Sad Thread

>ITT why are you even sad?
I am worried that my choice in academia is worthless.
Studying philosophy and general humanities.
I want to study psychology and become a psychiatrist to help beta cucks like you, but this is not what I am currently doing.
Share feels so I can feel like im helping

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I am afraid that I would not be avaible to raise children couse i dont feel like to talk to any woman couse they are boring me and I cant into smalk talk. I prefer talk to my friend's children.

Also you are still young and have many options I suppose.

Link up with an animator on a freelance website, find some niche interest you enjoy, blend it with philosophy, make a YouTube channel.
I am 100% sure wisecrack is a philosophy ba or something.

The fact that some women are boring to you means that you truly care about having an adequate wife. Caring for your offsprings intelligence is very important, as well as caring for their future. You'll be a great father.

How can I trust that the "wisecrack esque" channel is credible? The focus of my studies is political philosophy, in order to create a better world.

>I can trust myself.

The responsibility is immeasurable. The last thing I want in life is to become like pic related

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This has nothing to do with whether or not wisecrack is credible you moron.
I gave you an idea, and an example of a channel that does extremely well.
He talks about philosophy and focuses entire episodes on single episodes of South Park, or a popular video game or something.
Credible or not it's fantastic idea and he does extremely well.
I'm saying thanks to your education you know shit about shit, and it's shit other people who don't go to school like to learn about. There's a market and a viable way to make money. Exploit it.

My life is over, I committed a sexual offence on acid at the age of 17 am now 18 tho, its like dying before you got the chance to live but still being fucking stuck here all my friends are gone, no hope in ever getting gf (was pretty bad at this shit already im a khv), found out she didn't like me, I've never been to a party in my life barely made any friends, barely didadnything, I tried to commit suicide with insulin thrice right now I'm in the hospital to see if its damaged my brain. I also have these voices in my head that mock me constantly which slowly started to erode away at my ability to do shit properly and enjoy stuff I once enjoyed even right now as I type this they mock me and laugh...

then on top of all this theres the issue with the trousers basically all the trousers I own barely fit and make it look I'm eternally turned on so I need to hide it like everywhere I go it makes me look like a fucking creep and it makes public boners near unhidable which is pretty awful in my scenario especially. It sucks watching all my friends go out and live there lives and get gfs and shit while I'm fucking stuck in the house. Even if I get out of here theres this guy who fucking bullies me by spreading rumours about me and making everyone turn against me if I go somewhere else I'll need to take every step I can take to make sure he won't know where I am so my new life doesn't get ruined.

It sounds dumb coming from someone my age but you haven't fucked up that bad trust me, you don't realise how good what you had was until its gone forever...

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>Meh Market.
If the thing I wanted to do in life is to make mad buckaroos, I would have studied computer science or some shit. I ain't attacking your response man, I just want to know what makes, In your opinion, a credible philosophy youtube channel.

Most people really. honestly, don't give a shit about you. The reason that you care what that shithead bully says is that you hate yourself. Realize that as a human being, you can be forgiven for your action if, and only if, you try as hard as you can to never do such a thing again.

It's not about mad buckaroos, it's about applying what you learned and something you enjoy to something that can produce a passive income, which can free up your time for other things, like say, study psychology. I feel like you'll remember this in 14 years and be like fuck why didn't I listen to that user.

>What makes it credible.
I took an elective or two in University. I didn't study philsophy but I studied philosophers. Enough of them to know more than the average Joe, not enough to be considered at all an expert or a scholar.

He talks about things I know about and hes never wrong or innaccurate on those things, so I can extrapolate he knows what he's talking about in other respects.
Make no mistake. He isn't just blasting opinions. I'm not talking philosophy like "this is how I interpreted this" He uses a lot of citations, references many philosophers, and moves into other fields too, again, always with citations.
Thats credible to me.

Giving a philosophical background to 'bojack horsegay' and 'rick and normie' isn't what I aspire to do my friend. Enticing viewers to think critically is something, that sadly; is still exclusive to niece academia and high percentile of exam graders. Whom relate to the material like they realte to cement.

Making an impact is what philosophy strides to accomplish, wisecrack isn't doing that.

