What is more fulfilling?

What is more fulfilling?

Bachelor style lifestyle with a lot of girls


Monogamous relationships (until you find one you marry, settle down and have kids)

One of the main things that scares me of being with a lot of girls is STDs like herpes.

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Neither you fucking krieder, finding an old-school white woman from a very small town. That is your fucking key to happiness don't listen to any of these other faggots

One is short term joy and long term misery, the other is short term joy and long term joy.

Only downside of monogamy is the sex gets boring.

Polyamory is more fulfilling.

For men. Women should stay strictly monogamous and shouldn’t complain when their man is with another woman.

I've been through both lives man. In my opinion, spend your early years banging everything that moves in two legs, and when that loses it's charm, go for a traditional monogamous lifestyle. The latter is rewarding, and the former is useful to "get it out of your system"

Nah, I'm gonna round up a few good boys and let them pamper me hand and foot.

You have the wrong mindset, you don't have to choose either you can live a bachelor life with lots of girls for the first few decades of your life to experience the best of being young, then once your older more mature and financially stable you can find a nice serious girl to settle down with and raise a family with, boom best of both worlds no reason to tie yourself to either

>Monogamy, get the perks of a secure relationship with the possibility of investing with your partner to have a family, which apparently feels amazing
>But things can falter at any moment, whether infidelity, sudden illness or accidents, different ambitions
>Polygamy, trade the single partner for a group of partners, although you can have the minor reassurance in some cases that you're exclusive, although it's up to you if you can handle it, you could have interesting sex with multiple partners and in orgies, but you'll spend time doing that with multiple people rather than with one. The carnal pleasures will be great and you won't have to be concerned about hurting other people with infidelity or bring obliged to do something
>There is no real future, because of its unlikely that you'll be able to convince people to drop their standards of relationship unless they're really keen on such

Bachelor style life style but no girls, just lots of money and free time.

Polygamy doesn’t work man. Women get massively jealous and plot to ruin other women in a polygamous marriage. The other way also doesn’t work as no man wants to share his woman either and be a cuck

I'm currently quite young, 20, and I have a great GF. Should I dump her to fuck a bunch of women? STDs scare me

Do whatever feels right. Swingers is also an option as long as your not too emotionally invested in her

It does work, ya'll can stay jelly.
Also gamies are marriages, and illegal.


t. Guy who banged a ton of chicks in his early 20s and would take it all back to marry a high-school sweetheart.

Meaningless sex is fun, sure but it's nothing compared to a loving relationship. That relationship could also leaf to kids which is even more fulfilling. Sex with thots leads to nothing. It's ultimately a waste of time (and also creates unmarryable roasties, which fucks over others as well

Older married guy here. Bang as many girls as you can when you're young and once it loses its excitement, withdraw from dating and remain single.

Fat people shouldn't have opinions. But I guess you're safe on the internet. Fatso.

Having sex in the pursuit of pleasure will only lead to emptiness and greater desire. The natural purpose of sex is to have children, and the best environment to raise children in is a monogamous, commited relationship, with a focus on the good of the child. If you're thinking of getting married because it will fulfil your selfish desires, then you're getting married for the wrong reason and are better off staying celibate. The worst idea imaginable is to start having sex with as many women as possible, especially since you don't know what kind of people they are or where they've been or if they have crazy ex boyfriends.

It doesn't matter if it's a marriage or a polyamory non-marriage relationship. Both don't work in the long run

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>Bang as many girls as you can when you're young, then marry a good girl later on when you're sick of that.

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That entirely depends on your values. The relationship with my ex lasted for two years and while the sex was okay-ish, it was immensely fulfilling on a personal level. Before and after that, dating shit like Tinder just burned me out. I'd take a relationship over the bachelor life everyday but everyone's different.

Never noticed the massive influx from Jow Forums in recent months?

That's a result of Jow Forums being flooded with incels who got kicked off reddit.

the latter but singular

>good boys
some broken weak minded cucks you mean?

I'm 20 as well, only for the best 2 days.
I dated the same chick for 4 years and it turns out she cheated on me 2 years in.
If you have any doubts you need to figure out the truth.
If she is a good girl stay you complete fool and ask God for mercy for asking such a dumb question

Never seen somebody say that but ok

Maybe they don't work for you because you're a dummy. :)
Nah, pretty submissive guys that let me hold them, and bathe them, and give em forehead kisses and head pats.

Monk lifestyle is the only answer.

what a loser, not everyone is you.
OP should become a stripper.

fucked a lot of men freshman year of college and it wasn’t fulfilling

currently have been with my boyfriend for two years now and we’re planning on getting engaged soon

so yeah monogamous relationships are great and so much more rewarding... better sex too because you can tell your partner exactly what you want

Bachelor lifestyle is infinitely more rewarding. Having free time, more money and more fresh sex (if you do it right) is se erelt underrated.

When you feel the need to breed do what Says and find a religious naive girl who believes in love and put children in her. Lie about your past.

Serial monogamy is a waste of time.

>Bachelor style lifestyle with a lot of girls
>Monogamous relationships (until you find one you marry, settle down and have kids)
False dichotomy. The two are not mutually exclusive.

But you need brains to make it work.

t. I do it openly. Not even secretly.

This might come as a shock to you OP, but honestly it depends where you live. If you live in a big city, the bachelor life is where it’s at. You’ll never run out of women to fuck. If you’re in a medium to small town, have fun for a few years, and then around 25-30, get married.


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