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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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during our calls, mom talks about anything and everything but never asked me why i don't have a gf even though i am good looking, financially successful for almost 2 years and I am around 28 years old. she thinks that I am gay doesn't she?

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Bro, be glad. Mine asks every single call, visit, etc.

>date ex-gf last year for around 8 months
>knew her years before
>break up, 3 months pass by with seeing each other less and less in that phase
>see each other again during december, spend christmas together
>lasts up until mid february this year
>i end it because i ´found out she fucked with the guy shes with now

last i heard, 2 months-ish ago of no contact, she was on the verge of moving in with that guy after being together for 5 ish months

just yesterday i get a text from her
>evening user, was curious how you've been :) i hope good! would really want to do something with the people again! hit me up :)

uhm??? is she trying to meet up with me/us to tell everyone that they're finally moving in? is she single again, her profile pic has always been both of them it's now just her

so i answered her with a
>hey. i'm good. what did you want to do?

mind you a good female friend of mine gets asked by her too a lot, she doesn't want to go out with them

should i just outright ask "so, you both coming then?"

>good looking
>financially successful
>around 28 years old
So why don't you? I think people ITT have a vague suspicion you're either lying of your attributes or lying of not having a gf.

>So why don't you?
crippling distrust of people, had to turn down many girls in the past but i am working on fixing this.

>know girl for several months
>finally meet her at a nearby town (we agree to meet there)
>text her afterwards telling how fun it was
>she immediately texts back welcoming me to visit her city sometime (lives 6 hours away from me)
>next day she texts me asking she wants to visit ABC for a vacation (not my city even though my city is very touristic)
is she mentally ill?

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Girls, what do you think of weebs? And I don't mean "hehe I watch anime" weeb, but full blown in love with Japanese culture weeb.
I don't watch anime, but I'm near fluent in Japanese and exclusively read Japanese literature in the native language. I'm obsessed with traditional Japanese aesthetics.

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You're not a weeb, but a japanophil. Not bad or unusual to like a foreign country a lot.

it would be interesting

Women (female) around here, how does the attraction to males sex organs work? Do you look at a penis, get wet and think "I want that inside me"?

Does anyone here find vags/dicks by themselves appealing?

Both sexes, why do you guys refuse to bond with your SO's parents?
If they were awful, toxic people then I'd understand, but I feel like everyone just gives a big fuck you to the other's parents and avoid them like a plague despite being good people.
Is it a cultural thing?

For some reason I think it would be really cool to hang out with my SO's dad.

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>why do you guys refuse to bond with your SO's parents?
Well, for starters, she (my wife's father died long ago) did everything in her power to sabotage our relatinoship for the best part of 6 years with her only reason being that she did not like me having long hair. She also has a long record of abusive psychological behaviour towards her daughter andis an overall unlikable person who mostly only gets tolerated because people assume that her being so old it's natural that she's eccentric and there's nothing that can be done, and also "doesn't really mean any harm".

>You would be perfect if you were taller
>You're cute but too short
Two different girls told me that this week. In the past there were similar conversations. How am I supposed to react? Just end the conversation? I'm 170cm.

>I'm 170cm
Just grow some height bro. be cool. cheel

My gf got really drunk Saturday night and threw up in my car and on herself. I took her home, helped her get in the shower, helped her change, then lead her to her room so she could sleep it off. I thought about staying, but she’s in the process of moving and all of her shit was packed up or back at her parent’s house so she only had a bare mattress on her bedroom floor. I was wide awake more or less so I decided to leave once I knew she was safe at home and taken care of. I didn’t realize till next morning that she had left all of her stuff, phone included in my car. I took it to her the next day and she seemed to be in a decent mood despite being hungover. Yesterday though we got into a bit of an argument and told me that I was being selfish. Was I being an asshole by leaving her house after I took care of her?


My boyfriend is a narcissist and likes to make me cry and put me down every now and then. I've always been very patient and loving. I never decline sex, and I always make sure that he's happy and comfortable. I love him, but I'm breaking down from the mental and emotional abuse. Is there any way I can get him to change that behavior? He says he feels bad about what he does, but it kinda circles back and happens again. I really love him and want this relationship to work.

>Just end the conversation?
Unironically yes. These girls are not worth your time. A friend of mine is 160 and he's had a gf for the last 5 years. My downstairs neighbour is dating a woman whose entire head towers over him.
Don't let this get to you.

He might have some sort of personality disorder, in which case he needs to see a therapist and get some pills, otherwise it's nigh impossible to do anything about it. if you really, really want to keep trying, convince him to get checked, if he refuses, or it feels like too much commitment, it's better to walk away.