Is this bait?
Jesus christ how can people be this pretentious and shitty when studying PHILOSOPHY, the shittiest ba ever
>I want to change the world with my political commentary
Yeah there are billions of retards like you in the world insulting each other over Trump or their country's equivalent, hoping to achieve the same

>Being so stupid that donald trump is your pinnacle of political arguments
Get your head out of your ass. You don't know shit about anything no matter what you do.
This isn't philosophical BTW, Just go back to Jow Forums and cry that your dad is fucking your mother instead of you.

I'm a lawyer and have already achieved more than you ever will having your head up your arrogant ass this hard in your philosophy ba
>go back to Jow Forums
>Jow Forums
Go back to r*ddit especially if you somehow drew "poltard" out of my post

>Having a legit opinion and not some rhetoric backwash

In part I guess I'm lonely.
I dont mind being around people but I dont fit in with anyone. I dont think I'm super special or unique, but I just like being at home. And I feel like the type people I get along with the most have similar personalities... which results in none of us ever actually doing anything together.
Plus I'm touch starved probably. Parents were never touchy with me, sisters left me alone (except when they had nervous breakdowns and needed support) and I never had any friends to hug or have skinship with either. That combined with me looking standoffish regardless if I wanted to means I'm basically alone forever.

>have already achieved more than you ever will
>still wastes time on Jow Forums in his basement

ok, 100% legit.

Had an absolute gem of a life when i moved away from family. After some time i was guilted into going back to help them out 5 years ago. Life has fallen apart and im now poor, have a suspended drivers license, and a slew of other issues that never could of happened had i just let the fucking retards rot like they have anyhow. Except im involved instead of not

Not them but
>only failures use Jow Forums
I hate this meme. I work, throw Jow Forums up on my other monitor when I get home and browse while doing other shit. It's not like Jow Forums is exclusive to pot heads and high school dropouts.

the fact that you have to say that you've achieved more than someone will through their entire life already hints that you are in reality worth nothing.
your sentence regarding this matter is just plain narcissism, nothing more. I don't have to bring up how well im doing in my life to feel appreciated, and judging by your tendencies and anger, i'd probably be able to mention a shit ton more but who the fuck cares? It's just an user board afterall, and for sure, it's not any sort of healthy way to boost your ego.

Mind you, i'm not that user you were arguing with. I just stomped on this thread, wanted to say it and I'm out. Have a nice day.

Let me tell you why I use Jow Forums
When your career relies heavily on your name, and more specifically on how clean it is, then you need to watch every single word you say anywhere that can be linked back to your name
It's very suffocating, this is an outlet where I can say absolutely anything I want without giving any fucks
>having this entire meltdown because someone said they work and are not losers
How insecure can you be, especially in an anonymous website where you have nothing to prove

>not them but
Given your reading comprehension, that user was probably right.

kek this guy

this, anonymity is a godsent, that's why many famous people browse this

Another wannabe-god faggot? Its Jow Forums, get out

It's not that hard to make a burner email and account on any social media website.
Anonymity is nice because it doesnt tie into other posts you make. But it's not that hard to have disconnected accounts not attached to your name.

I'm sad that my boyfriend doesn't have sex with me (it's been 6 months since we last had sex), i can't tell if I'm just being overly sexual or he just doesn't know how to initiate things

why not initiate yourself? lots of guys like that. it makes them feel desired, same way it does for girls. might even boost his sex drive too.

>on acid
Fucking degenerate loser. You have no one but yourself to blame.

About twice a week for couples under 30. You're missing out on good hormones if you do it less than once a week, and also once a week lowers your stress, bloodpressure, boosts immunities, etc. Going without for six months is a sign of potential hormone imbalance.


I’m thinking about the past again. I disgraced myself, I did it to myself. I did get a lot of hate and it did not feel so pleasant. Reconciling these feeling is difficult. Recent times are somewhat better? I also have guilt from the past. I don’t know how to be in between taking responsibility and feeling endless guilt. This all makes me want to cry.
Any opinions?

>a very dear and important person in my life died, it's been 7 months and i was with them for a year while they were slowly dying and becoming a shell of their former self
>girl that really liked me clinged towards me, started around last year and she kept her interest in me despite me being a pretentious asshole thinking low of her for trying to show affection and being an elitist faggot
>feel like my entire life is dread and i waste away days that have turned into weeks in a drugged like state by the computer
>dont wanna flunk out of school, exams are in 20 days
>dont wanna disappoint my father
>still just feel being eaten up fron the inside
>cant go to the shrink because they just medicate without giving a fuck or actually trying to help

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I think i feel sad for mostly 3 things

>Even when i try hard to improve myself i cannot do it, i end in the same shithole doing the same over and over. I can follow a routine for a week then i quit and get into my old routine.

