My boyfriend left for the army

its his 5th contract so they didn't let him void it..

I snuck into his hotel earlier this morning so I can see him one last time for a while
I don't know how to cope

everything I did for fun or everything I did in general I did with him
yeah sometimes we'd spent a little time a part and it wasn't so much an issue

but he lost his phone and now he's in another state and he's only got two days to use the phone his dumb ass doesn't have anymore

I'm still waiting for his mom to give me his address when he gets it so I can write him

I have ptsd and anxiety that was caused prior to this
I'm still doing intake at psychiatric and it's gonna be another few weeks till I finish

until then I don't know what to do I just want to lay down and cry

I've been having panic attacks
my heart hurts
I feel like I'm sinking
my nose is clogged and I can't stop crying
I know I'll see him for a few days in two months, not sure about after
what do I do?

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don't cheat on him like every other military gf or wife

that's out of the question, this guy is for life

Hopefully at least you f'd his brains out before he was deployed.

Then he will probably cheat on you. I was in the military for 8 years and 99% of deployed men cheated or had wives that did. I remember one guy who's wife was super devoted and affectionate with him. They had kids and were always all over each other. Six months into an Iraq deployment, she tells him she can't wait and starts fucking some dude she met at work.

My guys went through almost the entire nurse's barracks in Iraq - nearly all of those females married or with bf's. Personally, I never cheated but I am sure my gf at the time did.

If you two are the 1% that don't do this, then enjoy the suck because it won't end until he is discharged.

This will certainly help OP during her time of need

A reality check is what OP needs, not someone who says it's all going to be okay. Being with someone in the military is not for the weak-willed.

of course

you can smell it off people when they're loyal

so what do you suggest I do?

get contacts and talk to him whenever possible

yeah for sure but that's not what I'm asking, I'm asking what do I do with myself in my free time

Ayo lemme get yo number he ain't gonna find out

Unless you're a fat bitch like all military wives

Find 2 hobbies you can attend weekly and a third you can do by yourself.
Between that and work, you can keep yourself busy and the time goes a lot faster.
You also meet new friends which is good.

why even bother dating military people

they are all low quality

>5th contract
What does that mean?

he's signed 4 contracts and voided them

they're either gay, suicidal, or have no aspirations.

lol you sound like a fat bitch

Sorry to hear you're going through that user, if you can write to him it helps. Hopefully he'll try to write frequently so you dont feel the distance too much. Theres also Skype nowadays but I dont know if they let you skype in the military.

user btfo

Anytime someone says to me that they're loyal, or faithful in some fashion it's because they know it's what I want to hear.

But in the end they choose the easy path out and give up their words and promises.

Too many times people are far too weak to hold themselves to a standard and be strong enough to elect a path of good faith.

If you can, it's something I suppose I should praise you for, but I reckon you won't. The fact you're so emotionally attached does say a lot, but suppose someone else comes in and he's not around, would you *actually* be strong enough to resist temptation? Be truthful.

of course
no matter the satisfaction in the moment, the later consequences aren't worth it

Good for you.
Now go out and make some friends so you don't go crazy by yourself.