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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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is the OP of this post a woman

already went with her on a first date and she said it was fun and i am willing to go on another date and I wonder when it is ok to hold hands. I just want to show her that we're more than friends, that is my only reason of wanting to hold hands. also how to show that i want a serious relationship and not just friendzone bullshit?

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Men or women

If you could look like yulia nova, would you?

If you're a dude and wouldn't, would you fuck a girl that looked like her?

(I'm mostly fucking around with this question. These threads are always too serious)

>If you're a dude and wouldn't, would you fuck a girl that looked like her?
i am so horny and lonely that i am willing to fuck a wall if i have to.

I can't help but feel like shit everytime I pass some qt 3.14 irl. I've seen so many awesome looking women (19-24 around my age) that I could do anything to date (or screw).

Every time I see one though, my reflex is to just assume they'll make fun of me or ignore me if I even try. Besides, all the 7/10 and ups get stupid levels of attention from guys, I'll probably just be ghosted like the rest. Why even try?

Just today, I saw this succulent 9/10 that I was literally drooling over because she looked so beautiful. I was tempted to no end to talk to her but I didn't even know what I would say and eventually my reflex kicked in and here I am now.

Anybody else got this reflex?

High key kinda wish I could bag an 8/10 or over for a one night stand.

Almost seems impossible though desuHigh key kinda wish I could bag an 8/10 or over for a one night stand.

Almost seems impossible though desu

Girl here, no I wouldn’t. She’s pretty, but boobs are way too big for me.

Guy here. I don`t find her attractive at all.

Guys would you feel weirded out if your girlfriend became horny each time you cuddled?

What? Of course not. Maybe if it's in public or something and she can't behave herself but I can't see how that would be strange.

why would a girl unfollow/unfriend/purge from social media her own sister?

i'll be really happy if that happened

Women, I cum too fast.. is this a deal breaker?

because said girl is retarded

not if you are good at foreplay.

>I will never be attractive

What do I do now?

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Gain status. Status is attractive. Go to college, activate those neurons, get a well paying job and then get a nice wife who will appreciate the stability you offer or something.

Clearly not Natty and overdone to the point I bet something like a hike or a jog would be painful. Would honestly prefer an a cup gf

But I'm shy and I'll never take the initiative with any girl. I'm asking what *else* I can do.

what are your options?

Don't be desperate. You tried to be funny/sneaky, you failed, now don't be obsessed and don't take it too bad.
Send another joke maybe or laugh it up (if it's not passed too much time).

Solitary activities, hobbies. Basically how should I live out my remaining 50 years or so

That's not my text

In a grave, I think. Your shame over your cowardice will be a persistent ache that undermines everything you ever do.

Why are their so many pedophiles? And why does nobody ever do shit about it? This board is full of them but somehow that's ok?

Would be a perfect match to me.
Last gf got mad when I did Everytime

You can't put someone in jail for thinking something.

I guess for both guys and girls,

Does anyone have any experience with finding friends through apps and websites? If so, how would you describe it? Is it embarrassing, is it chill, etc. Did you have any success with it?

Are women immediately suspicious of nice men? I don't mean "nice guys" but just guys who are genuinely pleasant or kind hearted or just nice.

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question here for anyone, really

Is there a place I can meet genuine gingers?

Why is it that young girls actually ask questions and are willing to initiate conversations? Have the older girls (+18) just realized that men will fuck anything and they don't have to put in any effort?

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girls who enjoy double penetration, whether with cocks or toy; girl I'm dating bought a dildo the size of my cock, and we're going to try DP, and my question is what is the best way to set that up so she enjoys the most of it? She is nervous about this, even though she requested it so I want it to go a smooth as possible.

Dildo has a suction cup, so I'm thinking of putting it on the wall and put it in one hold while I fuck the other one holding her up standing up, since that;s the closest I can imagine it would feel if it were two real people. Alternatively, she can ride i while blowing me.
Any suggestions in general welcome.

