Am 21

>Am 21
>Last measured YEARS ago
>went to the doctors, got measured
>thought i would be 6' but i'm actually 5'10
no words can describe the hopelessness and self hatred i have right now, how could i cope with this? do i lie and still say i'm 5'11?

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Just deal with it, user. It's literally meaningless.

Why do you care?

Same happened to me. I was 5'10 at 16 and thought I would have grown by 22 since I hadn't been measured in 6 years. Got measured by doctor, still 5'10. Feel like fucking killing myself.

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women are going to turned off, i don't have many good physical traits except my nice hair, THAT'S IT, now that my height is straight out average, i feel hopeless in getting a gf

me too bro...

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It is a scientifically proven fact that 5'10" men are more attractive to women than 6' men. You must be trolling.

What is this height meme?

Also... 5'10" is not that small

177 cm... literally average is 175.4 cm in the USA.

Or go to a fucking list and read it:

Are all Tyrone around you? Move places. Go to Italy or Spain. I dunno.


Bro one doctor measured me at 5'10 another at 5'11 they just BS it.

user im dating a guy who is 5'4 and he's successful and great im satisified.

You wake up at your talliest and gravity works you down throughout the day. Get measured in the morning.

No one is going up to you guys with a tape ruler. Chill out.

Hahahahahahaha I'm 5'3" stop fucking complaining bitch, height doesn't matter

try being 5'6 you insecure pussy faggot


This number changes often. Just depends on your doctors scale. At my PCP, i am 5'1". At the specialist, I am 5'0" exactly. I also have to see the specialist every 6 months due to a health condition and sometimes they measure me as 5'1" and one time even as 5'2", but its usually 5'0". No one gives a shit lol its one inch dude. Only inches you should be worried about losing is the ones for your penis

When did I permit my bipolar OP to post this shit about myself?

Stand up straight, faggot. There is wisdom in your boomer parents' words.

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Worry about your confidence not worry about having average height

Can't change your height, but you can change a lot of other things about yourself. Start with your confidence. Exercise might help.

5'11"' is practically just 6". I seriously don't think anyone would notice the difference if you just said 6".
My boyfriend is like nearly a foot taller than me and he's 5'10". tall enough already.

one last bump

Just let this shitty pathetic thread die already.

You are at least five inches taller than Tom Cruise, Al Pacino or Martin Luther King.

Everyone gains or loses at least a half-inch in the course of a day. You are shorter after a 5 mile hike than after a nap. Measure yourself in the morning and you'll find that missing inch

Y'all man about being 5,10 when I am 5,4. Grow up guys and stop feeling bad for yourself. Hight doesn't matter I am as happy as I can be

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Get mental help immediately.

> 5'10
Taller than me, and I still have thirsty women pining after me.

Just focus on other stuff.

Asian male 5'4 manlet reporting in

no bitch



Are you a guy, a midget, or have a weird fetish?

If you're below 6 foot you are basically fucked. Not that you have no chance of getting a girl, but it's gonna be a lot harder. 6 foot and up men can get away with autism and bad facial looks in a way that shorter man just cannot.