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i think my friend manipulated me into becoming a tranny loving queer.

wat do?

The greatest appreciation for life is to create life and nourish it.

Is it finally over? Can I have my brain back now? Ffffffffuuuuuuu

I wish this guy wasn't a homosexual pedophile because I think he's pretty fuckin' hot.

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I wish this guy wasn't a serial killer rapist because I think he's pretty fuckin' hot. Oh wait! Women sent him love letter when he was in prison xD

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>so hard to earn money, make a pittance and the work is soul crushing and is slowly killing me
>got home with a migraine and want to cry from pain
>money gets robbed from me left and right, last apartment stole part of my security deposit for no reason, getting charged for utilities from periods after i moved out
>a job fucked me over and strung me around promising a perm hire if I stayed a little longer. i stayed and they axed me for no reason when they were done the workload
>then i got sick and got charged for it all with no insurance, i thought the job would give me insurance but they fucked me over
>thousands of dollars gone
>takes forever to earn that much money tons of grief and stress and labor, and it's all just stolen right out of my pocket
>no power to fight it, just robbed left and right and left walking home to save on the bus fare
>try my hardest to be frugal and if i save $5 then $5000 is stolen from me
>hate work
>hate it
>get paid shit
>just want to die rather than put up with this
>medical problems starting up again, still don't have a perm job that will give me insurance
>consider suicide every day
>have lived in crippling poverty my entire life, never had fun
>whenever i get a little bit ahead either i get sick or i get laid off and lose everything i managed to set aside
>years of my life stolen and nothing gained
>this is a trap and it doesn't matter because the only way out is a gun

Take some personality responsibility first.
And then realize your sexual preference doesn't really matter.

If I had a child with an alien and then things didn't work out, I'd be paying ayylmaony

I'm not sexually attracted to her, but I love talking to her. I don't want to just be her friend though. I hate seeing other guys hit on her. I don't know. I'm a bad person?


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:tfw: tfw you thought you were bi but lately feel like you are more gay than bi and want to break up with your partner and be gay but it's been almost 6 years together lives entwined together like a twig tree and he's your best friend and can't imagine life without him but feel like a part of me is being denied and feel like I'm dying and lying every day

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Nothing has been stolen from you. You simply demand more from society than you are worth. The market has determined that your life is a net loss. Enter a new market.

I used to use Google search as a way to vent but now the first result is always the suicide helpline.

Completely irrelevant.
I found him handsome way long before he turned out to be a pedo.
Pic related was him in his peak.

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Question not for own thread
I'm finally starting college at 20 in a different state but have no social media at all and I'm not staying in a dorm or with anyone at all, zero connections
Is it too late to create a snap account and is it weird to invite people over if my place is 30 mins away?


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How old are you?


GIOYC has been a thing for years, it is never going anywhere. Sorry bro.

No it's not.
If they're your friends they'll make the trip.
I moved 2 years ago to the capital of my state from a smaller city, and for my bday this year my friends still made it out despite being 30-45 mins away.
If they care about you they'll do it for you user.

I have less to vent now at least, thats a good sign. So yeah, I am gonna make it at this rate. Damn it took me so long though, pathetic.

oh fugg I didn't know that guy was a gay pedo rip

look at chuu!! you go gurl slay slay!


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You're a lil' late to that tidbit of knowledge.
I only brought it up though because I was watching a movie and one of the characters (I think the reporter on the TV in sky high) looked just like him but it's not on his imdb so it might not actually be him lol

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When we have sex its so damn good. I will cum several times no joke, he has good endurance and his dick is a perfect 8 inches and thicc. He has this amazing body and I love touching his abs. The only problem is he is rarely in the mood for sex, and when I try to initiate its almost always met with a "not right now, sorry". REEEEEEEE ITS BEEN TWO WEEKS AND WE LIVE TOGETHER I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT HE FUCKED MY THROAT AND CAME A MASSIVE LOAD AND SEEING HIM WALK AROUND WITHOUT HIS SHIRT ON IS TORTURE WHY WHY WHY FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME PLEASE JUST FUCK ME RAAAAAAAAAA

I was going to post "I Just Had Sex" by The Lonely Island, but actually, sex is a fucking lie. At least, the idea of sex I had formed all my life.

I have been a pervert ever since elementary school. Since I was 17 when things were starting to get bad between me and my first boyfriend, almost every fucking time I have had sexual contact with a guy or even French kissed, I feel nothing. My mind and body feel numb. I don't get that sensation when I'm close to him in public and feel like hugging him or the urge to be alone with him. I just do things because it's what is supposed to happen, not because my lower region is burning, or because it feels good, or because I'm aroused. And when his dick went in, I felt nothing special. Nothing arousing. I didn't even find the way he moved hot, even though I would usually feel hot watching him do that.