I never have been, it's always a refreshing change of pace. The thing I do get suspicious of is getting too personal too quickly, a friendliness that isn't friendly so much as it is invasive and pushy. Immediately asking for personal information and details, immediately going for bodily contact, not noticing or completely ignoring any type of socially acceptable and polite declining, that kind of thing.

Like there was this one guy who came up and shyly and very sweetly asked if we could go on a date sometime. I'm married and had to turn him down but I remember him and I would have given him a shot if I was single. He made way more of an impression on me than anyone else who tried to be more suave.

There was one other guy who ended up being a Problem. He was friendly, very friendly. But he was overly friendly, pushing boundaries and coming on too hard too soon. Asking invasive questions, standing too close, and streamrolling over my every attempt to dissuade him in a kind and polite way, followed by steamrolling over my attempts to dissuade him in a clear and firm manner. Getting inappropriately sexual and acting like my attempts to turn him down were me playing coy.

He was still "nice", he was still friendly, but this kind of testing of boundaries was present from the very beginning. It put me on edge, and with good reason. Later he ended up hanging around my neighborhood and following me into my home. The clues lay in the fact that he wasn't respectful of my words, my body, or my space, and how he acted contrary to how he claimed to be.


I'm up for answers from anyone,

If I add a girl on snap is it expected that I send snaps and not just messages when starting out? I'm older and feel weird about taking selfies


Post stories, not necessarily direct messages, of you doing shit.

Better if you put the dildo on the floor, so she can ride it and you go for the ass. But make sure she got something soft for her knees. Or else ouchy.

I post stories semi-regularly. I'm just asking is it expected that if I start dming someone on snap is it expected to be snaps rather than chats/text-only?

great, thanks!

Yes, gently brush her hand with yours and if she looks at you, offer your hand
>also how to show that i want a serious relationship and not just friendzone bullshit?
By having both of you aware it is being considered a date, not an outing or "mate date".

I already suffer from back pain being a member of the ibtc so I'll pass.

Yes but the reasons for the reflex are entirely different so I don't think my experiences will help. You need to either find a way to gain confidence or become more realistic with your searches, sounds like.

She could be being immature, her sister could legitimately be an asshole, it could've been a mistake, her sister could've left social media, loads of reasons.

Not if you're willing to work with your partner on it. I was with a dude who would occasionally last around three minutes, it wasn't an issue until he stopped trying to work on it.

Me neither bud. Accept it, move on with your life or kys. These are your only options.

>Why are their so many pedophiles?
1) Heterosexual dynamics encourage it. Age difference (men are expected to be older), size difference (men taller and wider to a severe degree), power disparity (men breadwinners, women stay at home wives) are all socially acceptable and everything encouraged dynamics of a heterosexual relationship. When you get men who want this dynamic but can't bag an adult woman, you see them slipping younger due to ease of target and "purity status". This includes little boys, as anyone who's read into roman pederasty will see the reflections.
>why does nobody ever do shit about it?
Lots of things are done about it but it's born and bread by most cultures on this planet so there'd have to be a huge overhaul in the way we think about things before it is eradicated.
>This board is full of them but somehow that's ok?
You're on Jow Forums, presumably for the lack of moderation. You can't have your cake and eat it, user.

I'm not, but if you come across as too friendly I know a couple chicks that immediately shut down due to bad previous interactions with dudes that start super nice and friendly.

I mean, you call yourself a depressive fuck. Would you want to date that? There's a chance your answer is yes, but most people won't. Get to therapy, get yourself sorted and go from there.

No younger girls haven't realised that men will take friendliness as "I wanna fuck" so haven't been jaded into stopping yet.

Ireland or Scotland, but they don't like fetishists.

