Tinder makes me depressed

Im not talking about getting matches n shit, i mean just browsing through girls kills all hope inside me.
Im not an incel or mgtow, but all these women genuinely look like sluts or are not my taste at all. Am i just cynical? Or is there a genuine reason why seeing a bunch of pics of smiling girls with dumb bios makes me want to fucking die.

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Its very draining, yes. My advice is to let go and just use your hand. Much more convenient and a simpler process.

Yeah, hookup culture is terrible and low class.

i'm a 7.5/10 failed stacy and even i hate tinder. i get matches but they're all sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring and ask me the same shit like 'what do you like to do in your free time' or 'what is jojo' (in my bio) or 'have you seen attack on titan' or 'wanna grab some drinks' it's like they're all the exact same copies of each other. and all the guys who seem like they'd be similar to me are majorly autistic looking, the kind of people you think would browse Jow Forums. where as the autistic chads???? people who are mentally ill but still takes care of themselves?

browse Jow Forums roastie or get off my board

You sound annoying as fuck,
no offense.

I dont belive ur a girl, you sound too fake

Women on tinder are even worse in this aspect because they don't have to even try, and they don't get called out for it. You don't know how well you have it Stacy.

I'm literally a mentally ill ex con / addict but you could never tell because I'm big into boxing and health nowadays and look very underage and fit. Thing is normie girls tend to be creeped out when I tell them about my past. Atleast I'm not boring I guess :^)

You're not entitled to a court jester

Bro you think you can tell if a girl is your type based on how she dresses? That's probably the least significant indication of personality around.

You're the type of guy who's going to fall for a girl in a sundress with a ponytail, marry her, and be utterly shocked at who she used to be.

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Is this based?

Hookup culture is and has always been superficial, so it shouldn't surprise you. After all, you wanna get a one night stand, not a relationship. And for that purpose, no one is gonna choose you after your personality or your deepest hopes and dreams.
If superficialities are not your thing, then Tinder isn't for you and you should try something else like Bumble, Hinge etc.

Kek. Do tell, I'm curious.

>Hates daft sluts and the types of degenerates hookup culture produces
Then get the fuck off of Tinder. I bet you go to bars and complain about the amount of drunk people.

It’s called understanding the fact that females are also just as sexual as males bro. It’s literally not the end of the world, grow a backbone

>grossed out by sluts
>look at girls on an app where the sole purpose is to hook up

You’re going to convince yourself that all girls are like that if you keep using tinder.

What this guy said, you’re going to find tinder quality girls on tinder

Fuck off incel.

its not just that, the bio tells a lot too


What the fuck were you expecting? It's literally a sex hookup app. The only girls on it who aren't sluts are BOTS

I can judge a girl with 99% accuracy based purely on whether she actively uses Tinder.

Grow ten backbones if you want, it won't stop your used-up slut from leaving you because her dignity, sanity and ability to form emotional connections with other people was destroyed by thirty miles of dick. Hypergamy is not nature. We are a monogamous species.

Kill yourself dyke.