I'm a pretty short girl (5'0) and I wish I was a few inches taller...

I'm a pretty short girl (5'0) and I wish I was a few inches taller. I just wanted to know what guys opinions are on a girl being this short. Is it a deal breaker?

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Yeah literally no guys like that because all guys have the same opinions and nobody likes short girls at all.

It sucks but this is the life you've been given. Invest in a pair of stilts.

>Is it a deal breaker?
Not really, a lot of guys find it hot, myself included.
But I wouldn't marry and have kids with someone of your height because I don't want to risk to have manlet sons.

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Definitely not to marry but good for hookups cause ez positioning.

Are you flat or do you otherwise look like a young teen? If so, yes. Braces are extra points. If you are fully endowed with tits and ass it often looks disproportionate and less attractive but still cute

I may be biased because of my limited sexual experience. I have made out with a few girls though and my favorite was by far this short girl. She liked it when guys got physical and because of her size she was really easy to toss around and dominate on a bed. Best make outs I've had. I've tried doing the same thing with fat and tall girls too, but it was by far the easiest to do with the petite girl.

Actually because of sexual dimorphism, petite women harbor tall guy genes. Just think about those midget italian moms with giant sons. My sister is a midget but all my nephews are tallest in their class.

Asian femlets are hella ugly just off yourself. Shit genetics is shit

Is this legit?

It's not unattractive but they tend to be obnoxious about height to the point of becoming unattractive.

I only have anecdotal evidence to support it, but I think that the reason women become midgets has nothing to do with manlet genes and everything to do with sexual selection.

5 ft tall is way too short for me, but maybe a manlet would settle for that

I never seen a family with tall parents having short kids. The opposite may be true mainly because people have access to better food and there's less poverty. My father is taller than his father and I'm taller than both.

Not OP (I'm 5'1") but oh my god, I've literally never worried about my height until now seeing these responses. I thought dudes just didn't care about it.

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Explain the nordic countries.
Also, it's not too remarkable for a woman to pass her genes, so it's not really sexual selection.

aslong as you have a pussy and aren't fat guys will want to fuck you

Short girls don't have it nearly as hard as short guys. I'm only 6'2" and it's extremely hard to find a girlfriend who's willing to date someone my height because they're accustomed to dating far taller men than me.

Yeah I'd be worried about my kids coming out short. 5'5 minimum.

however, with short girls it really is a case of pic related

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I'm dating a 4'10" girl.
She's unbearably cute and I love picking her up. The 1'2" difference between us kinda hinders certain sexual positions, but being short is by no means a deal breaker if you're a girl. If you're a guy though, lmao.

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Do you guys seriously think that a short mother makes a short son? Retards. You must have skipped fucking 8th grade human biology. I bet you think eugenics cures genetic disorders as well.

that's actually what grade school biologly teaches you..

Short girls are fucking amazing. I fucking love spinners also. You have no reason to be self-conscious unless reaching for something on a top shelf (and I think it's cute to be asked for help, so there's that). Seriously, I've never even heard of this being a thing at all with any real man.

5'10" here, shut your silly mouth. Nobody is this clueless and capable of autonomous breathing. C'mon now...

>5'10" here
Holy shit i'm so sorry

I think height is spread across so many alleles that there are very few relevant "hidden" height genes. You might get lucky but in average your children will be : averaged height of parents +2" for boys and -2" for girls

It is not like there are twelve height genes and it's a lottery about wish you get, there are hundreds so you will get half from your dad and mom and they will be roughly averaged. Chance has some role but much less than eye color for instance

Fuck you. Haha

But yeah, why is this thread full of retard replies that aren't based in reality?

Yeah I mean if anything I'd refuse to date some fuck tall Amazon bitch. Not looking up at my women, nuh uh.

Im a 5''5 guy my girlfriend is 5"0
Please give a chance to short fellows

Guys care about how tall a girl is like we care about her cats middle name

We don't give a fuck.

Just wear heels

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As long as you are not fat.
A 5.0 thin girl will make me look like a professional football player when I'm next to her, and in bed I'd feel like my dick is going to reach the inside of her belly button every time I push. So I really see no downside to it.

>I bet you think eugenics cures genetic disorders as well


I'm a 5'8" manlet and you're a bit too short but if personality and physical traits are there you'd be an option. Basically if you have a vagina and a pulse you're an option to 99% of men. For the men of Jow Forums the pulse and pussy are optional.