Sort of but no one's gonna be upset that you don't. Also this


I have been talking to this guy for 3 weeks via text. We've met up before at a cafe and have plans to meet again this Sunday. It'll just be lunch and going to a botanical garden.
We haven't discussed anything sexual but I'm having really lustful thoughts about him. Like my whole body hurts from the tension of wanting to fuck him, despite masturbating 2-3x a day (before I started listing after him I averaged 3x a week).
We have had really great conversation the etire time we've been talking. All natural/nonsexual about varymious topics. The lust started when he said it's rare for him to be able to talk to a girl the way we talk. A few days later I started listening to music he recommended a few days prior (Beethoven's op26 and other stuff but similar) and idk something snapped. I got really turned on and haven't stopping.

It's so intense and I'm worried this is really weird because I barely know him. Is this weird? Am I degenerate? I've never had this before and I feel like a psycho. I gotta keep this to myself/not tell him I think. How do I turn it off?

Also sorry for the typos. I'm on my phone and typed it quickly/didn't check for auto correct. And I haven't been sleeping very well from the lust

I dunno if this is bait but it's similar to something I've been through.
Congrats, you've finally found a guy you're actually really into. Chances are you've dated /flirted with guys before that you felt good about, that you liked or enjoyed spending time with, so when you've come to this guy and figuratively caught fire you can't understand because you liked that/those other guys do what's new? The fact is that women are encouraged to enter relationships quickly and with little refusal, so a lot of women end up getting with men that they like and are okay but aren't actually what they actively want. When you do really, genuinely want a dude off your own back, this is what it's like. It's scary and overwhelming at first, but it's a pretty cool place to be in about six months time.
TL;DR: you've met your subjective 9/10

Femanons: wtf is my gf playing at?

She'll get drunk and send me a bunch of texts like this:

>So much to say...
>Can't or won't I dunno
>Doesn't matter anyway

Followed by half a dozen "lovey" spam platitudes. I woke up to a bunch of these messages she sent last night at 2am. These have been a recurring thing in the year I've known and dated her, and they happen more often around her periods and/or heavy drinking.

She does an equivalent in person too and it's infuriating. She ends up crying about something, won't tell me what it is, starts putting herself down, then goes into an anxious mess where she'll refer to herself in the third person. Then she'll flip to a cute voice and start trying to be all romantic again and tell me to forget it, but in a really fake manner.

It stresses me out and I want her to cut it out. I don't care if she tells me what's on her mind or not, she's welcome to her secrets, but I'm getting really pissed off with this behaviour.

It's not bait. I legit feel dirty and I am uncomfortable being turned on and thinking about sex for most of the day.

I agree with you that I've definitely entered relationships with guys I wasn't really attracted to in the past. Didn't have this issue at all. I do think this guy is cognitively really attractive. Physically I think he's average and I also know i don't know him and his values enough. I'm confused.

Fair enough, but I'm no fetishist, it's just that my favorite color is orange though.

I second this. And no one really wants to be smashed for hours on end

She cray-cray, buddy. Get her to a therapist.

>By having both of you aware it is being considered a date, not an outing or "mate date".
how do i do mention this in the least awkward way? This is important for me because i noticed that "mate date" is actually a real thing, I have another girl who is actually "just a friend" and I went out with her several times but we both know it is just friends. now how I demonstrate the opposite with this one?

If a girl introduced you to her friend does that just mean she thought you were too ugly to date you herself

I have been seeing a girl who has told me she's a virgin and wants to take things slow. That's fine, im excited about that and im trying not to rush her to do anything she's not comfortable with.

Two nights ago she touched my penis for the first time and was basically teasing it for like 30mins. It was really nice but i was nowhere near finishing, as that kind of stimulation on my uncut dick didn't really get me going in that way, but it still did feel amazing.

Just last night she actually tried to get me to finish, and was giving me a HJ, but it was obvious that she didnt know her way around a dick, especially an uncut one, and i was unable to finish, but she was really trying her best and i expressed gratitude for her.

My question is, would not making me finish twice in a row be seen as a negative thing for her? Would she feel bad about it? How would i go about "teaching" her how a foreskin works, i imagine she'd be uncomfortable if i just dropped my pants and started showing her how it works, but thats kind of what i want to do.

