Haven't seen this thread for a good couple days. Let it all out, user

Haven't seen this thread for a good couple days. Let it all out, user.

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Please tell me we’re not yet obligated to fuck trans people because from this point it feels like that.

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No? I doubt they want to fuck you either.

>I doubt they want to fuck you either.
Like any other human being who may or may not want to fuck me. I’m talking about different matter. VS makes such a stereotypical image of girl that all the men would like to band. But now look how this image may work backwards, like if you’re a normal man you’re supposed to want them. And now look how they swap some other model with one who looks pretty much the same, but also has a dick, so it puts you in a situation where you’re supposed to want trans person.

It has been like over a year since I fucked up an internet friendship. I know I shouldn't contact them, but I feel like I still owe them an apology.

Nobody's dating you have to want them, the whole point of swapping them is that most people think that you can't pass as tabs and this is evidence of the contrary. If you have a genital preference, no issue, but less people have one than they think they do. See all the "am I gay??" threads when dudes get hit on by other dudes and like it, sometimes it's just too open people's eyes target than force their hands.

When people are trying to sell something through sex, they expect consumers to react this way. VS does sell through sex. You may or may not follow this expectation, but imo it’s a thing, otherwise they would choose some other marketing strategy.

i slipped up and ate chocolate chocolate pudding. why the fuck do i do this to myself? ik im fat and disgusting. i have scars to prove it. fuck it, ill punish myself some more. i deserve it for being a fat slut

I'm in love with a coworker/friend to the point that it destroyed my previous relationship. She's got a boyfriend and I know I'm not her type as it's been mentioned before. However, despite all this I can't stop caring about her, especially when the rest of our coworkers keep telling us we make a cute couple

Use the catalog before making another thread.

I always wanted to tell my friend, who succumbed to a coma and regained only to be wheel chair bound about his cheating wife. When my friend lay in hospital she was eager to get my number. She stayed at a friends one night while her husband lay in coma.

Well now I found out she has porn videos online. I wish I could have the heart to tell my friend. Even though they are not together anymore.

I’m a married woman. You’re a woman in a relationship.
You. Me. Caress. I feel you, I taste you. You asked me where I learned to do that. You want more. I’m getting hot. You put your hands down my shorts and tickle me. I like that. Your fingers are so soft. I’m getting close. I release into a euphoric throw.

But I will never love you.

Motherfucker I'm lonely

I know she doesn't give two shits about me but I can't help but be sweet to her all the time.
I feel like I should stop but I can't.

really tired of a world without opportunities where greedy people are just sucking off mine. the world truly needs to be wiped clean.

This chick will definitely take advantage of your kindness if she feels like it, you getting the vibe that she doesn't give a shit about you is already a bad sign. Trust your judgement. Move on now, and the heartbreak won't be nearly as bad as it'll be if you continue to waste time on her.

I know you've already diagnosed me with autism and I can feel you loving me less and less. Getting intimate less and less. Those talks when I confide in you for hours, you're using against me and realizing the mistake you made even involving yourself with me. You're embarrassed that I fooled you for two long years.

I'm so fucking lonely. There's this only guy I used to talk to but he don't talk with me anymore.

I’m so goddamn horny, but I’m in a pretty new relationship and I am afraid of scaring her away by being a bit too intimate, she’s so perfect and genuinely likes me, so I just dont wanna fuck it up, but at the same time I really wanna fuck.

She doesn't take advantage of my kindness at all. She goes out of her way to talk to me fairly frequently on social media (she moved away), but as soon as the conversation drifts into anything intimate she shuts it down.
Basically she keeps me far away, but doesn't exactly let me go either. I don't know why she bothers, she has a lot of friends.

Not really heartbroken over the matter but it is frustrating.

Mother FUCKER dude, I'm so goddamn fucking lonely what a gay ass feel.

I wish that my mother would die so that I could an hero in peace.

I miss you, V. I miss talking to you like before. Do you not want it?

Don’t you think it’s actually cruel to give me a false hope because I actually began relying on you. It’s not a game, man.


Dude, you won’t believe it, but it’s R.

You will now when you trust if you feel we could get along with your hotel go ahead, we will get along too, I just do not think as tech to make money but a good support for startegy.

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I don’t want you as equal partner, I just want you to come over and solve my problems. But also I want you to stay where you are.

I just want to be able to find my community, that is for today hashtag