I want to cheat

My girlfriend doesnt sex me enough. My drive is way more than hers. I've done the whole communication and blah blah blah nothings changed and it's been a year. If I'm horny shell say "go jerk off". I've dated before her and have had casual relationships and I always had sex at minimum 3 times a week, with adults who had jobs and careers.

I've tried to tough it out and remind myself sex isn't everything but I can't fucking take it anymore. I'm now 100% in the place where if I could get away with fucking a girl or straight up having an affair I'd do it. Since my girlfriend isn't physically present like ever I don't even think she'd fucking notice.

What do?

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Break up with her then get some fuck.

The real question to you OP is why don't you just break up with her? Why are you considering cheating instead?

Honestly mostly for the embarrassment when my circle finds out I couldn't make it work

alternative option is confronting her about this. Let her know you want sex and she's not giving it to you. Suggest an open relationship or if you're ballsy enough, flat out say you're gonna fuck other ladies if she can't give you what you need. She may freak out about this, but given her zero sex drive, she may give the approval

Oh I have. She gives some bullshit excuse like "I want to have sex but my body aches all the time"

break up with her but first make sure you have at least 2 other girls in line to be fwb or gf right after the breakup. this way, you do the right thing morally but also have your needs satisfied

>break up with her but first make sure you have at least 2 other girls in line to be fwb or gf right after the breakup.

I've been wondering the logistics on this. I know some of my gf's friends are on tinder and I'd rather not get caught until I'm ready to let go of her so that's a bust.

Maybe I'll just start going out to clubs whenever she's "busy"

lemme get this straight... her body has been aching and she has a headache and she's too tired and she's busy... for a YEAR?? Dude, this is not normal.
Idk how old you are, but sex IS a big part of relationships. Tell her you're frustrated. Tell her you have to jerk off and feel unfulfilled. Tell her you see girls in public and have thoughts about fucking them and it makes you feel bad (even if it doesnt, just say this)
LET HER KNOW you are suffering, you are a MAN, you need to have sex with your girlfriend. If she's not having sex with you, she's not your girlfriend. Full stop

>aching and she has a headache and she's too tired and she's busy... for a YEAR?
Were in our late 20s.

She'll look me dead in the eyes and blame her genes. "my grandma and mom have migraines a lot its genetic" "my uterus is tilted so I have to be careful my mom has it too" "I get utis easily every other week I have an uti I can't have sex" "I just have these seasonal headaches I can't do anything" "my sinus hurts I'm crying I can't have sex"

Over and over and fucking over. Meanwhile I had a fling with an older woman a while back and she was healthy like a fucking ox and never got sick

its clear, regardless of how you feel about your girl, sex is likely not on the table without some serious medical intervention. accept this and do what you feel is right.

again, my suggestion is to move towards an open relationship if you still love her. if she denies that like she has denied you your god given right to sex as a man, then you have to leave her. you're still young and already have a YEAR LONG dead bedroom? fuckin forget it man, people deal with this shit in their 50s, not now. cut it before you have a kid or get married to her. then you have no way out.

And then finding out you’re a cheater is any better? Your girl sounds like a bitch btw if my girl ever told me to go jerk off id kick her ass out in a heartbeat

Don’t cheat, that stain follows you around and ruins future relatonships like a plague, and you will get caught.

Dating is an audition for long-term compatibility, and it seems pretty clear your opinion on how the audition is going. Why cause her pain and waste your time maintaining a charade when you already know how this is gonna end, when you can end things on good terms instead?

>when you can end things on good terms instead?

How the hell is any of this on good terms?

OP I just don't really understand your mindset here. You need to breakup with her but you're avoiding it for some reason. Breakups suck no matter what, but putting it off is just going to make it worse. It's never, ever okay to cheat on someone, even if you feel she's done you wrong (which I think she has based on what you've said).

Cheaters deserve death.

it'll only get worse in time. Your gf has low sex drive and it will make you depressed. You have to leave her.


Don't cheat on her if you cheat on her your an asshole just break up with her if you arent happy in the relationship

This. This. This.

OP is an asshole.

if you still don't get it, BREAK THE FUCK UP WITH HER

>We’re not very sexually compatible, although I like you and we can still be friends or hook up again if you’d want to as well


>I’m cheating on you because I don’t care about how sex causes you pain and don’t care about your feelings and I’m too much of a bitch to break it off, thanks for nothing!

By a fucking mile

You're not compatible.

How old are you?

Dude, it's not going to get better. If you think it will, trust this married man that it won't. She will expect you to be monogamous AND celibate.

Tell her you can't be in a relationship where there is not a "fulfilling sexual component" She may say "all you think about sex" or "just go jerk off" and those comments are just tryng to push it back on you.