How do I get Tinder without everyone I have added on Facebook thinking I'm a creep? How do I obtain pictures of myself if I'm a friendless loser?

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try OkCupid?

also there are many alternatives to tinder, you'll have to find out which ones are actually being used in your area.

Don’t even bother with tinder unless you’re very attractive.

I dont want a gf I want SEX.

I am extremely attractive.

you also sound extremely retarded

In what way?

If you're extremely attractive then you don't need to ask for help. Narcissism isn't going to get you anywhere.

Accept that you're an average looking piece of shit and put yourself out there.

I'm not average I'm beautiful, I'm basically Ryan Gosling but taller, younger and with dark hair.

Tinder links to your phone number not your Facebook (possibly both? but you don't have to link your Facebook)

why are you on Jow Forums then? you ain't shit

>acting like tinder isnt a normal app that most single people have

they dont think youre a creep because youre on tinder user

OP, it doesn't matter how good you look, if your profile has low quality pictures then you won't obtain matches. Try hiring a photographer to appear as if you have friends and go outside.

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The only people that will know are the thirsty girls on tinder, use this to discreetly fuck within your social circle. Chicks you know will find it hotter if you only correspond on tinder and treat it like a secret.

Download Grindr instead

women put "meet new people/friends" in their bio as to not look slutty
it's OK nigga we all want sex
you come up as creepy when you try to have sex with women who have rejected you before, don't worry
just don't put shit like "age play" or "crab meat imitation" and you'll look more trusty as people will see you are open for others as well


Maybe you should learn something simpler first, mature a bit more and then try your "hand" at tinder.

weird how people give technical/practical advice when they need a third person view of their circumstances, and viceversa
based truth poster
>mature a bit more
remember guys, every time someone uses the terms "childish" or "mature" you can disregard that post completely

You don’t need to link your Facebook I don’t think

So I can get Tinder and then get sex?

Because I want to learn how to have sex.

How do I get a high quality profile so I can have sex?

I don't want sex with men.

High quality camera or pay a photographer, some people do this so don't be afraid

just put pics of u in social settings, some pics with only u, maybe a shirtless pic if ur fit (preferably at the beach or something, not in gym) and dont forget to smile in ur pics. if u truly are "extremely attractive" then the matches will fucking flow in

So...you look like a degenerate faggot.

Don't worry. Everyone has it.
And, of course, don't post creep pics. Post honest pics and a little bio.
Don't use it to stalk friends and colleagues and make fun of them... otherwise it means you are literally a creep.

Creep pics?