Tall (6'2)

>tall (6'2)
>above average in attractiveness
>not poor
>no friends
>26y virgin
>I don't like to leave home
>I don't like normies stuff
>I don't drink
how can i have a gf like this?

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why tall?

how would you know their smart if they can barely talk to people?

Why do you want a gf? That's normies' stuff.

If you're all these things I don't get it either but then again I'm not too far off from the way you describe yourself. Are you a neet too? You have to come out of your house otherwise how are you going to talk to people and do things like go to school or work?

try online dating.

I go to college and church, sometimes some events but I don't like, not neet

You aren't at least one of those things, smart being the one for sure

what do you mean

You're only 26. Girls find older men attractive. You still have plenty of time to bang and potentially date hot 20-25 year olds

Just try to focus on yourself and making friends. Get to know people. You'd be surprised how many people have some weird habits that make them seem less normie.

Also start drinking pussy.

Bro 26 years old is usually peak fuckablity, it's just that most guys are so sheltered that a 5/10 35 year old is 10x better at dating game

OP needs to leave the fuckin house. I suspect an anxiety disorder that requires significant therapy, which OP will not have the balls to sign up for because he's scared of everything. So nothing will get better

Also let's note the image OP selected for this post. Things are not so good in OP land. He has pedo anime images saved and relates to them on an emotional level

Nah, 24/25/26 is peak fuckability for women.

For men, its early-mid thirties. I get laid way more now at 32 than I ever did when I was younger. Chicks like older men.

I posted ironically

That's even worse.

Same, except poor, 5'11", not smart, and drink sometimes.

>Chicks like older men.
28 yo virgin here, not as autistic as OP though as i am going out regularly, looking forward to my thirties. any scientific explanation for this phenomena? I also know a chick who is marrying a guy 10 years her senior.

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>tall (6'2)
>above average in attractiveness
>not poor
Maybe the reason you have no friends and are a still a virgin is that you're an arrogant egotistical prick, OP. Have you ever thought of that?

Does telling facts for better analysis make me arrogant? Would you prefer me to speak only the negative parts to make you feel better than me?

Girls like guys who have their shit together. Calm, capable, confident, experienced. Most people are complete garbage fires in their 20's, jumping around, learning about themselves and life in general. It makes sense from the perspective of evolutionary physiology and mate selection, but also society supports it. There are typically examples around them all the time which normalises it and highlights it as an option, maybe even their own parents.

My experience of ending a long term relationship at age 28 was eye opening. Prior to that I'd been in three relationships, all of them before the age of 21/22. When I was younger I assumed that anybody showing interest in me was owed attention. I assumed that every new feeling, emotion etc was incredibly important (they are, they are kind of your first everything happening all the time) and thus very significant. I didn't understand my own value, maybe because I had almost none as a teenager. I wasn't confident about my body, my mind and abilities. I didn't know a lot of stuff and felt I had to compensate because in my head one of the top attributes of adults was they knew stuff and I was supposed to be an adult so I fronted a lot.

When I was single at 28 I was like ... oh holy shit turns out my entire social circle is dtf and only hang around with each other because they are horny and want to fuck and suddenly I'm part of this and I can make decisions based on how I want to appear to the world. I don't owe people who show interest my time and energy. I can be a lot more calm and collected.

I was a massive slut for a brief time until I started to feel physically sick at myself. I then started to behave in a way which reflected my actual values rather than my insecurities. Getting laid was very easy, most navigate a similar sea. The thing is getting laid doesn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things.

i did turn down plenty of girls in the past because i felt that my value was higher than just settling for them. i really hope that i did the right thing. my thirties are still ahead of me so let's see how this goes.

Online dating for starters. If you're attractive enough you don't even have to go out on a "date", just have them over or go to their's. If there's actual chemistry, then go from there. Otherwise, hook up and move on. No need to force anything that won't happen.

Do you have any hobbies or interests? Try getting more into those. Playing an instrument or a sport, drawing/painting, hikes and nature exploration, drama and theater, etc etc the list goes on and on, but find something that interests YOU and go out and do it. If you have something enjoyable that requires you to leave the house, then you will enjoy leaving the house to do it.

Don't worry about drinking, unless you have really awkward social skills. Alcohol helps you loosen up and let go of inhibitions to the point where you're more comfortable cold approaching people (women AND men) to start up a chat, then go from there. If you don't need that, don't do it. Alcohol is expensive, calorie-dense, and overrated in general. It's better to make a decision sober than not.

Like another person said, though, your peak "baby making" "family making" years are in early to mid 30's, so getting a girlfriend right now isn't even necessary. You're a virgin, so you need to find out what you like sexually. Maybe a repressed fetish or two, your favourite positions, what type of girl gets you off, and so forth. Figure this out before you start dating so your sex like isn't abysmal when you start. A lot of people say sex isn't everything, but in a relationship, it's a huuuuuge part if neither party is asexual. If you don't click sexually, other things begin to fall apart. Trust me on that one.

It was clearly the right thing for you at the time as it was the decision you went with. You can always come to regret your decisions in the future, but it isn't really a very worthwhile way to spend your time. I guess what you mean is you turned down people because you felt it wasn't very honest to use them for practice and experience when you didn't actually like them?

>you felt it wasn't very honest to use them for practice and experience when you didn't actually like them?
you totally read my mind there. I knew from the first/second date that things wont be ok because we disagree at fundamental values which will come back to bite us in the future so i chose to end it there before shit gets deep.

If you don't leave your house, how are you going to meet people bro? Think it through. There's no rationalizing that, it's just a fact that you need to leave your house to meet people.

I don't know exactly what to do after I leave home


>Move to a small town
>start going to church
>travel to Latin American or maybe Asia if you have fellow fever

I think he is asking how to get a gf while he is like this, not a gf who is like this.
>above average in attractiveness
I'll believe it when I see it. Like 90% of people think of themselves as this.

You certainly do not sound smart.

This. OP's use of language puts him at slightly above average (under 130) at the very best.

post to /soc/

Fuck u. Now I'm smart?


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How is OP an egotistical prick? If anything you sound like a jealous faggot. All of those things, aside from attractiveness can be objectively measured.

the relationship won't last

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between op and /soc/alites?


Literally just go outside ffs

Literally nothing happens

How many girls have you asked out this year?

this meme again?


>Convert to islam
>Find a qt virgin muslim girl
>their courtship is traditional and they aren't degenerate
>she will be sweet and love you unconditionally
You only need to prove you're muslim to her father. Your girlfriend will actually be relieved that you aren't as strict as her father.