I made a goal to sleep with 100 women in the next 3 years. Share any advice you can

I made a goal to sleep with 100 women in the next 3 years. Share any advice you can.

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Don’t use a condom either retard.

I made a goal to get 10 million dollars in the next 3 years. Share any advice you can.

You are a virgin right? Start working on yourself first. And as for the goal, easy, pay 100 hookers.


Enjoy your STDs slut

Use condoms.
Approach a ton of girls. Like, get at least 25 sets a week.
Get mentored by an actually good pickup artist. If you know russian, the RMES organisation would help out a lot.

Have friends that have a similar goal to you.

Don't give a shit about them or their feelings. None of this, shes a good girl or got a bf or husband, or her friends or sisters or off limits therefore I can't. No conscience basically. Don't be mean but emotionally disconnected. Also don't ever show desperation even when you run into a short dry spell, you will.

Point of reference, last year I fucked 28 and on holiday for two weeks last month able to bed 11.

There was this one group of 5 girls and I fucked 3 of them in 2 days, the other 2 not fuckable by my standards.

nice larp

>if anyone claims they did anything ever theyre larping
holy fuck stfu im so sick of hearing this shit

it would probably be easier and more pleasurable to take all the money you will need to fuck 100 women and buy 100+ onaholes and fuck them all as much as you want

How do you even find 25 new women in a week?
How many hours do you spend on this?

Nope, you need to pay attention to what I offered as advise. Some guys have that little voice in their head that talks them out of many opportunities that are presented to them. I don't have any pick up line but do have an uncanny ability of spotting a female thats ready and those are the ones you put yourself in front of and they do the rest.

Like one of the 5 friends, a really cute thin readhead was mad at her bf because she was on holiday with her friends without him. I refused to talk about him and focused on her having a good time and we did. Her friends saw how much fun she had and they wanted some too, fun that is, and it helped I had a few buddies with me so its like the girls wanted to fuck and found plenty of dick without much effort. Know how we met them, they were walking down the street and I was on a scooter with a case of beer and they waved me down. THat easy

then stop larping and you won't hear that

lol I'm a woman, I don't need your "pick up" advice, thanks anyway

Why is Bieber in a room filled with naked girls and huge plastic balls?
I wanna go to something like that.

>lol I'm a woman
The advise is not intended for you and what are you doing in a thread asking for advise on how to fuck 100 women anyway. woman my ass

he gained weight didn't he

>lol I'm a woman
he repeated to himself, tears rolling down his cheeks

It basically becomes a part time job for a while.
5 talks with new women a day isn't that much, though.
You find women everywhere you go, but mainly shopping malls, cafes and other places with lots of people. There's also the option of clubs and bars, obviously.
If you want to get laid with 100 women within 3 years, you should do at least that.

The math would be 33 in 365 days, which is roughly 1 lay each 10 days. Thus, you'd get 1 lay out of around 37 approaches. These are pretty reasonable numbers for beginners/intermediate guys.

Obviously, if you live in a small town, this is not a viable strategy.


>degrading women to just a tally mark

Nigger, women are ONLY a tally mark. Stop being so autistic and fuck a bitch.

You're on Jow Forums. Why are you acting tough?

>if you don't believe me ur wrong
>also I don't believe you

honey your attitude says all we need to know. ps women do go on the internet, sorry this isn't a special cootie free club for you and your fantasies.

Use protection and get a blood test at the end.

Start doing porno my friend

Become a warlord. thevintagenews.com/2018/06/09/genghis-khan/

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good lord you actually saved this?

I have a friend who's slept with over 100 women, but this is over the course of like 6 years, not 3. Regardless, he's not an attractive guy (5'10, a bit overweight ("dadbod" I guess), keeps hair short or else jewfro, stained teeth) and I bet if he was more attractive he'd have fucked way more.

You want to know how he does it? You'll think it's retarded but the man has SEX
>meets women through social media
>that's it
>sends a message, something along the lines of "saw you on my suggested friends, thought you were really pretty and I wanted to say hello"
>sends out a bunch of messages like this
>many get ignored, others get answered and he follows those leads
>has a top notch flirty text game
>I know guys on Jow Forums are cowards by rule of thumb so just know girls get messages like this all the time, every day. they really don't have the time to expose or retaliate against one more thirsty dude doing it

The next part is the part you'll just go "wut" over
>models his personality off Tony Soprano
>not the accent, but the confidence and swagger
>fearlessly says whatever he wants about whatever he wants
>a sort of implied danger about everything he does
>always willing to back it up with explosive-seeming anger, but he hasn't been in a fight since HS (he's 31 now)
>has no desire for a relationship, no desire for marriage, just wants to fuck and knows there are other options for him so he never, EVER, yields to a girl's games
>EVER, faggot.
>only girls ever get super confrontational about what he says/how he acts (since they think themselves safe from a man's violent potential, I think. dudes never step up to him even when you can see they're offended), and he loves to shout them down or just insult them about unrelated stuff til they quit

Something about that ballsy, dangerous way he carries himself just gets women down for him. He doesn't fuck the hottest girls around, usually, but the man is consistently banging average girls.