Why don't you get leg lengthening surgery?

You can actually get surgery to make you taller. It's a tad on the painful side, but it invovles breaking both of your legs and putting metal rods in both for the skin and bone to grow around.

You can get surgery to make you taller.

Given enough money you can pretty much make yourself into whatever you want to look like.


What about a short, skinny man in a dress and a wig, with his dick tucked between his legs, does that wet your penis slit at all?

Dumb bait thread, every woman in the world knows short is a desirable trait in women. This shit is like saying
>Boohoo, I've got a DD cup size. I wanted to know mens' opinions, is this a deal breaker? I just can't imagine how anyone could love a big tittied girl like me :(((

>every woman in the world knows
No, they don't. If they knew, heels wouldn't be so common. Most women think being tall is better because that's what media shows.
Liking short girls is common enough that OP should not worry in the slightest, but it's not obvious if it's not something she has talked about with men.

>Why don't you have surgery break both legs and let them regrow in an extremely painful way?

Yeah OP why? It doesn't sound inconvenient at all.

There's short then there's borderline midget short. 5'0" is only 2 inches above the classification of dwarfism, at least in America. Besides, with bras the band size is just as important. A 42DD is totally different from a 32DD/E. One is just obese and the other actually has a rack.

And yet it's only four inches smaller than average female height in the USA, and it's average un most parts of Asia. There's absolutely nothing wrong or weird about a 5' female.

Yes and no some guys prefer it. I'm pretty short for a guy I'm 5'5 but I know from my friends who are 6' and above they don't really prefer short girls who are really short, like 5'0 or below for example. I mean love can work around whatever height but for them they really don't like it since they are limited on what positions you can do and such. But if you're short, nothing wrong with that especially if you're a girl but for guys, yeah it's tougher for us but we can make it work.

6"3 guy here, am in pretty good shape. I love short girls. Not only is it fun to be able to pick you qt's up like little dolls during sex , but if you have anything less than a fat 7" dick ... only a short girl will make you feel hung.

Stay away from short guys.
Hang out with tall guys, they will appreciate you for the treasure you are.

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i’m 4’9 and a quarter. :( i just want to find love, get married and have kids one day.

Thats a perfectly fine height for a girl.
Imo 4’11” - 5’6” is ideal

Hell no.
Just dont be fat.

this, please just don't be fat.
As a girl, that is your only job

Fug, my last gf was 4'11' and it was great, really want to try with one who is even smaller.

Not a deal breaker for me. I do find it hard to have sex with smaller women because it's easy to "go in too deep", but it's not a big issue when you get used to each other.

How big are your feet?

Fat can easily be corrected, height not so much.

No pain no gain. Beauty takes pain and work. Anyone can become beautiful so long as they are willing to endure a little pain here there, an implant there and there, a tuck up there and down there, smidgen of lipo on the midsection, possibly the face, and some leg extensions.

I actually think it’s cute

Lolis are based

I mean china used this exact line of reasoning to make yao ming in one generation so I bet there's some truth to it. Most likely the height is located in the sex of the childs matching parent.

There are plenty of guys who fetishize short girls, and practically zero women who fetishize short men. Girls are lucky at any size. I've been with a five-foot-tall woman before, though. I'm 5'11. My dick looked huge going in and out of her because her booty was so small, and I feel that she was a bit tighter than your average woman.

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Why did you post an incel cult recruitment picture?

Are you retarded? To recruit more incels

He's the product of a selective breeding program that began in the 1960s under Mao.

Here's the study that the image is based on.


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I had sex tonight. I'm 5'9 and 183lbs,so not really in the top 30% of males, either. Going incel is such a sad way to rationalize not talking to girls cuz you're scared.

Height of offspring is correlated with the height of parents. A short girl is more likely to produce short children, including sons. This doesn't exclude the possibility of her producing a tall chad but it does make it less likely.

And yet, that blog clearly shows that it's men who aim above their league whereas women are more likely to settle down. The image doesn't make sense when compared with reality.

>that blog
It's a major study from what was the largest dating website. Stuff like this is actually commonly cited in academic studies.

I really need help, fellow anons.
This is the 2nd week in a row where my 6 year old brother has confessed to me about being suicidal. What do I do? If I tell his mom/ my dad, they very much aren't going to understand where he's coming from, and just brush him off as a drama queen. The sincerity of his wish to die is concerning me so much that it broke me down to tears a few minutes ago. I was previously suicidal before at around 11/12 years old, and my older brother of 32 years died in a motor crash. How do I at least save my little brother? I can't watch another one die.

