouldn't work out. For example in the past I was seeing a wannabe model very briefly, and he was very handsome but we didn't click at all, hence why we only saw each other for like a week. His beauty lost value then

You literally have zero argument outside of petty insults

Depends on the girl.

I personally think that look does not matter.

Sure, if you don't know a guy the first thing I see is his appearence... But if he's goodlooking but an asshole, it's a no-go.

Listen to me: best love stories are born as friendships. Appearence doesn't mean shit in healty relationships.