I have no marketable skills annd as a result can't get a job. I am very unsatisfied with my life...

I have no marketable skills annd as a result can't get a job. I am very unsatisfied with my life. I don't want to get more schooling.

>have no real need to work but feel like im doing absolutely nothing otherwise.

I have no passions to pursue but i want to pursue a passion.

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What do you mean by ...no need to work? Are you blessed with unlimited funds?


You don't pursue a passion, you bring it with whatever you do.

That test just gives me bullshit jobs like "biologist,physicist, scientist, zoologist"

I dont even know what that means

Go back in time and smack your grandparents around. This is why you don't give your kids your wealth. Donate that shit to charity when you die or something but this Kills the need to function in modern society.

Serious if you have all the money in the world, you have so many options to pursue fun things that regular working adults can't do like athletics, arts or just travel. But you're too lazy to do even that you really are a fat piece of shit. Fuck you and your mom for enabling this bullshit. People are literally starving and killing themselves and you probably sit at home all day eating cookies and watching TV like a big giant vegetable. Fuck you

I just got lucky. Im not spoiled at all. I had a relaly shitty upbringing and only have this money through an absurd combination of luck and tragedy. I dont live some posh life and never have.

I dont really like any of those things. I'm probably too old to ever really pursue them. I don't want to blow the money on nonsense. I'm just asking for career advice. I don't understand your assumptions and insults.

Just give up. Your entire existence and place of thought will always be tainted by your comfy blanket.

People who strive to better themselves do so because they feel they have to. Not because they're bored. When people want something, anything, they will be compulsed and possessed to do that thing.

You have no drive if you're really as old as you pretend to be on the internet, at this point you're a lost cause.

What do you like? Helping people? Mind numbing work? What's your hobby? We need to know to help you. Can I have some money?

>I want to pursue passions but I have no passions to pursue

OP is a lazy ideologically castrated fuckboy. Don't talk to it as if it's human

I don't really have any hobbies that aren't consumeristic in nature. Books and such. I only found out this money was even mine my last year of college.
Why are you so angry with me?

What were you in college for? Do you like books enough to work around them? How much money are we talking?

Because nothing anyone here says will change what you do tomorrow. "I want to have passions but Im not interested in anything I'm rich and go on Jow Forums lol" is an attention grabbing move. So I'm calli g you out on your bullshit.

Its not fuck off money but its enough for my standard of living and thrifty lifestyle indefinitely off interest alone and it has its own passive income.

I studied Computer Science. I very much regret it. Im not sure what working around books even means.
I like cars. I had a poem published once in a different universities literary magazine. I use to write. I liked Steve Irwin. Video games exist. Physical activity is fun.

Overall Im a very generic person.

>it's not fuck off money but it's fuck off money

Whew lad

Thats really not what I'm trying to do here. I'm just giving context for advice. Explaining why I'm not in such dire straits I need to get any minimum wage job asap.

Fuck off money is a total worth of seven+ figures to me. Fuck off money is "I can dump six figures into any cause I want to make people do whay I say and it affects my lifestyle in no way"
Sorry if I'm wrong

Start writing again. Poems, fiction, whatever you fucking want. Send it to every editor who will read it. Do that for at least a year. Get a part time job at a shitty book store. Start a fucking YouTube channel. You have enough money to survive without a job, that means you can do whatever the fuck you want, put it on YouTube and eventually make money. I'm fucking jealous dude

Fuck off money is if you're working a job, your boss does something you don't like, and you say "fuck you I don't need your shit bye"

Fuck you money is when you don't need anyone else's money.

If you are self sufficient and comfortable with your lifestyle, as OP verbatim described, he has fuck you money.

Im morally opposed to YouTube. My writing isn't any good. I use to do short stories and poetry but it's all trash. Not only that but Im hesitant to contribute more escapism to an already bloated culture of escapism. Im not sure i believe that writing is beauty anymore. I wish i could draw. That seems fun.

I want to find a career where it really feels like I'm producing some thing or making the world better. Thats why I cant do computer science.

What would be the point of working in a small bookstore(those don't exist near me anyway). If i wanted just any random job i wouldnt really be asking for advice.

Alright. Apply to work at a youth shelter. You won't feel empty working there, I can promise you that. There are lots of social work jobs around. They pay like shit but that doesn't matter for you, so fuck it.

None of these professions are bullshit. They are all legitimate. Now go get some education if you like one of them.

I suspect the reason you're not getting hired is because you have no enthusiasm for it and it comes across-not because you don't have skills. Interviewing is a game. Play it well and you'll win.