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That doesn't show the same thing.
This one shows 10% of messages go to men they have rated 0/5.
Obviously people prefer attractive people but this doesn't show ugly people being excluded completely.

its ok for women, i personally like short chicks, i think they can be cute and im 6'3

Genuinely curious at how so many people have fallen for this.

Nobody finds women's height an issue unless she's nearing 6ft, but you can't comment because that would be classed as sexist.

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Tall girls are sexy. They have some of the best legs and feet, if you have a foot fetish. Pic is of a girl who had a major crush on me in high school. She's 6-feet-tall. Just looking at her abdomen is a major turn-on.

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Ok? It's a blog. I don't mean it as a derogatory term, and my argument still stands. What it says clearly contradicts what that user's posted

What is "reality" in this case?

The data shown in those graphs is apparently very reliable and it shows that women are more willing to contact guys that they don't find very attractive than men. Just check the link.

Yes, and? How is that not reality? Women message average guys all the time.

>it shows that women are more willing to contact guys that they don't find very attractive than men.
Because women naturally have highly unrealistic standards. They find 80% of men unattractive. While men's standards are much more realistic. They only find 50% of women unattractive.

Women are always going to go for the best men. Even the promiscuous ones will only have sex with highly attractive men. Men don't care so much about getting the most attractive woman, and just want to have sex with as many women as possible.

A woman can only get pregnant once every nine months and can only get pregnant a limited amount of times. Men can impregnate several women in a month, and will always have that ability. Women are hypergamous. Men are polygamous.

This is literally incel npc copypasta.

That's exactly what I'm saying.

>Women are always going to go for the best men
Data shows otherwise.
>Men don't care so much about getting the most attractive woman
Data shows otherwise.
>Women are hypergamous. Men are polygamous.
[Citation needed]

>A woman can only get pregnant once every nine months and can only get pregnant a limited amount of times. Men can impregnate several women in a month, and will always have that ability. Women are hypergamous. Men are polygamous.

Is this not common sense?

>Data shows otherwise.
It shows other wise because women's desires are much higher than what they could otherwise get in real life, so they have to settle for less. Men's desires are much lower than women's, and they will try to settle for what they believe is their match in attractiveness.

Don't confuse him with facts! He is a good devout incel religion member.

Hypergamous/polygamous is not common sense.

>they will try to settle for what they believe is their match in attractiveness.
>2/3 of men aimed for the top 1/3 of women
Either they believe themselves to be more attractive than they are, or they're actually not willing to settle at all. Facts are, being considered attractive was on average more relevant for women than for men. Stop making up excuses and read the whole study, it's clearly written there: even when accounting for differences in perception, men still aim higher on average.

That's also the reason why people instinctively view doing any harm to a woman and killing women as worse than harming men and killing men.

True, mostly because they are bored and want to play with someone's mind for fun. That's my experience.

I'd rather marry a short girl like you than a taller one. More cute !

Women have really high expectations for men, while men's expectations for women aren't that high. Women are forced to go with men they perceive as being below them in attraction, even though most of the time they are above them in attraction in reality. Look at the graphs in the study again.

What's not in the study is divorce rates. Most divorces are instigated by women, which indicates that there are more women who are displeased with their partners than men.

I like short girls, plus you can’t really help your height so I reccomend not worrying about it, there’s nothing you can do about it so why stress yourself? Just gotta work around it if it’s hindering you in any way.


Because I am a worthless desperate piece of shit it means all men are too


Height barely affects a woman's potential pool but greatly affects a man's.

Which ones? My girl is 5' even and 69 has been the only challenging one. We solved it by having her on her back, ideally on the edge of the bed or an ottoman and then just climb on top.. obviously my feet are still on the floor so I'm not ramming my junk down her throat but she really likes how helpless she feels as I stuff my face between her legs and stick my shaft right in her face.. sex with this chick is wild though, she loves being thrown around and used exactly how I want to and her tiny hands make my cock feel massive (it's painfully average)

Short girls are awesome, i am 5'7 so it feels right for me. My gf is 5'8 tho

Yes, men taller than 6' have a much smaller dating pool than men between 5'8" and 5'11".