Due to a stupid mistake I took 15 tramadol drops at 8 am, 15 at noon and 5 at 10 pm, 35 drops in total, now I have shortbreath, axiety and numbness in my mouth. Did I overdose my dumbass? If so, how can I help the tramadol to leave my system as soon as possible? PLEASE HELP.

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Have sex or walk it off. Id fucking k, really. But you're gonna live honey.

How many mg per drop?

just go to the er dumbass. they'll give you drugs

I had 35 drops and for example:
20 drops = 1 ML = 1000 mg

What the fuck are you doing asking Jow Forums about this call a fucking doctor if you feel uneasy why risk your life asking for advice on a Mongolian basket weaving forum?

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Yes, there are fucking nursing lines for this, OP. And they'll probably tell you to go to the ER. Nobody is going to arrest you for overdosing on tramadol, or any other drug.

Can't afford a doctor :'(

LOL. You're risking a seizure so I would find a way to cough up some money

First of all calm the fuck down. I have no doubt many of these symptoms are real, but you are definitely making things worse by panicking.
It is not lethal. You are not going to die. Seizures are a possibility but they are not lethal or particularly dangerous so long as you are not driving or running or something when having one. Just relax, lie down on bed, drink a lot of water. If you haven't had a seizure yet then you should be fine. Anxiety will be your next biggest worry, but once again it's being accentuated by your panic.
If I were in your position I wouldn't even go to a doctor. They wouldn't be able to help you other than by telling you to calm the fuck down and wait it out.
Once again, calm the fuck down, the sooner you forget about it the better

I live alone, in a rural area, just farms around, I am gonna call an ambulance but they'll took ages to arrive. Is there something I can eat or drink in the meantime that could help? I am drinking a lot of water already.

Wrong. They literally give you a drug to get it out of your system. They give the same stuff out for heroin overdoses. If he took that much they would help him. But as long as OP doesn't start shaking heavily he will be fine.

this is super scary and i know what you're experiencing. been there done that

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I also have asthma. breathing it's getting even harder, I already used my nebulizer and called the ambulance, I am sleepy, I am laying on my bed hoping for the best. If I don't reply in 1 hour means I am unconscious or dead and it was nice to meet you all, If I dodge the bullet I won't take another fucking medicine in my life.

Unironically try praying
It'll distract you and relax you
You'll also be glad you did that should you die!
[spoiler]just kidding you won't die hang in there[/spoiler]

Are you taking pic related? 100 mg/ml? If yes, 35 drops is no biggie, not an overdose.

especially not a biggie if they were spread across a long window of time like that

This. Daily upper limit for tramadol for the normal adult is around 400mg I believe. A full ml from that vial is only 100mg, I’m sure 35 drops spread out throughout a 24 hour period is fine. Obviously you’re probably working yourself up pretty good, next time don’t do much you idiot.

Call poison control holy shit user get off Jow Forums.

op are you still alive?

goodnight op. I hope it was painless. silent night hoooooly night. sleeep in heavily peace

may the void end your suffering.

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Back at home. Ambulance arrived just in time, I was unconscious but due to my asthma. Got some naloxone at ER... not fun, still feeling dizzy AF... also feel like a supreme retard...also I am even poorer now.

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show us your cock

no cock for you, femanon here.

Also thank you all. Now going to sleep, thinking about my poor life choices and about how to pay the medical bill preferably avoiding prostitution.

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come on baby let me see that ass before you try to kill yourself again


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How many mg did you take, total?
Also whats your height and body weight?

You have manly hands


Thanks, That's because I work at a farm :)

Bro im not sure, but I think you just kys

1700 mg it's my final calculation
weight: 105 ponds
Height: 5'3


I've gone over the recommended limit of tramadol various times, just led to loads of puking.

Most I did in one go was 600mgs. 1000mg is 500mgs too much, a bit late but seek help.