After about a decade of working on myself, I've come to the conclusion that talent doesn't exist...

After about a decade of working on myself, I've come to the conclusion that talent doesn't exist. My world view is entirely based on this. I also believe that ultimately, my destiny is in my hands. I can do or obtain whatever I want if I work for it.

My views come from books like:

However: If someone is good at something, especially at a young age, it's because they were rich enough which allowed them to spend as much time as they wanted or needed in the field with all the amenities- or they had the right type of community to allow them to get as good as they are.

I am utterly paralyzed by the fact that I probably grew up in the worst situation possible. Socially isolated, mentally unwell parents, poor, bad education and grew up in a bad area.

Sure, you can rise above those things but those are outliers, I mean we're talking about less than 1% of the population. And if you really want to get in the details, if you ever look at a person's formative years you can see where certain things overrode the deficits in their life.

I feel like I have a particularly deep understanding of the world, and the way it really works goes into direct contrast of how we actually operate. Anyone can be a great musician but it's virtually impossible to be one if you come from a bad area, have kids and a full time job. Stuff like this. The more of these kind of things you have in your life, the more impossible your pipe dreams become.

Then people give up and they go "I wasn't talented enough, I gave up." When the correct answer all along was, "Society has fucked me, anyone can be good at anything but the way the world is set up has prevented me from realizing my actual potential and exploring my passions."

I see people who live the life I want to live and I just can't see myself getting to that point. I have a master's degree but I'm working two hard jobs to just pay down the loans as soon as possible.

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> it's because they were rich enough which allowed them to spend as much time as they wanted or needed in the field with all the amenities
>or they had the right type of community to allow them to get as good as they are
What if these two possibilities are untrue and that I achieved talent in my interest through personal perseverance?

So what advice did you want?

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the first part is about self-discipline i believe.

the middle part is whining about talent vs hard work.

the last part is about motivation.

do yourself a pleasure check this :

thoses peoples are unknown that ended up millionnaires.

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I apologize this is all stream of conscious, so its probably going to read as insane boomer ranting

And then motivation:

How are you supposed to be motivated to become a roboticist? If your community or your school has no means of accessing the information. How are you supposed to want to be a roboticist?

I feel like it's not talked about enough but the ability to "see the larger picture," is massively important.

Classical music is incredibly boring by itself, but seeing a big concert hall of people playing the stuff or seeing YoYo Ma gives you a trajectory in which to follow. No one likes being aimless whether that be scattered direction or obscured.

Like we love the story of the african guy making electricity for his village but like:

He is an outlier, motivated by survival of his community.

I don't believe passion is controllable, I think passion is what makes us human, and gives us our sense of being. It is more important than personality because I feel like personality changes whereas curiousity and interest doesn't as much.

So when a random african dude makes electricity in his village, like cool good for him, I don't think that's a good reason to shame everyone else for not being like him.

I think the opposite, if we had a system that encouraged people to do these kind of things rather than a system based around survival we'd be much better off.

We have a system based around survival, which is a notion that made sense a millennium ago. If people are set up, they don't need to worry about survival, they worry about the things that motivate and interest them.

If you go to any affluent community, you'll see in these schools countless of kids becoming artists, engineers or whatever. They don't have the same worries as where I grew up.

I know this one girl who was home-schooled so she could study violin as much as possible with the best teachers and she just placed in an International Violin Competition. She goes to Peabody or something now.

of course the environment around you plays a fundamental role.
and something that is related to what you said: i wish i knew what i know now at a younger age. i'm 22 and i feel that because of my parents and the place where i raised at, my opportunity of becoming/doing something is declining

however, well spoken

Regular working class people cannot afford this type of training and experience and it absolutely frustrates me.

No advice needed because most of you guys are retarded channers who have never done anything themselves. real talk. just getting some bs off my chest

why do you guys associate success with wealth and money?

