I think I might be a sociopath. what do I do?

I think I might be a sociopath. what do I do?

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If you were you wouldn't be concerned. You're fine lol.

Im not concerned. The photo is there for dramatic effect. I mean mainly. The main post was meant for a follow up

I am a very socially awkward individual. I found that the best way for me to survive is to pretend to be something Im not. most of the time I will just mirror the other persons personality. This is why I dont like mixing the people I know in my life together. I make my friends hate each other while I stay in the middle. I constantly keep an effort to stir the pot while also staying 100% innocent in my doings. not only does this keep the people around me from ever getting mad at me. They come to me for support on the issues. And I build up their trust. I have done this about 5 times in my life throughout the friend groups from middle school to college.

I'm new to this. Don't know what a follow up is. If you're a sociopath and you want to change, try empathy building exercises or just pretend. If you don't care then just do you. You'll probably be successful.

I have had problems with women too. I will give the girls the moon until I stealthily get what I want. And once I am fulfilled, I find an excuse to break away from them. Or purposely make them mad at me so we dont speak again.

Antisocial personality disorders cannot be effectively treated or cured. Fortunately as many as 40% of Ashkenazi Jews have some form of APD and as you may have heard they are doing rather well for themselves. So just go forth and be evil.

That's psychopathy. Sociopaths are simply detached from their emotional responses, not oblivious to then. Well that's what it used to mean. Shitty "inclusive" psychologists rename everything to avoid hurting feelings and providing specific diagnoses where there fuckups can be empirically demonstrated.

well see now the issue is I am extremely infatuated with this girl. And the levels I am about to go to try and make her fall for me is starting to bug with me slightly due to how much effort and thinking I am putting into this, when I could just talk to her. but there is no fun in that

Fucking embrace it.

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I really don't know if you could feel that strongly and be a sociopath. You like someone and maybe you're upset that you have to work for it. That's actually a good thing. Put in some effort and hopefully it pays off. If not, you gotta move on.


Since it basically has no cure, I think you must develop an "ethical system".

Basically, "if someone did this action and it hurts then I won't do it with another person".

That's basically how most people operate, but instead of an ethical system there's the pain of sadness, guilt, depression, anxiety, sometimes it's mind numbing to hurt the other.

Basically, be nice. A good person, even when you could take advantage of someone.

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this is someone I have a small chance of getting with. And the only reason I have lustful feelings is due to a dream.

You'll get over it.

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Just don't get caught and everything will be alright.

Posting her photo to strangers on the internet is prob not the way to her heart.

You probably shouldn't post peoples easily traceable pics on Jow Forums without their consent.

it was from a story, so I dont think you can grab it if it no longer exists

they probably notice

Shut your eight grade syndrome ass up. Your fine man, your just have some social problems. Just work on them.

I advise you to kill yourself, I love torturing my bitch, I hope you have a