What the fuck is wrong with me? Have I glorified sex so much all my life that now I will never enjoy it? I should probably stop masturbating for a few months and stop thinking about drawing porn. For fuck's sake, I'm seeing a therapist ASAP. I had been waiting for this moment for so long, and now every time I think about porn or sex, I feel like shit because I know it's not so great.

You have watched way too much porn user.
You have an idealized version of intimacy, that takes a long time with a specific person to build up to.
Even then, porn is acting. It will never be like it is in porn, 2D or 3D. You should focus more on the person you're with and how your interactions make you feel.

What's holding you back from being with me?

I want to know...I miss you so...

Please access and share a book on

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I'm praying I die in my sleep

When I come home I'm going to win your heart.

I love my boyfriend, but he's always busy at this training academy for his job. He has a really hot friend who has more free time and I wonder if it's too late to go for him instead

Does the Pope shit in the woods?

he doo

I think this is the best plan I could have right now.

>Franz Ferninand

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I want to tell my feelings to this girl but after ending a long previous relationship a couple months ago I don't want anything serious atm, mostly since I'm gonna be abroad, but I also don't want to make the friendship weird. Wat do?

>internet has been out for 4 days
>ISP won't give me a straight answer as to when it will be back on, probably next week sometime but maybe longer
>Have to use slow as fuck phone data for everything, took me like 5 minutes to load this page and it will run out soon anyway
>Live in an inner suburb of a major city
FUCKING AUSTRALIA. Thanks boomers and rednecks for voting to ensure we continue raping our ecosystems as hard as possible and never get to watch porn in a resolution higher than 480p

Fucking same but with this disgusting piece of shit and Nick Bate

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And miscreants will rubberneck jalopy euthanasia, which will later be regretted when it's your turn for cremation

I'm so fucking lonely, I'm at the point where a single, honest, hug would make me break down in tears.

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But I feel nothing when doing sexual things, I want to feel something in the moment, but it's only later when I'm alone again that I remember what we did and feel aroused thinking about it. What's up with that? And I've known him for years and care about him, have a very fun time outside of sex and everything. When he penetrated me I felt only pain, and then nothing. It was my first time too. My body still reacts accordingly, but I don't feel arousal.
I remember our first French kiss 7 years ago felt like a hormone explosion and now I just taste insipid saliva

I love short/petite guys. I'm always more attracted to shorter guys.

Same. I remember being 11 and talking with my girlfriends and they were insulting a guy I had a crush on because he was too short.
Dumb bitches. (well not really we were in a really prestigious class together but still it made me angery)

>it was my first time

Everyone has an awkward and disappointing first time. I lost my virginity at 17 and it was weird as fuck. It took trying again a week or two later a few times for us to finally get into the groove of things.
Don't reject sex just because you were disappointed. Most people feel that way after their first time. Maybe it would be good to re-evaluate what you want out of sex, and why you want to have it.

Yes! Around 5ft3in to 5ft7in is kinda perfect. I've been made fun of by my girlfriends for having a short boyfriend in the past.

People talking about no fap and no energy when I jerk off once a day and still get rock hard boners, shit feels like my dick is being rippped out

gf and I've been dating for 4 months. I met her at a bar and after hooking up she asked me out. Im in the army so I get to only see her once in two weeks and sometimes for few days when I get out for vacation.
Yesterday after our daily phone calls she sent me a text about how she needs time to think and should not contact for two weeks when we actually meet then.
Obviously this is a bad sign and I thought a lot and realized calling her everyday kind of felt like a chore and had trouble keeping the conversation going cuz Im an autist. I realized that we dont have too much in common and thats why its not "fun" talking to her on the phone which should be if two people are dating? So idk ive been having thoughts about how we only like each other cuz we had a lot of sex but not because we really connect by talking. She had one bf before and a virgin(at least thats what she told me) and I had sex with two girls before but she is my first gf.
So idk maybe give me some advice on how to make this relationship work or tell me the brutal truth.

I promise I will completely end my obsession of you. Uh, somehow. It must be done, its just ridiculous, really.

I might literally be a child molester. Did some things when I was younger that are scary. Absolutely would never do anything now to hurt a child. I mean I was a child myself but it was wrong. Lately the guilt is killing me, just need to say something.

>Did some things when I was younger that are scary.
Post story

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Bro I had the same problem, you just care about the girl too much. It's not the talking. She doesn't want to talk to you obv. Her interest is dropping. You need to pull back and let her come to you.

I dont understand your rage.

I'm not lonely, I just want affection but from a girl that I like. That's my bar, as long as I like her as a person I'm game.

My gf of 8 loving years hooked up with some douche during a group MMO meetup and dumped me two months ago. Found out from a close friend she broke down to, and she doesn't know I know.

