Fellas, 19 y/0 user here

Fellas, 19 y/0 user here.

Jow Forums recently helped me craft my tinder account but it was to no avail. I barely got any matches and the ones that did match dont even respond.

I dont know what else to do. I would have thought that it would have been easy to get women on Tinder but apparently I repulse women. Its the only plausible excuse that I can think of. I don't even think Im that unattractive, maybe a 5/10. But still, at least ONE should have been interested

What do I do Jow Forums? Im running out of options for getting women and its bothering me

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2 things on Tinder:
1. the pictures should be diverse... if you try again, use pictures of you having fun, being fun, being with friends, etc.
2. The apps work on a simple algorithm. you have to swipe on girls you are both interested in that might also be interested in you.... as long as your little bio is interesting and accurate, you should get something by sheer virtue of the program.

Id say my pictures are pretty diverse. The first pic is always important so I made sure it was a decent one

And while that may be true Ive only gotten 4 likes in 3 weeks. And It dosent look like im getting anymore matches anytime soon. And I swipe left a normal amount

It's either the photos, the profile, or the conversation. Switch that up and see what happens.

Ive tried switching the photos order up. No avail.

Switched the bio up and no results.

I can't really switch the convo tactics up cause no ones matching with me

Okay you need to get some better pictures, cut down whatever is in the bio (maybe share it here so I can see) and literally match everyone you can. Buy that premium thing or whatever they have.

i see. you may have to try a couple different things. I say this because im a girl but I know regular looking me who are pretty successful on the app. the pics and the bio are key, so i would do whatever you can think of to make it better.

also, i would include a job or alma mater, maybe music you like as well.

Word. Ill attach my first pic. Like the front page pic. And heres my bio

Just looking for a girl who would be the Harold to my Kumar

Guitar Playin' Man. Once played with members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. Tell me your favorite song and Ill play it for you!

Broadcasting Major. Being able to entertain people is a passion of mine! If you have a good sense of humor we'll get along great!

But enough about me. I wanna hear about you. There's no such thing as coincidences. Thats why you have the chance to swipe right!

Streamer on Twitch

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You seem cool as fuck wtf.

this is a VERY cute pic. the bio is great too. i would cut out your twitch handle although that is great advertising. lol.

You shouldn't take pics from a downward angle. It's psychologically unattractive. Try a full pic of your smile, eye level or slightly above. Not like a selfie angle but a good, full, well lit pic of you smiling.

Ayy thanks I appreciate it senpai!

Okay! I think I have some helpful advice (I'm a girl lol). You seem super nice, and friendly, and open.. and to be honest, sometimes that's not enticing! I want to look at someone's profile and wonder a bit, but from your profile I already know a lot about you, and thus less mystery, less interest. I would delete everything off your bio except the first line about harold and kumar, and change the picture to you without the guitar. Maybe a shot of you alone doing something funny or dangerous (lolz) and then another one with friends perhaps? I hope that makes sense lol. Thanks for sharing the pic also that was cool.

Heres where I used some strategy making. JCBF isnt my Twitch handle. I didnt put it in there. JCBF is an acronym for JoyconBoyz Forever which was Etikas slogan. The initial idea was for someone to go like "whats JCBF?" And thats when I would sway the convo into a topic im comfortable with. Being YouTube and Etika

Pretty fullproof except that nobody matches with me lol

I didn't say senpai. I said Family minus the ily. Damn moot

Noted. So basically just leave all the interesting kind of stuff for the actual convo if one happens?

And ill search through my photos and see what kind of adventerous pics i got of myself lol. Thank you!

Ya let her learn all about you through conversation. It's more fun that way and you honestly seem like a cool guy, so you'll have lots to talk about. Hope this helps.

Just to let you know, if you swipe right on every girl you see, the Tinder algorithm thinks you're a robot and doesn't show your profile anymore.

Ok, I'm a female also but I have a different opinion. I think you should try what the other post said. Personally I like your guitar pic and fun facts. You look like a really cool guy. The women on tinder don't represent all women. Just because many of the women on tinder don't like you doesn't mean all women don't like you.

swipe both left and right, have good looking pictures of you.

it ain't that hard.

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pix i post.

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I've tried hily, bumble, tinder, hotornot, OkCupid, plentyoffish, etc. and get no interest whatsoever on any app. I'm boring, my life is boring, and I'm ready to die

So keep some of my bio? And thanks femanon. I appreciate it alot

Lose weight and clean up the hair. You' dont have wide appeal