Men: how many percent of your approaches lead to dates?

Men: how many percent of your approaches lead to dates?

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Talking about cold approach here? I honestly only ask out women I’m familiar with and can tell they’re interested. This has led to a 100% success rate and 4 dates this year.

I fucking hate normies like you

You mean people with lives who interact with people on almost a daily basis? I used to be a shut in and didn’t even lose my virginity until I was 20. Started going to Uni, joined a writers workshop, and I help some bitches record music in my home studio. Not like I just sit on the side of the rode and have pussys thrown at me.

I'd say about 10%. I do full on cold approach and skip a lot of chit-chat, getting right to sex talk.


i had one approach which lead to a date the next weekend, so i'm pushing 100%

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100% but I never did cold approaches.

I need more opportunities so I'm changing that ASAP though, since non-cold approaches are too far and between.
That % is probably going to plummet, but who cares if the dates total count goes up.

I don't know, it's been 3-4 years since I went on a date

"Approaches"? What are you autistic? Just get a group of friends and this shit tends to work itself out naturally.

I guess 90%

I asked one (1) girl out several years ago. She said yeah. So technically I'm 1:1 but I will never ask another out so it's practically 0

50% cold where i pick them up in a bar
80% where i know them before

Same here, brother.
When the first date with a hot girl went sour after I dumped my ex (who didn't even get to fuck), I kinda knew that I won't be getting another opportunity like that again.

*who I didn't even get to fuck

100% so far. There's no reason to ask her out if she doesn't give off the signals.

Ive never had a girl turn me down.

Because you never asked them out?

No, Ive had plenty of dates. I attribute my success to asking out women who clearly show interest.

>You mean people with lives who interact with people on almost a daily basis?

Yes, what part of 'normie' didn't you get?

tfw i've never had any women show any interest in me at all, even to the point of telling me explicitly that they aren't interested in me even when i had no intention of asking them out or anything, they just misread my friendliness i guess. That only happened a few times but it was very hurtful because they were in my group of friends and one day just took me aside and told me.

You guys don't know how lucky you have it to be good looking, or even just average looking.

Look dude, what you have to do is treat females as guys. Just invite them out as you would any friend, go out somewhere you find fun and then eventually something will happen. Don't ever talk about emotions with them, absolutely essential you don't. Has worked charms for me, 2 rejections in 6 years. Worked with about 10 girls.

90+% of men probably never do a successful cold approach in their life. It's not how people meet IRL. You are supposed to meet females at networking events like parties and act based on signals and reciprocated flirting