>I feel like a spolied kid all my friends work in vacation or while we are in college, but in the end i just in the house of my parents and ask them for money, an i know i can get a job, but i fall in the meme of getting a degree would get you a better job

>I'm getting worry about how to spend my time and money like when i want or i spend for a videogame, book or anything i want sometimes i feel i'm just wasting my money and time, like what i doing to do it when i finish it or when i dont want it anymore, sell it but what about if i'm the only person in my town how like that stuff or what about if i'm bad at selling things even in internet

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Take responsibility for your actions and try not to be a scum.

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My brother is struggling with alcohol and I don't know how to help him. He's had issues for a long time and my family has tried to help hin as much as they can with getting treatment and giving him what they can to support his job and housing him. But his alcohol abuse is getting worse and is starting to effect his work and is drinking for days at a time, we're afraid of leaving him alone for any length of time, and I'm terrified he's going to drink himself to death. I'm no where near home and I'm probably the least informed about what's going on, but I don't want to lose my brother because we couldn't reach him. I know we can't do anything until he wants to stop, i just don't want to wait until it's too late.

I used to be very mature for my age when I was a kid, but I think I've peaked. I'm 23 now, but I still live at home working a part time job, and I connect more with teenagers than people my own age. A female friend of mine who I love dearly just got married, and she's four years younger than me. She's so far ahead, and I feel hopeless.

You need to give him a reason. Make one. You cant just wait.

T. Exjunkie

Same. 23, living with parents watching friends get married and have kids. Should've enjoyed being a kid and fucking up now it's too late. Never been more childish in my life

Let's see, I'm a shy faggot with a huge scar on my left arm from when I tried to kill myself almost 2 years ago. I don't believe that anyone has ever loved me, and now I know no one will. Shy dudes are basically just trash anyway, not like I have any character anyway I don't have the discipline to maintain an interest in anything. Now I just am forced to live out the rest of my days because I'm in some kind of hostage situation with my mom wherein I'm not allowed to kill myself. Fuck it, I was so close.

Call the suicide hotline and tell them about yourself. Legitimately ask for advice. They aren't just there for people who want to kill themselves right here and now--they're there to help in general.

Nothing can substitute asking for the help of a trained professional. They are where they are and do what they do because they have EXPERIENCE.

God fucking damn, get this motherfucking idiot with high ego out of this planet please

Cus no cute chinese gf into electronics and memes

I’m sad because I feel like my life is on rails, I just drift through everyday going about the motions without much thought to it. Lately I’ve been feeling really numb to the world, I know I don’t mean much beyond maybe my parents and bf and feel like things would be better off if I just went away for a while.
I work as a molecular biologist so I have access to a heap of things I could use to commit suicide if things ever got too empty, but recently I’ve stopped being as safe when handling carcinogenic and mutagenic substances (a daily task of mine) so I’m just leaving my gate up to chance really. That way at least if I do die it won’t be an obvious suicide and my family won’t have to live with the double shame that their fag kid offer himself.

I’d give you a hug if I could user.

sad because i cant open up to ppl that i know care about me cause i feel ashamed to be depressed and anxious
also want a new job but am insecure to hunt because always tired from depression

I'm sad because I'm suffering from gender dysphoria and I look too much like a man to be able to change anything. If I even attempted to change anything my family and society would frown upon me.

I'm sad cuz I'm mentally ill. Please off me.

every aspect of my life is a fucked up mess

I got a degree in philosophy and I'm currently a 30 year old NEET. I'm thinking I'll go back to study more philosophy and psychology and transfer into as high ranking a university as I can manage. I was considering medicine also to become a psychiatrist but I think I'm more interested in becoming an academic if I'm honest with myself.

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Lol, that's not how it works. If those females on the suicide hotline wanna help that shy guy, they would date him.

I'm sad because nothing at all matters, not climate change not omega theories, not death, not emotional struggle, not high school, parents, your own self journey through existence, not god, absolutely nothing is important, not even the very concept of importance. It all goes back in the box. So why exist at all?

People care about you even if you don't open up. The opportunity to open up will present itself.
Caring about someone is supporting them even if they win, draw or lose.