Also, unrelated note, if she touches either leg right where it meets the hip, i have an intense fucking muscle spasm that forces me to stop her and deal with real physical pain. It has happened once and ive had to actively start bracing myself if she ever gets to that spot, and have had to ask her to completely ignore it if possible. Feels really fucking stupid.

Is it a good sign if the girl I'm seeing gave me a bj without being asked? Or is sucking dick really not as bad as its made out to be.

My only bad experience sucking a dick was one guy with a LOT of precum. Generally, no, it's not bad, and sometimes it's legit enjoyable.

Put your hand over her hand next time. Show her how you want her to do it. Give her time to do her own thing first, but like 5 or 10 minutes in, try this.

if I think you're too ugly to date, I'm sure as hell not gonna sacrifice my friends to you

Why do people always text me back so little? People rarely text me first or tell me anything, and when I do they don'treally reciprocate. It makes me feel boring and unwanted. I'm a girl btw.

I did something like that as a teenager right after I was raped. Seconding that she probably needs therapy because if it's something like that, you can't help her alone. She might be trying to test whether you act pissy when she starts to bring up whatever it is to see if she can trust you. Alternatively, she wants to see that you care, so she keeps holding it over your head to get some validation.

>Later he ended up hanging around my neighborhood and following me into my home.

what happened with that?

i am a man and i hate those kinds of people when they approach me with their """politeness""" and stick around like a fruit fly, unfortunately I can't punch them in the face. use your female privilege and give him the good old slap in the face and tell him to fuck off.

Here's a free tip for all the men out here.


Even the slightest hint of that will instill doubt in her that you are not wanted by women and therefore there must be a reason to this.

>Asking invasive questions, standing too close, and streamrolling over my every attempt to dissuade him in a kind and polite way, followed by steamrolling over my attempts to dissuade him in a clear and firm manner.
>tfw don't do any of this and still get called a creep

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so I should tell her how many clams i put my dick in in the past? dude, never talk about your past relationships to girls, period.

Obviously I meant a situation when she asks.

>We are together now and that is all that matters, why should I care about past relationships? They are over and they should remain buried and dead.

It doesn't work if she asks you at the very beginning, user. In fact, it's when it matters to her the most.

i am not saying i have never been in a relationship before, but it is quite unpleasant for me to talk about past relationships/friendships because they usually end up in a dumpster fire. And it is a subject that i don't want to talk about or remember at all. if the girl doesn't respect that fact then she can fuck off my life.

It's different than talking about past relationships. All I'm saying is just to lie and end the subject quickly and never admit to having never had a gf. For all she should know - you had a gf and it didn't work out. That's it.

>All I'm saying is just to lie and end the subject quickly and never admit to having never had a gf.
this greatly depends on things like age, culture, context etc, but in general it is best to avoid the topic altogether and what you said makes sense.

She might be too shy to go on date alone if she's young/inexperienced, so trying to get to know you as friend before, with other people. Also she might be uncertain about you and wants to know you as friend, without risking to give you wrong ideas at dating you.

Aside from hoping it never comes up, how do you ensure this?
I don't want people to think I am a bad person because I have had different hobbies.

What do you say if she asks? Being evasive is bad too and I don't lie

>i was razor sharp focused on success and too busy with life and only recently i decided to settle down.
at least i hope that was your reason for not getting a gf because i can't think of any other legit reason.

Lie. I normally don't lie either but you just can't do it any other way. It's like lying about your work experience when looking for work. Nobody will hire you if you had none.

Nope. That doesn't work. All she hears is "I had no gf".

Avoiding it may give away the fact that you had nobody.

>Avoiding it may give away the fact that you had nobody.
I said it depends on age and culture, and I believe age plays the bigger role in this case. If you are like 30 and didn't even have someone love you in the past then you're either the next Tesla or something is quite wrong with you.
But if you're like 20 or something and you say you never had a gf, i don't see a problem with it and if the girl sees it as an issue then i will see that as a red flag that she has been riding the carousel for quite a long time.