She needs a place to stay, calls me her best friend, and part of me still loves her. She's intertwined into my group of friends and calling her out or confiding in anybody else could seriously fuck up the entire group dynamic.

I've lost respect for her, and for myself, and I feel like shit for not being able to let her go.

I do that too

Its okay bro, it takes time to get over something like that (8 years is pretty long). You should ignore her and start lifting

Once a cheat always a cheat.
Remember these words user.


Let me know...

Thanks guys, feels good to get it off my chest. I've been taking the time to try to get fit and be more outgoing.

I guess she's out there somewhere

She is

I screwed up badly with my auction service and now they won’t do a little thing unless I pay in advance (which may be unnecessary and money loss, if I end up losing stuff), although they did back then. Feel bad man.

Passion is bad. Loving what you do is bad. Doing what you love is bad. Wanting to do things that make you happy is bad. Having dreams and aspirations, no matter how small, is bad. Being happy is bad. Wanting to be happy is bad. Trying to make yourself feel better is bad.

Dad has pills all over the house. Why can't I just be a man and end it already?

There’s nothing bad about that. Stay strong and keep out of dat pills, man!

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I wish I could do like this on my iPad.

I’ve been hounded by guilt for something I did years ago every day since and I’m scared it will never stop.

Always trying to remember songs that I don't remember. It is fun to dig through the memory.
Any suggestions?

why does nobody love me??? i wanna cut so bad rn FUCKCKCKCK.

could you not be a controlling jerk but demand playtime with ur disgusting posse kk

only get off to pleasing a very specific genre of guys
only issue is most of them are emotionally abusive and can't handle a relationship. sucks

why are you like this?

I honestly haven't got the faintest idea of where my life is headed. I'm not going to end up like my father, who survived a assassination attempt by his own mother and is being used to run a business. Playing video games and avoiding life's problems isn't sustainable at all, and suicide is out of the picture.

My life feels like some huge joke or a dream (one I ain't waking up from lmao). For a good chunk of my life, I've struggled with finding/figuring myself out. What I like, enjoy, who I am etc. I'm learning more about myself as each day goes on. Anyway, time to put some ASMR on and attempt to sleep (won't happen tho).

Feels good to be honest for once.

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Honey, please be gentle with my heart. Yes I am man, and I always potray me as a tough one but sometimes your words pierces thru my heart and it hurts so bad. If I react badly, you will get mad at me, if I stayed quiet, it kills me. Dont do this please

Please tell me it’s yet too early to feel these pitches of guilt

I've felt ups and downs for the last five years. Ever since I learned about personal responsibility and self-awareness in my senior year, reality has sort of gone away from me.

All my friends in elementary school were a lie. Teachers probably told them about my handicap.

In Highschool I went to a special needs charter school and had to take an extra year.

The friends I made from there are cool, but sometimes I lie to them like a fucking moron because I feel I'm the most uninteresting person.

I'm nearing mid 20s, failed the driving test 5 times, now have to pay 400 bucks just to get back into it (safe driving classes).

I'm wide awake at 3 am, when there's a final in about five hours and I haven't studied worth shit. And worst of all I'm spending it teary-eyed, and asking myself "why?"

Why was I born with this?
Why do I do this to myself?
Why am I slowly turning into my alcoholic mother?
Why do I have no motivation, am obese, cannot drive?
Why don't I learn? Why does it take me so long to do what others can do, and even then I don't feel satisfaction?

What do I do with me? Do I keep walking forward? I don't know anymore, but it's the only option I have.

i wish there was a world war, so i could be rambo

I much prefer foreplay and giving head, it's the only thing I've done with my partners since I was 16, so having vaginal sex isn't that much of an event to me, but I'm still disillusioned with it. It's so not a big deal. Remembering it today, though, it was kind of awesome, I just didn't feel anything right then and my body wasn't properly prepared. You're right in that I need to reevaluate what I want out of it, but I think I need to re-learn how to feel pleasure from someone else, too. I guess I also need to be more communicative during the act, because I was afraid of breaking the mood the entire time.

I know most people have a bad first time, but I didn't expect that to happen to me. Hopefully next time will be better as it happened to you.

If there's something you'd like to say to me, say it before it's too late.

It doesn’t make any difference if I say something or not.

It will.

I don’t love you.

You can say anything to me at all and it would make a difference in the way this is going...

Not them but who don’t you love? Leave an initial or maybe you do love them.

I don’t think if I love anyone at all

Why does that person think you love them?

I don't feel alive. The last time I ever experienced actual happiness was when I had a dream.

I used to somewhat like them. We spent a lot of time together, although I guess I didn’t genuinely loved them, I just needed someone so I’m not completely alone.

Have you told them yet? I need to hear that from someone. ;_;

Just did I guess. I don't have a lot of communication options.

You only communicate here? But it’s anonymous, have they blocked you everywhere else?