I've been seeing this girl for a while now, she doesn't want to commit...

I've been seeing this girl for a while now, she doesn't want to commit, but she still gets jealous and upset if I hook up with other girls, while hooking up with her other guys herself. We're not just fuckbuddies we've both expressed that we love each other, talk almost everyday and shes even hinted at marrying when we're older. Yesterday she sent me a pic of a hickey on her, and I just gave her the cold shoulder but she still keeps texting asking why I'm ignoring her. Should I just cut the bitch off?

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she belongs to the world user.


Tell her to quit playing and you're done if you can't be together

It is the current year, stop being such a prude and accept her for sleeping around like it's her job.

You should drop her for sure. If this is all a result of you fucking different hoes during the beginning of knowing her and her fucking other guys during the beginning of knowing her you're both degenerates and it probably won't work out so well. You should either work on your degeneracy or just not settle ever. If you're able to fuck multiple hoes at one time then you'll probably be better off just never settling down.


do not even try this

Do not even try with her

These women are the devil. They'll only tell you what you want to hear, but act out behind your back on purpose because SHE KNOWS she can get away with it. They'll tell you that she loves you, but the moment you stop being useful for her in any way it suddenly becomes a YOU problem.

Don't bother.

Shes using you to feed her own ego and self esteem lol

This. Shes stringing you along and gets off on messing with you like that. By all means, keeping giving her the poke, but marriage? You'd be a fool to.


she is not the type of girl you want to marry. She says she loves you and gets jealous when you fuck around, but at the same time she fucks around and even shows you evidence. You guys basically have something like an open relationship. What makes you think she will change when she wants to get married?

>"But user, I've been sleeping with all these guys the entire time we've been together, why do I have to stop now that we are getting married? Oh and if you cheat on me, I will divorce you."

If I were you, I would start looking for someone new and once you find her let this girl off gently, cause she sounds crazy.

Just be polyamorous, stupid.

Tell her to fuck off and drop her forever.

love this BOPPP

Oh wah yall hate it and say “drop her” here when a woman does this but would do say “good job dude” if a guy was doing this.

And you're heated over the fact that she's doing the same things you do, as in hooking up with other people?

Yeah, ya'll aren't jealous. Couple of cucks, but not jealous.

If you want a relationship and she doesn't want the same thing, yeah just fucking drop her. Don't waste your time.

why are americans fucking retarded

>shes even hinted at marrying when we're older.
she's doing no more than what guys have historically done to keep fucking without a real commitment. Maybe one day you become disgusted with yourself enough to walk, maybe not.

OP isn't going anywhere even if she fucked a guy in front of him

Dont play her games. Tell her she is trashy