>being this insecure and shaken up when a girl asks him about his nonexistent past relationships
you know how i know that you're a beta?

Lots of possible reasons, a bunch of which are perfectly legitimate
If faster than say 2 min and you suck at foreplay, yes
I just really loathe the "goody two shoes" types in general, bur other women probably dig that shit
Almost, young girls are naive and don't understand that men only ever want to fuck. Once they realize that, there's really not much of a point in talking cause ain't nobody listening.
Yes you're a degenerate
Sounda either like attention whoring or genuine mental issued, make of that what you will
Maybe she's not into you or anyone atm but still feels like you're a decent person, so she set you up with her desperate friend
Nothing to do with gender, people >24yo who never had a relationship are a walking red flag, that's just a fact. Nobody gives a shit if you didn't have many relationships but none is usually pretty bad

Autismo/not really wanting one, though I did have one bpd one in college. Thought they were all like that so decided to quit trying

I recently realised I'm pretty much afraid of men. I know that's pretty irrational and I'm going to go to therapy soon but I feel horrible about it because I know most men don't deserve that level of mistrust.
Any idea how to deal with that, aside from the aforementioned therapy?

someone please answer this, i will suck your dick/vagina/whatever is down there. PLEASE.

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i will be 28 in around a month. Never been in a stable relationship, longest one i had lasted around couple of weeks. And I am getting more nervous everyday and I am not looking forward to my birthday at all. I can't shake the feeling that it is too late for me to settle with a girl and hopelessness is consuming me from the inside out. keep in mind that I am a good looking person and most of the time when asking someone out I don't get rejected. But I can't imagine myself in a stable relationship because I always nitpick about something in the girl and I end it before it even flourishes. how do i get rid of this anxiety? I am feeling very contradicted within myself and this is making it only worse, no one wants to date a person who is unstable in mind and right now i am feeling very unstable. HALP.

You'll just die alone then senpai

fuck you, i might feel helpless but i still know that there is a way out of this hell. I just don't know where it is.

Women how important is it for your bf to have a job? I have a job with the government and it is not that sexy or high paying compared with Chad's in medicine or finance. I think it is harming my chances with girls.

Girls, how do you feel when a guy joins a yoga studio that's mostly if not entirely women? I kinda want to go to one, but I'm afraid I'll instantly be that one creepy guy that came to look at girls stretching in yoga pants.

Maybe sit at the front?

Kinda important. I have a job and I don't want to pull deadweight. But it needn't be something "glamorous".

hey guys
what's a cool nice gift to get for my bf, we haven't been dating long, and he's buying me a gift, obviously for girls it's easy, but them a stuffie or something cute! but what would you like as gifts from your gf?

Maybe cook his favorite meal? Is there something consumable that he really, really enjoys? Buy him a lot of that. I always appreciate the hell out of someone giving me a bunch of something that I like, it saves me money.
Maybe if he's open minded enough to let his girlfriend pay for something, bring him out somewhere he really likes and bankroll the whole thing.

hehehe he hates food
when i was interrogating him for his favourite foods, he'd say he'd rather prefer to just take a pill day for food

though he does really enjoy his greek heritage food, shame i've never even seen greek food :x
maybe i'll give it a shot some time


I will think you’re gay or creep.

What if I went with my sister? She's really interested.

When's the perfect time to ask out a girl? And should I do it today or tomorrow? I thought about doing it early in the morning or past 5, so she would think that I have a job. Is that a good idea?

I guess, it’s still my first impression. But you should go if you want to. If you really wanna do it and you aren’t a creep then why should i give a fuck,

What if I just stared at my sister's ass?

anything, just avoid gift cards, they suck and i don't know why girls insist on giving them to me.

Not the opposite gender but hope it counts somehow.
If I asked my friend if he likes guys and he answered no, would it be inappropriate to confess to him that I might have asked him out otherwise?

OP of the yoga question, this guy isn't me.
Stick to staring at asses online, user.