Would it be illegal or legal, hypothetically for someone to open up a Pet Crematorium...

Would it be illegal or legal, hypothetically for someone to open up a Pet Crematorium, and in order to save money on grocery bills, just cook and eat the pet corpses people bring in to be burned?

I mean why waste perfectly good meat, and then just burn some newspapers in the fire place and give them those ashes. Ashes are ashes, it's just itty bitty bits of carbon, nothing discernible from what was burned remains.

That way the pet owner gets their ashes and some good meat doesn't go to waste.

Would that hypothetically be legal or illegal to do? And would the pets be safe to eat? I'm always looking for ways to save money.,

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It would be illegal
Youre promising to turn their dead pets to ashes, not to eat them.
If anyone gets you, you will be treated as if you ate dead people.

It would be easier to make a pet farm for yourself

Hypothetically, Would it be legal to eat the pets and then just burn my poop and whatever is left that I didn't eat say the bones?

That way the customer is still getting what was sold to them.

It would be legal as long as you don't get caught.

This reminds me of that movie Pet Sematary.

This would almost certainly be fraud, as would eating an animal and burning the resulting shit.

There are a few states where it is illegal to eat dogs and cats.

It's not necessarily safe to eat dead pets. You don't know what sort of disease or parasites they may have died from (or died having), so if you do it, cook very very thoroughly.

As a money saving proposition, this probably isn't a very good one unless you already offer some sort of animal care or mortuary services. You're also not going to be able to hire employees because the risk of someone discovering what you're doing would be very high.

He already said it is illegal.
Jesus christ... are people this retarded?

You are not going to be gaining capitol by opening up, maintaining, and working at a business.

You are going to spend money and use a lot of energy.

Just go dig up the graves at a pet cemetary. Much easier.

But if you burnt the shit which would just simply be their animal digested and burn it along with the bones and skin, then you have fulfilled your part of the contact.

Just say the process you use in cremation is a trade secret, maybe like even patent the process so it's on the up and up.

Why not hunt? It’s cheaper than running a illegal business. And eating dead pets? They don’t exactly come in fresh or disease free. Did you spend like 5 seconds on this idea?

>They don't exactly come in fresh or disease free

Oh so now beggar's want to be choosers? What, you're too good to eat rotten meat?

Either the thing died from some nasty disease, or from old age. Neither make for good stew.

What you need to do is snatch the healthy ones straight from the dog park.
You’ll be known as the dog snatcher.

Taunt the public with you fingering the asshole of some bitches bet you just stole and of you skinning it alive in prep Chinese style. Dog fried rice anyone? Dark meat all around!

It would take much energy at all if you don't even bother with a cremation device and simply just used your fireplace with some matches and gasoline or in a drum or barrel in your backyard. That would be cheap.

What about that guy who is 90 plus years old in the mountains of Iran, who is as healthy as an ox and his favorite meal is rotten opossum meat?

You should read his secrets to long living.


OP is most likely a troll, but the value in answering these questions is similar to playing the "how do things work" game with small children: it helps them understand how society functions.

You can't patent something without revealing what it is, and as a process patent, the USPTO would almost certainly deny it. Though who knows the USPTO is pretty fucking retarded.

If you run a cremation business, you're going to be inspected at some point.

I'm curious to know whether or not it would be legal to simply eat the animal's stomach contents before burning it...

My guess would be yes it would be illegal.

What the fuck
Pet crematorium is a huge business and you want to skimp on meat? Bitch you'd be making bank within a few months, you could just go BUY groceries

But by saving money you're making money because you can invest it. Why do you think Ebeneezer Scrooge and Warren Buffet made it so rich?

And who would want to bury them when burning them is so much easier?

You could also kill your customers and eat them to save even more money

Such a stupid idea. The meat on animals depending on how they died is inedible.

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How can a pet creamery even be profitable in the first place?

Who pays a place to light their pets on fire or to give them a small casket.

It's called a shovel, a ziploc bag, and a backyard. Or if it's a goldfish a send off to sea, AKA a flush of the toilet.

And if you don't have a backyard, just wait for your neighbors to go to sleep and bury it in their backyard and feign ignorance if they ever find the rotted husk of your pet.

I mean a free graveyard is a free graveyard.

What the actual fuck

Not sure about the legality of it but it isn't fair to the pet's owner to do something like that

On top of that if someone were to find out about your secret practice you would probably be fucked reputationally

You haven't been here this long have you?

Is that a real pet oven in that pic or is that just trash being burned?

What? Pet cremation is 50$-70$ ea. In many cities pet crematory are backed up by months due to demand

That's not really all that much considering the cost of firing up the ovens, the little urns, the service, the refrigeration when you're backed up, and the free coffee and the hiring of staff.

I would be charging 500 bucks a piece.

Aren't the burning mechanism used in creaming a pet animal worse for the environment because you're release all these smoke and gasses into the environment, rather than chucking them into the sea for the fish to feed on or to bury?

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Can't tell if merchant or Chinese

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I want to know if there is a place with an inordinate amount of pet chickens, turkeys, pigs, and cows.

always thought of creamation as being disrespectful to the dead .I've