Fucking dipshit, becoming a millionaire isn't nearly as hard as becoming a world class virtuoso violinist or something. I adamantly believe that.

You can absolutely do that but my thesis is that: "You will often if not always be out-competed by people who have as much time and money to pursue what they want or by people who grew up in the specific community that grows that particular skill. Outliers exist but you can't build an argument from them"

sorry about the millionaires thing, just trough it would bait you into listenning to the speech, when i listened i didn't knew they where actually wealthy.

oh, btw, all those motivational videos are pure bs and time-wasting crap

They're fucking children- brainwashed by our stupid greedy capitalist systems.

Motivation isn't the problem.

Confidence is believing in yourself despite when you have reasons not to.

The problem is how unfair the system can be and celebrating people going pass their means is regressive in thought and detrimental to society.

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but then what if one day you succed in beating thoses peoples, lets call them bigger sponsorship for exemple, how would that make you feel ?

But you don't need to be the best at what you're doing you only need to be good, this isn't a competition, especially in arts where what's considered as good keep changing depending on the person, the country, the era etc...

Bigger sponsorship what do you mean? Are you referring to some e-sports shit? I don't know anything about that. All I know is that Korea is good because they have kids playing the shit all day, the culture heavily invested in it, the kids who are playing it all day ALL live close to each other and they give feedback loops in training each other.

You'll see this in other places like Russia for Tennis, Venezuela (used to be) for classical music or Dominican republic for baseball.

Your framing is wrong. Look, if you want to be at the peak of your field your situation looks either like this:

1) You have been doing the thing for so long that you don't even realize how you go to that point. You have successfully immersed in your skill that is like a language and you are a poet in that language. You owned it, it is you.

2) You worked for it, but in order to reach that height of best in your field you have to do certain things like: Giving up your attachment to being the best in order to cultivate an intrinsically motivated mindset. Your motivation has to entirely be from the joy of the task and getting better. So when you reach the stage of being better than others, it'll be nice but it won't matter as much because you offloaded that part of yourself already.

I don't think everybody can be the 1%
I think a different person given the same opportunities wont automatically become the best.
to op I think its okay to just be a good human being, you seem to be putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to be extremely talented at something, maybe you should ask why you feel you need to be talented to feel appreciated.

Um bullshit, that's some neo-liberal bullshit. If you want to have a career doing what you want to do, like play in an orchestra or being a soloist, you damn well be one of the fucking best.

I get that only being good is fulfilling for some people but if you want to live off what you do and are passionate about, you have to be the best. That's why you see the New York Met filled with kids who's parents were doctors/engineers or musicians themselves.

It's not your board, though, there's rules.

>talent doesn't exist
Talent is really just IQ+practice. You can learn things so long as your IQ is sufficient. Higher IQ means you need less practice for the same result generally. For certain tasks it becomes basically impossible to learn below a certain threshold.

Right but now we're talking about like modicums of difference and the differences come down to personal taste.

Is Kriessler better than Gil Shaham? Like, it's personal taste at this point.

So again, your framing is wrong. I don't care about being 1% best at something because the whole system is fucked up in the first place. We all have the capability of becoming amazing at something but a capitalist country doesn't set up people to do that.

Also, I want to be great at something!

Why is that a bad thing and why should I settle for anything else? Someone should be talking about these kinds of things but the problem you always run into is people saying "Oh no, you're doing too much." Why does literally no one talk about this?

In the book I link they refer to the study of chess players. The lower IQ ones actually preservered longer than the high IQ ones. Also IQ is bullshit and should not be used to determines someone's capability to do something.

Holding onto the notion of IQ is going to hold you back and lead you into some idiotic beliefs. i promise you.

>but a capitalist country doesn't set up people to do that.
neither will your communist shithole

Who said i'm communist you moron, that's what wrong with you people lmao. So god damn binary and stupid. You have no idea what i believe in beyond "Modern American Capitalism is fucked."

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