Honestly if a girl is that superficial then you’re better of without them. It sucks that they lack the self-awareness that would keep them from saying something that insensitive, but people are dumbasses. There are tons of dudes that are shorter than you that get girlfriends though. Keep your head up

She gave you Autism.
White penis at least doesn't look like a fiberous shit.
Usually because they are awful in some way. Remember, Narcissistic parents try extremely hard to hide their manipulations that they are doing to you. But also they hide it if they do it to others, especially if they are closer to you, such as your SO.

Why exactly do you love him again?
I swear I've read or heard this same story in person, that you love the bad treatment.

>Is there any way I can get him to change that behavior? He says he feels bad about what he does, but it kinda circles back and happens again.
Because he actually doesn't want to change, since he's not seeing a therapist nor a psychiatrist.
Stop lying to yourself, you're killing yourself over an ill partner. Let go.

What do I say to a girl that has massive labia that won't come off as insincere and hollow? I've been seeing her for a few months and she only recently let me finger her with her panties to the side and the lights off.

Don't say, do. Treat her normally, do all sorts of sexual stuff with her, and she'll eventually warm up to you. You can't just cure someone's complexes with magic words, it's the kind of thing that requires a lot of time and effort. If the girl is worth it, just keep going.

The thing is that she won't let me. Her previous boyfriends made fun of her lips so now she basically shuts down when I get close to seeing them.

Obviously bait, but Jesus fucking christ you got issues if you love a guy who abuses you, and you are aware that it’s slowly breaking you down but ask for advice how to save the relationship.

She did let you finger her, right? That's a first step. You can't just expect her to open her egs for you after having multiple bad experiences about it. You need to be patient. Give her time.

Not today

i'm not so sure about typing this but here it goes
>know this girl for about 9 months
>pretty obvious she likes me, i ingore her though because autismo
>ocasionally talk and see each other in public, amounts to nothing though
>fast forward this summer; i have nothing better to do so i ask her out
>answers immediately and we go out the same day, goes decently and says we should go out more
>kiss her over the next 3 dates, doesn't feel too serious on either side though
i should probably mention that this would be the first time i've tried my hand at a "relationship"
>for some reason start feeling bad about what i'm doing, potentially making her get attached just because i have nothing else better to do
>i tell her i'm not really looking for a relationship, she says it's ok
>we don't really talk for the next 2 weeks, until she messages me that her parents are out and that i could come over
>unsure what to say but she also calls some mutual friends over so i say fine
>talk to close friend whom she also invited, tell him to get me out of sticky situations if she tries things
>fast forward a few hours, i'm sorta tipsy and she's pretty drunk
>friend intervened as i told him a few times when she got touchy
>am in the kitchen with the girl and my friend, smoking a cig
>guy leaves the room for 10 seconds to get his wine
>girl pushes me on a chair and we start making out, friend sees i'm not resisting so he leaves us be
>end up in the bedroom where we make out for over an hour, no sex though since no condoms
>go to sleep, wake up, she's a lot less like the night before; we just hug and i go
>message her a few times, she's a lot colder
>she's on vacation and i ask if she wants me to pick her up from the train station, she says no since she's going to the movies (at 1 or 2 am when her train gets here apparently)
so now i sort of want to be with her since i've been feeling empty the past few days. what can i do in this situation?

So last week I got pretty drunk with friends. On my way home a song I used to listen to with my ex, who broke up with me nearly a year ago, came up on shuffle.

This prompted me to share this with her. It also ended my no contact rule. Hadn't spoke to her since the day I left the flat with my stuff.

She gets back to me. I kind of ignore the texts. Give half hearted replies, I really wasnt that interested in talking to her. Then she asks if I wanted to grab a drink sometime to catch up after I leave blue ticked on whatsapp for a few hours. I say, sure, why not. She then immediately suggests this coming weekend.

To both genders. I'm asking, what could she possibly want to get out of this? She was the dumper, and I was very clear I'd not be her friend afterwards and nearly a year of no contact, surely that would be clear that's still the case.

Guys, would you fuck a girl with nipple & tongue piercings?


I currently am

How would you feel if your bf called you mommy during sex?

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He is the first guy I met who's honest, loyal, and genuinely wants us to be together longterm. We share the same goals, and he's usually the first to bring up future plans. I know he loves me, but he can't help but to lash out to make himself feel better about himself. He masks his low self esteem with it, and I think hes afraid that I'll leave him for some reason. I just want him to not feel that way anymore, for both of our sanity
>Obviously bait
I feel like if you guys read this with the genders flipped, you wouldn't consider it bait anymore. I don't mean to trigger anyone, but this shit happens. And I'm very much in need of help. I found someone I really love and want a future with together, and I want to make this work.

