There's a forum I browse that has it so that saying one or two word posts like "Yeah"...

There's a forum I browse that has it so that saying one or two word posts like "Yeah", or "I agree" is pretty much forbidden. The problem with this is that now people can't just simply express their agreement if they have nothing new to add to the discussion.

Because of this, I'd like to propose a Like system. Specifically, a Like system where you can only see Likes that you receive so as to prevent hive mind mentality. How should I go about convincing the administrators of this idea?

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I strongly encourage AGAINST like systems. It's too easy to hit "like" and it makes people agree with shit they don't really agree with because they aren't required to think about why they agree with it.
At least the current system is good because it requires brain work to write something longer than "yeah" or "i agree".
Systems based on likes are the reason Internet culture is so shit these days, people compete to get more likes by doing dumb shit like posting unfunny comments constantly or quotes from pop culture.

I mean even if other people can't see the likes you get, it makes it too easy for people to assume that others agree with them even when they are being dumb. Real actual text and conversation should be encouraged imo.

Why do you keep posting this??

Which forum is this?

But what if I want to agree with someone who's already said everything I'd say?

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I agree.

If you had the argumentative skills of rereboy you could convince them to implement that. Unfortunately you’re a dumbass who whines every day on adv instead




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Ask questions. Get others to explain themselves and then respond with your opinions

Never browse Jow Forums

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Why would you need to signal that you've agreed with something? Is the idea not good enough to stand on its own? The lack of likes could either imply that no one liked your ides or that they were simply too lazy to hit the button. I was in a forum that had that with private comments. No one used it and frankly, it was counter to the idea of the place.

There's plenty of forums that have a Like feature that work fine. Nobody fishes for Likes or anything. So what exactly is the harm in a Like system?

OP is deeply autistic and posts threads with that same low res chin scratching image every time. At this point i think hes making shit up for new thread topics


>Nobody fishes for likes

They absolutely fucking do. Unless it’s something like a site offering advice or rating a good/service, people will fish for the most liked/top comment or whatever.

I mean people fish for (you)’s for chrissakes, and those could just be a bunch of people calling you a retard.


Functional humans like to complement stuff and people that impress them