How do i get back at someone who stole my girlfriend and also assaulted me...

how do i get back at someone who stole my girlfriend and also assaulted me? unfortunately i don't have any evidence to go to the police with so i need another way

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Stole like bike?

yeah pretty much.

did he knock you out, tie you up, and make you watch as he pounded her on your bed while she moaned in ecstasy?

he made out with her right in front of me

So stoling gfs in your country is illegal? If she was kidnapped, why are you thinking about 911?

dude thats some B- cuck shit right there

are you sure you even really dated her?

This is the new incarnation of 2DUI.
Pfanntastik. I like it.

Fuck up his car or home and let him know it was you. There are some oils you can buy that really ruin a car's painting, you know? And breaking someone's window seems childish, but it drives the point across. Besides, he was pathetic doing that shit against you too, so no problem stepping low to to reach him.

Literally but a burning pile of shit in their front door. You'll feel 100x times better.

for 2 years yes.

which oils?

Brake fluid, look it up. There certainly are other chemicals out there you could use for the same effect, though, but I'm no expert.

Him making out with your girlfriend and “stealing” her in front of you is revenge enough.

Karma works in mysterious ways and they say that the way you get them is the way you lose them

He will be sad when your whore GF does the same to him except she upgrades to fucking a fat black cock in front of him

That's some bullshit if true. Fuck both of them. Or actually maybe one or the other of them thought you were mistreating her somehow...
Either way, that's bullshit.

If you have bruises, that can be evidence? Have you tried speaking with a lawyer about the assault?
Because assault IS a crime and he deserves that shit.

But if nothing else, at least know that they are pittiable and must be suffering or have put themselves at terrible risk of suffering, no matter whether this is for understandable reasons or they are just cunts.
Either way, at least know that they are the ones that fucked up, not you. And if they ever try to come to you for anything or perhaps even those who are close to you, they will be shit out of luck.

>Dated for 2 years
That's fucking scary.


Don't do anything illegal though. It's not worth it for jail or court.

the black eyes have faded now but i had two of them

i cant go to the police because i threw the first punch at him. he also has staff at the bar who said they would testify against me i heard

Don't worry. We got this. "The karma police"

No one can steal your gf or wife from you. The gf or wife go willingly.

You kill them

this is probably what you deserve for such poor taste in women

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Sounds like maybe you deserved it then. Either way your options are to learn to fight and kick his ass, or hire someone to do so.