Ye but not marry

How have you reacted in the past?
Try calmly explaining that what he's doing is hurtful.
Or leave entirely every time it happens.
You can't control him but you can control your reaction and if you make it a punative one he might change his behaviors

most probably not
every time a woman has asked me or someone else that it's mostly for the offense factor
they will obviously hide it so you believe it and "correct" your "gay" behavior
mom is a lying piece of shit and manipulative piece of shit tho, so I don't expect any better from here, but most women don't do that AFAIK, since they just know by the way you are and look

I do, but I’d venture to say most girls don’t

your mother is calling you a faggot every day to pressure you into getting one

I would have asked if he's ohuel (pardon my French).

Reassure her that you think she is beautiful down there and tell her you love the look of her lips. Be communicative and give her words of affirmation. If/when she lets you give her head, look like you’re super into it and like it’s the best meal you’ve ever had. And above all else be patient


if she takes them out yeah why not

just say something in the same vain directed at them like, you're cute, but your nose is too big

Yes, but if you are planning to make them... it's probably better if you wait to meet the guy you're planning to spend your life with. For some guys they are a turn on, but others find them sluttish.

Shameless bump

Not him, but it isn't that simple when you don't know what to do.
Dating is full of pitfalls and simply doing a lot of things people like doesn't make people like you. As soon as you put yourself in the position as wanting something instead of offering something, you become undesirable.
Being single for an extended period of time means you don't have the habits needed to get out of it.
If getting a girlfriend was easy, we wouldn't have a million threads asking the same question. Step one is start living in the same world women live in so you have casual interactions with women that doesn't involve sex or rejection.
I don't know how to do that.

What does that mean

My mother recently said " maybe I should have had more kids" because she wants grandkids since I'm too autismo and my sister won't have them on principal because liberal

that's fine, i'm not looking to get married soon
why'd you want her to take them out?
>it's probably better if you wait to meet the guy you're planning to spend your life with.
>For some guys they are a turn on, but others find them sluttish.
I mean i'm slutting around rn, but you know they can be taken out, right?

How much do girls care about height?
Im 5'4

How do u find traps and date them lol

yeah if I just wanted to fuck a slut for the night

according to /lgbt/ go to del taco

>i'm not looking to get married soon
I don't think you're looking to marry at all, otherwise you wouldn't slut around. No decent guy worth marrying is stupid enough to try to turn a hoe into a housewife.

Most are good as long as you’re taller than them.

How does being liberal prevent you from having children?

She thinks white people are bad, so refuses to have kids because that would make more.

I'm starting my phd next year, why would I be a housewife? I can still drunkenly cuddle with cute guys and get married and not be a housewife.

That's not what liberalism is.

That’s not being liberal. That’s called being retarded, you really are autistic.

Housewife is just part of the dude wants to marry a slut, because sluts cheat and no one wants to marry a cheater.

You can be a slut and also be faithful. My last relationship was long term and I was still a slut, just only with him though. It's called self control.

I would try to hide how I felt and brush it off in the beginning. Then I started to defend myself, and he would respond with things like "are you serious right now?" or "you need to relax, you're too emotional". It would eventually lead into fights that I would get too tired from, and give in because he would be too stubborn to apologize. Then, he'd eventually apologize through text and I'd forgive him, while the cycle continued.

I think he's narcissist and probably a sociopath. When my mother passed away, I called him crying and telling him what happened. And he started crying, and blamed me for making him cry as an example. When it comes to watching shows/movies, he get really emotional over fictional characters and cries. But other than that, I feel like he doesnt see me as a person sometimes.

Out of the two i think i know more housewifes that cheat than sluts. Sluts get it out of their system and can settle down. And they are up to all kinds of kinks. But housewifes are depressed lonely cunts who cheats with the first person that give her any attention.

this guy does not sound ok at all. end it soon while you can.

I sure as shit don't hear that shit from the right senpaitachi

It’s not correlated. Just stop. Go back sorting legos by color and size.

guys, whenever you post shit like this, remember to post detailed context or else your entire post sounds like utter bullshit
if you want good replies, then give good details

I mean, what do you think, what type of girls come here? You think I don't have similar interests?

tell her about half of your greentext, and maybe that you do want a relationship this time around.

Not everyone left of you is a liberal. Turns out that strawmanning the Other leads to you saying dumb shit like that.

Fuck me, you guys told me to ask my friend out, and I still chicken out every time I meet him. Someone just shoot me, I'm useless. So afraid I'll lose him as a friend if he doesn't like me as much as I like him.

sis, when's the next time you see him? i'm asking out this guy i barely know on sunday and i'm a chicken and i need someone to expect me to do it and maybe i can be an expecting person to force you to do it too.

