I'm 18, I don't know what to do with my life, I've always listened to gangsta rap, I'm fascinated with street life...

I'm 18, I don't know what to do with my life, I've always listened to gangsta rap, I'm fascinated with street life, but I'm from good family, what to do?

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OP here
Everything I want is money, girls, drugs and travels. What should I do to achieve these?

Work hard.

>I'm fascinated with street life
So, just as an update, most of the rappers don't actually have gang affiliations or even live a life remotely like what they talk about. It's like ninja movies - it's fine to like them but it would be a disaster if you actually wanted to become one. At most, you should just have music as a hobby.

If you want money, girls and travel, you need to find a career that makes more money and then absolutely bust your ass every day until you get to where you want. To this end, don't get into a career where you trade your time for money. Your pay needs to be able to *scale up*. This usually means some type of commission structure and that means SALES.

A friend of mine is a bit older than you but he is doing just that. He got his real estate license, flips homes, buys rentals, and lists houses for sale, the guy works almost 24/7. But by the time he's in his 30s, he's planning on getting into a million dollars net worth. That's the type of thing you should be targeting - not real estate specifically, but making a specific plan, break it down by year or quarter, then execute, execute, execute.

Forgot to mention: there's a guy I follow on YT, Graham Stephan, who's knocking it out of the park (or at least SEEMS to be). He went the real estate route too, you'll want to look to people like this for concrete ideas.


what do you mean? should I go to college? what should I study? what career should I follow?
what careers don't trade my time for money (except having your own company)
btw I'm from Poland, idk if it's important to mention

>guys, I want to be rich
>you tell me how
Don't bother, user. If you were going to put in the effort, you would not be asking strangers on Jow Forums(nel), much less ask to be given all the info perfectly summarized for you. Try to learn for yourself how the market is in Poland, we can't make that effort for you.

I thought I was pretty clear in my explanation. Get into a career that isn't by-the-hour or strictly salaried. You'll have to do the research on what careers are like that and which ones would suit you best, but my main point is that something with commission like a SALES JOB is a good place to start looking.

As for college, deciding on that is second the list. You have to FIRST decide on how you want to make your money. THEN figure out if you actually need college for that. If college isn't brutally expensive in Poland, it might be good to get a degree just for your own satisfaction but you shouldn't go "just because". Make your education fit your goals. ALWAYS.

If you're really stuck, I'd look at real estate, insurance, or something like that, but ALL industries need good salespeople and the good ones are often the highest earners in the company.

Then, once you get the cash rolling in, INVEST YOUR CASH. Don't blow it like a dumbass, that's a sure ticket to failure.

That's about all I can say without knowing more about you. But, I'd start by doing some serious homework about jobs. Go out and talk to people in various industries, see what "clicks" with you.


if OP is introverted or not sales oriented he’s gonna get walked all over

also yes INVEST that’s the biggest thing here

thanks for all the effort you put in your posts, I will do research now, thanks

No problem - I like talking about wealth-building and I especially enjoy seeing younger folks getting started on the right foot

Play your cards right, you can make things great for yourself

What's your endgame? Is blind hedonism all you want until you die?

yes, I think that my life without money will be nothing... is there anything wrong with me?

Whatever motivation will get you to take some kind of positive action in your life is good.

Street culture is fucking trash and you should feel bad for liking it.


Street culture encourages blaming others for your problems, not taking responsibility for your actions, and stepping on others to succeed. It's an a disgusting life view that creates fatherless children who grow up to be little street fucks just like nonexistent dad and crackwhore mom, then the cycle repeats. It may look cool and hardcore from your good family, but that shit is trash. I've seen too many young lives ruined by putting street culture on a pedestal.

Jakie miasto?

Mam dokładnie taka sama sytuacje, zgadza się wszystko.
Street life to udawacze którzy chuja mają a chwalą się hajsem, nie to ze nie lubię bo tylko tego słucham i undergroundowych ale chuj. Jak ktoś ma prawdziwe pieniądze to się nimi nie chwali, a wręcz przeciwnie- ukrywa je. Gangsterska czy handel to lata 90’, wtedy przy dość małym ryzyku można było zgarnac dużo floty. teraz jak chcesz zarobić nie do końca z prawem to przekręty finansowe są dużo bardziej opłacalne, ale to już nie mięśnie tj kiedys tylko mózg i wiedza o wszystkich przepisach prawnych itd wiesz ocb na pewno. Pozdro

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graduate highschool

A jeśli chodzi o studia to chujowe są te kierunki wszystkie, jak już to to Zarządzanie może lub finanse i rachunkowość (choć słyszałem różne opinie co do tego wiec średnio jestem przekonany) z reszta większość po fir idzie w korpo a to słabo i najwiecej pracy w stolicy

Nothing wrong there. Money is freedom, and as long as you don't confuse money with retarded debt you'll be more than fine.

Having said that, street gansta life is probably the most inefficient way to make money. 99.9% of those who try that life end up dead or in jail and the ones you see portrayed as successful often times are just playing a part and were never in the projects or gangsters to begin with. It's just something that sells and they're basically actors.