How did you meet her/him?

how did you meet her/him?

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A friend introduced me to her

On Jow Forums

A forum.

online game

Minecraft faction server

Jow Forums.

i gave her a ride after school because i felt bad for her. and i let her play with my rubix cube lol


Dancing courses

Work, not until after we'd finished working together tho. Don't shit where you eat, kids.


An arcade

Tried to kermit suicide and fell in her car. Didn't see in the night it was an open convertible when I jumped off a bridge.


Halloween party

At Uni. He stopped me to ask where the History class was.
By chance, I was going to attend the exact same class.

he just landed in my state a few hours ago. meeting him tomorrow for the first time.

>discord love

we both laugh about it too honestly. what can we do though? would've preferred to meet him irl at the start but at least I'm getting that chance now.

Walked up to her on the street.

Dancefloor at a club in the middle of nowhere

Friend of friend.
World of Warcraft.
Dating app.

Did you just approach them? / Were approached?

I approached him first

(Dancefloor guy here) just saw her out on the floor, offered my hand out to her in a wanna dance? type of way, she took it and it just went on from there. It was an amazing night

I found my cats online

this frustrates me
what the FUCK am i doing wrong?

sissy discord

Are you going to any of the places mentioned above?

most of them yes
none of them worked

Through his Ex

R u ugly?

funny you say that, i posted pics on soc and fa yesterday and they got bad rates :/
i'm also half black and apparently dating apps are awful for us



I haven't

I never met pic related

You should, he's a good boy.

She was in my social circle, but I didn't notice her for the longest time, since she was 4 years younger than I.
One summer I came back for a couple of weeks from living abroad. I was supposed to go to an open air festival with my friend, his gf and her friend. My friend and his gf broke up a few days before our trip, but we already had everything planned out and bought the tickets, so we decided to go anyway, just the three of us.
My friend kept being a mopey cunt, saw another of his exes there which made it even worse. Got drunk, started togueing some random girl and they fucked off god knows where, leaving the two of us alone.
We were standing at the back of the crowd as one of the bands she liked started playing, I grabbed her hand and led her to the stage through the crowd. At a later point in our relationship she said that she had a crush on me for years prior, but that moment me taking her hand was when she "knew". After the show I carried her back to the tent, we chatted a bit and I wished her good night, before going out drinking.
After we got back home we sort of dated for the next two weeks. I went back abroad, sorted my shit out and moved in back with my parents, got a job in my hometown. At that point it was fairly serious. She graduates HS that year, and moved a couple hours drive away to get her degree. Did LDR for three years, seeing each other every weekend, and spending all vacations together.
Next week it's going to be our tenth anniversary. And that is how I met your mother.



i can't believe dating apps actually work for you guys goddamn


Bus station, we both were traveling to visit our parents in other city, we have a small talk for like 10 minutes..
Didn't ask for her number and never saw her again.

At church

political club meetings on campus. friends first. we're engaged now :)