Exactly, that’s why it’s a terrible idea to mix romance and friendship. You might lose both. Someone gave you bad advice. If he felt the same you guys would be hitting it off by now.

guy here, i never refused a girl asking me out unless she was ugly (below 5/10) or fat, are you ugly or fat? if not then just go for it fagit.

Next week Tuesday, but there are going to be others there as well. (Excuses, I know!)

I mean, I'm good at nagging. So... Go for it. Don't be like me. I'm pathetic with this procrastination game I'm doing. Just ask him out, otherwise you're going to make yourself suffer like I do.
Report back on Monday.

Does this help? lol
I'm trying to help others at least...

But that doesn’t mean you feel the same for the non fat average girls asking you out. Saying yes to a date is one thing, emotion and wanting a relationship is another

>she's afraid it is painful for you to have to "explain", potentially having to explain that you are bad with women or had traumatizing experiences in the past
>she feels awkward and is unsure of how to bring up the topic without disrespecting you or even just finding the words
>maybe she is afraid of a certain outcome and doesn't want to fight or discuss your answer
>if she generally does not ask questions it could be (a mixture of) never having learned to and/or narcissistic streaks

No doubt more. She's your mother, you are in the best position to make an educated guess. If you're really ballsy, ask her if she's never wondered or simply explain whatever you are willing to share without being asked. Good luck man.

I don't know, he's been approaching me more and more in the past weeks, so it doesn't seem like it's 100% predestined for failure...
I'm not as Jow Forums as him, but he's like Jow Forums, I'm just lowercase fit.

grills is it ok if i cum in like a minute if i make u cum first

I'm jealous.
I'm a girl around the same age, my mom asks every single time whether I have a serious relationship already, asks about grandchildren and shit. I never want to have children... Mom, just stop.

im >are you ugly or fat?
Im not fat. I'm probably not ugly but idk. Almost everyone I know says I'm pretty, but I'm not tiktok e-girl perfect which hits the self esteem right in the gullet.
>if not then just go for it fagit.
I expect your post on tuesday or wednesday next week, gimme dem updates whether you do it or not, but you better do it. Just try and get him alone or pass him a note/text him when right next to him.

Sure, sometimes. But cmon, work on it.

i have crippling fear of relationships, so crippling that i always hope to be rejected when i ask a girl out (most of the time i don't get rejected though). I always end up finishing the relationship willingly before things get deeper. I plan on seeking therapy because i think something is quite fucky with me, shit will cost a bit of money but i can afford it, you guys think this will be worth it? i am feeling so sad and alone

Yea, but you can train yourself to last longer. Honestly, you actually making sure to get me off would be better than like 80% of guys so there's a lot of points right there.

Wow I think you're being pretty judgmental here honestly. It's fine to be put off if you feel she's coming on a little strong, but to me she just sounds enthusiastic within reason. It's not like she wanted you to name a date or made a deadline for when she should come right over, she just gave a sign of goodwill and having enjoyed spending time with you after you did the same thing. It's still up to you.

Only now realizing you might mean she invited you for a vacation. Is that what you meant? Or was she just sharing a daydream? How long does she have in mind? Staying in a hotel together for a weekend =/= a three week hiking tour. It's a bit much especially if you didn't reply to her earlier invitation, but hey, girls get lonely and desperate too, only a few weeks of summer left, what's wrong with being direct? Maybe she just doesn't want to build you up in her head if you really want to take things slow because she's looking for love now. If you are really taken aback just tell her it's too early for you but you'd like to see her again (if that's true, obv).

Same... Same.
We gotta do what we gotta do.

>try and get him alone or pass him a note/text him
I have noted my homework, and... Yeah. I just have to do this, otherwise my brain is going to implode. I'll report back.

>he's like Jow Forums, I'm just lowercase fit.
do you exercise regularly and go to the gym? if not then that can be a HUGE turn off as it sends a sign that you're lazy and laziness is not attractive.

>but I'm not tiktok e-girl perfect which hits the self esteem right in the gullet.
that is a good thing, e-thots are modern day whores and i personally do not find them attractive due to their vanity, but every man is different.
life goes on and you'll forget about it in a year or so, remember, no risk, no reward

good old commitment issues.
other than therapy, talking about this with your friends in real life or one of the girls you used to go out with could be good.

sorry, the story was a bit rushed there. i responded to her immediately saying that i will happily visit her city in the next month and we should definitely see each other again, i was willing to go the full mile with her. it is just that i was surprised by her suddenly trying to visit another city instead of mine even though I offered to visit hers. like why wouldn't she come visit given the opportunity? despite the fun we had last evening?

