Have the opportunity to fuck a trap. Should I take it, or is that gay?

Have the opportunity to fuck a trap. Should I take it, or is that gay?

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>Should I take it
Why not?
>or is that gay?
Does that matter?
But if it really bothers you so much, when you say trap do you mean a trans person or some young guy crossdressing?

>is it gay to fuck a gay man in the ass if he wears a dress

Who cares if it's gay? Just have your harmless fun and stop asking total strangers for permission.

He's a gay dude that wants to be a woman, so he dresses up like one.
I don't know. That's why I'm asking.

Is he passable? If so, then yes

Not really asking permission. I just can't decide, so I'm asking you guys make the decision for me. I probably should've clarified that.

>you don't know

yes you do, you know its gay, you just want us to ease your mind and give you reasons

Its gay, end of story, next thread please

Of course you know, you daft punk. It's gay as shit, but maybe you like that kinda thing sometimes

It's definitely gay, but there's nothing wrong with gayness. If you want to do it, do it.

Nah being gay is gay. I'm gonna tell that fag I'm not interested, but still hope that we can remain friends. Thanks for the help anons.

You will get STDs.

It's not a woman if they identify as one dummy

Yes it is very gay, there is no such thing as a crossdresser who passes. Different fat distribution, skeleton, hormone levels etc. It's for mentally ill people who jerked off to anime girls so much their cumbrain wants to be one.

I agree, but he's an asian twink and is extremely passable.

Traps are gay

Don't fuck a trap out of desperation, then you'll deeply regret it.

If you want to do it because for sure you are very attracted to trannies then go for it

Are you attracted to penises in your post-orgasm state?

If NO then your attraction is likely based on the pornography you were exposed to and lack of real exposure to female genitalia. You enjoy entertaining sexual fantasies but are likely to regret anything drastic you do in reality. Keep it separate from what you do in reality.

If YES, then you are quite gay and would probably not regret it. That being said, anal sex is icky and you shouldn't participate it regardless of your partner being a man or a woman.

Do it pussy. It’s only gay if you think it is!

its not gay. go all in m8

user just use your hand baka.