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Your friend sounds like a pathetic asshole


>says the woman
Tits or gtfo bitch

Women aren’t tally mark that’s mean

Tally marks have a purpose they can keep track of time. Women on the other hand....

I'll grant he's an asshole, but pathetic how? Are you a girl?

>Hasn't been in a fight since HS

Where do you guys live? There's no way he wouldn't have got his ass kicked by now in a major city.


I would marry her.

Your soul dies around #10 or when you have sex with three strangers within a single week. Mathematically it's possible but there's no coming back from what you will see, the empty hole at the center of the human experience. There is nothing

Have more realistic goals.

"I've had a lot of sex. Sex so mediocre no woman wants to do it again..I dedicated my life to mediocre sex, Tommy. Listen to me. I dedicated my love to this shit here. And I don't regret one second of it. I've had more 5/10 pussy than anybody man. Anybody! Do you understand? I've lived. B cups, flat butts, light brown hair. I've had lifetimes worth of it. Lifetimes! What did you ever do?"

>Start a tech business in a popular space, perhaps AI drones for self driving cars, whatever, doesn’t fucking matter.
>Seek out angel investors to support the project’s early life to pay for a leading AI engineer or two, then build a prototype showing some promise
>Blow smoke up a VC company’s ass about how your product will revolutionize the blah blah industry, that you’re spending X and have already accomplished Y, and that you need 5 million to do more
>they take a cut of your books, you get money
>grow the company as fast as fucking possible, hire like crazy, focus on being flashy
>Get acquihired by Google or Apple for 10 million for you, plus 1 mill for each engineer they take, you probably make 35m
>VC and angels keep 15 million of that, the rest is yours

Worked for a friend in Bitcoin bullshit

Read date onomics. Pretty much a road map for this. One dude in the book fucked 200 girls


He lives in Los Angeles. Maybe you don't understand the world as well as you think?

Read the OP. Dude is the closest of anyone here to having achieved OP's operational goal, which is the only reason why I brought him up. You can dismiss or denigrate, and he'll go ahead and keep cutting notches into his bedpost, so to speak.

Did he intentionally model himself after the Sopranos? How'd he do that?

Can I speak to you? Or your friend? i dont give out personal info so i have a discord adjacentmill #5346

I had the same goal but only fucked 5 and they are good fuckbuddies

Bottom rung your standards. I fucked 14 in 5 months and I wanna vomit thinking about 3 of them

This is a stupid goal. But the answer is an easy one. First don't be absolutely horrendous. Once you have that, lower you standards by a lot. You're obviously going for quantity over quality. Lastly talk to EVERY WOMAN starting today. 80 percent of the process is just talking to girls and being conformable with during every approach. The most successful guys are the ones that initiate a lot and have no fear of rejection

This sounds awfully familiar.

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He’s busy running his shit and mostly stopped talking with me after he made his fuck-you money and we stopped working out together, and you’ve got me here, so if you’ve got questions, fire away.

>what are incel larps?

Dude, just save up money, travel to a place with a depreciated currency, and proceed to buy as money prostitutes as you can. May I recommend Thailand?

Seems plausible to me. Not enviable, but plausible.

I experienced this feel after I fucked some Russian guy's wife behind his back

What's RMES?

>start working on yourself

this is unironically the worst advice you could ever give someone, mainly because it's so damn vague

In the next three years I would like to sleep with one woman

but she has to be physically attractive

That’s a stupid goal. The feeling of emptiness in your life will grow with every women you sleep with.

I don’t see the point in this?

Wear a condom or you’ll die

You're right, happened to me, you become emotionally detached completely

Fat girls


Are you acting like that's an achievement? Tinder makes getting sex literal easy modo in 2019.

user if you do this you will never be able to find love and will always feel unsatisfied because you will be programming your brain to only view women as a means to and end, and the end being sexual pleasure.

if you want to sleep with 100 women prepare to through your dignity out the window as well as any chance of ever experiencing what it means to truly love someone and be satisfied with just them

I made a goal to sleep with 1 woman in the next 3 years. Share any advice you can.
(this is not a meme please help)

Get adderall and ask girls if they want some. You’ll drown in pussy

It's probably not a good Idea to be known as any kind of dealer at all

How did Tinder make sex literal easy modo in 2019? What's different about tinder this year compared to previous years?

Nothing I just meant by this point in time the prevalence of Tinder/bumble/other such apps now means sex is as easily available a commodity as ordering a pizza. So long as you dont have high standards, you can arrange sex with a stranger within an hour or less. That wasn't possible at the beginning of the decade

Don't. How are you going to feed 100 hungry monstermouths armed with 100 haggling hags on no wage? Because they'll be looking for their biological father and we've seen mobs that size succesfully raid stores.

You shouldnt.
And if you legit could do this, then you don't need advice really.

No one said he was gonna try and marry them, fagcel