>Yeah. I just have to do this, otherwise my brain is going to implode. I'll report back.
You can still be friends after if he says no. You'll cry and it'll be awkward for a little, but he won't have any reason to hate you. Good luck

Oh I do exercise regularly, that's not the problem. I'm just the one who exercises daily and eats really clean, but he's borderline gym rat. So the problem is just me being worried about destroying our friendship. I know I'm a better friend than girlfriend... Or I used to be in the past. And I don't want to mess this up, but I just really like him.
tl;dr I have the brains of a 12 year old now

one more thing, how the hell can i handle a long distance relationship? what makes me nervous is that she might think that this is just a "we are only friends" thing. I might be sending that message unconsciously and i don't want that. I want to make it very clear that I want a relationship, not "friends only". during our date I took her to a fancy restaurant and paid the bill, made sure to escort her all the way to the bus stop before saying goodbye. texted her while i was on the express train on my way back home.

>but he won't have any reason to hate you
This is so much more inspiring for some reason than anything else I thought about before.
Thanks and good luck to you as well! x

That's not what a weeb is. Don't humor/infantilize yourself. You have a huge amount of knowledge of/access to Japanese culture and that's something to be proud of. Be happy that you have something you're that passionate about in your life and never again stop to wonder what a woman might think of that. Women are attracted to confident men who stand by the choices they make in life, who understand that we live only once and it's an endless shame to cater all the time to others' ideas of what your life should look like. That's hot as fuck. These are going to be super banal sounding suggestions but they really matter so much:
>work on immaculate posture (if you have no idea where to start, the yoga exercises the "Five Tibetan Rities", look it up)
>walk with your head held high, really look people in the eyes/face, turn your head when you talk to them don't answer them while making eye contact from the corners of your eye
>only ever wear clothes that somewhat suit/flatter your body, no shirts straining around your stomach or tenting around a twiggy body, unless you have great style don't stick to blacks/greys/blues (it ages)
>don't preemptively apologize, don't play advocate of the devil for your own ideas/feelings (out loud, and with exceptions), don't hide self-loathing as irony/humor, don't try to be gracious by glossing over big slights against yourself (in most situations I guess), don't fill in shit like "I bet you think I'm..."
Basically, self respect. Invest in it. It's going to make life SO much more fun.

No offense intended with any example of insecure behavior that doesn't apply. Not trying to assume just to give an idea of the kind of behavior I'm talking about by giving many examples. Cheers.

>know I'm a better friend than girlfriend
you sound like quite the catch to be honest, starting to feel a strong imposter syndrome in here.

>tl;dr I have the brains of a 12 year old now
i am a very hairy 6'0" 200lbs dude with a thick beard and i feel like a teenage moody girl when i really fall in love with someone. it is normal, think not much of it.

Except hate you for ruining a good friendship. What if he says no, and now he can’t have you around because he gotta date and don’t want to have to introduce a gf to a friend who got a crush. Too much drama, too complicated. It’s a bad idea and you should freak out. I wouldn’t hate you, but you would be gone.

Eh I can think of some things. Maybe she thinks it's a little intense for you to go from talking online and having gone on a single date to sleeping in her own bed together. If you want to spend more time together perhaps the pressure of choosing whether or not to let her friends meet you and stuff like that makes her nervous and just going to a new place and not having all that subtext seems more relaxed.

Vice versa, she is completely dependent on you if she comes over to your place, which can be kind of scary. She doesn't know you that well yet, what if you have a big fight and are stuck with each other in your home where she knows absolutely no one (?) and is utterly at your mercy. I can see why the idea of going away is appealing in this stage of the relationship honestly, for whatever it's worth.

Personally I wouldn't go on a trip with someone I went on a date with but wanted to reject, and if for whatever reason I met someone I was tempted with, I would definitely inform them beforehand just to make that absolutely clear. Super dickish to just let someone pay and invest their time/energy when they could reasonably assume a relationship/sex were in the cards while you knew all that time it wasn't going to happen. Super awkward too, try defending that if it comes out and he gets frustrated. Of course individuals make individual choices but it would be a pretty serious red flag to me anyway if this is her course of action.

And long distance is super hard. The people who are good at it usually have a certain disposition/life. If you are a surgeon with a crazy intense work life then having someone to fantasize about with the reward somewhere in the future, and not having to deal with them on a weekly basis in terms of hanging out, can be a great way to still achieve intimacy. And some people just can't handle being so close in day to day life with anyone and enjoy in a way having the "single" lifestyle with lots of personal time.