Why do men in their early to mid 30's find girls aged 18-22 so attractive and prefer to date them instead of women...

Why do men in their early to mid 30's find girls aged 18-22 so attractive and prefer to date them instead of women their age?

I've been thinking about this because I'm nearing my mid 20's and I'm worried I'll fall into this trap too. Looking back at my high school years, I never got laid, I never asked out girls, I've never been confident and I looked like a fat fuck. Something tells me I missed out or I blew the full high school experience...and maybe some guys me feel the same. It's like I wish I had a second chance to redo high school and actually ask someone out, date her, have sex, and maybe wife her, but I never took that chance. I just stuck to my studies and didn't have any friends.

Thinking about it, that's probably why pedophiles exist, they never had a girl their age back then to talk to, comfort, or spend time with, and they end up regretting that years later. And because they're so mentally ill they want to hang out with teenage girls because they're the only ones they thought they could have a chance with or they're the only ones who could understand their problems.

It's weird. Somehow when you're alone, a virgin, and have no friends or female friends, your mind gets delirious and you start overanalyzing things that went wrong in your past, mistakes you've made, choices you blew away, why you suddenly get horny for people out of your league, your life has a different purpose, etc. Maybe I am overthinking this, but I still wish I could turn back time just to see what would've happened instead.

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I concur

probably because single women in their 30s are pretty safe to call lost causes

To answer the question about the age difference, it comes down to perceived fertility.
For females, it's usually late-teens to early-twenties, as they are just biologically the most fertile they will ever be then. It's a slow decline until early thirties, then a sharp drop.
For men, on the other hand, it comes down to financial and social fertility, if you will. Most men in their 20's are not financially stable and cannot raise a big family, or support anyone at all. Once they can (and this usually happens in their early to mid thirties), females see this and go for them.
Do women go for younger men? Yes. Why? Attractiveness, sometimes personality, sometimes companionship or sex. But the fact of the matter is, men and women have different "peaks". Females aged 18 to 24 are biologically (and our subconscious tells us this as well) the best of the bunch, and so men who've got their shit together (aged 30 to 35 on average) tend to go for them.
Also girls have daddy issues.

As for the rest of it, you're still young. Lots of time ahead of you to better yourself. Don't dwell on past mistakes and regrets, learn from them. They make you stronger and smarter in the long run.
If you want to be with someone, and you want someone to WANT to be with you, you have to be someone worth that.
This sounds so cliche but it's really the best way to improve yourself at this age:

- Go to the gym and lift heavy, lose the fat and put on muscle
- Get your diet in check, not only for the point above, but you will feel better all around
- Find your hobbies (not video games) and work on them, do them, perfect them
- Get a decent job and save money. Doesn't have to be a lot, but at least try to put some of it away
- Make friends online or at a bar. If you can't be socially open, try drinking a little to ease up a bit
- This one is a little iffy, but do drugs. I swear, after I did MDMA and LSD when I was in my early 20s, I totally changed as a person and for the better.

according to this graph (pic related), the of peak sexual value of females is, on average, at 23 years old. this is when girls are most attractive and most fertile. that's why males (of any age, really) prefer to date them.

ah shit, forgot pic soz

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Women are usually innately gifted with high SMV at younger ages. Men have to earn it. Hence the difference.

>- Get a decent job and save money. Doesn't have to be a lot, but at least try to put some of it away
>- Make friends online or at a bar. If you can't be socially open, try drinking a little to ease up a bit

OP here. Currently doing a shitty part time job, I get paid 100 a week, still looking for a "career" job but so far I just get rejected.
I do occasionally go to bars, I drink heavily and see some regulars from time to time. I try to keep myself busy by playing some pool. darts, pinball, whatever. But I never really made any friends during these times, but at least the games keep me busy.

I don't like this chart.

thanks for giving the long answer

OP men from 18 up until they die like women from 15-26
sometimes younger sometimes older

why? ;__;

Because they're prettier. Plus they don't have hate in their hearts from years of being pumped and dumped by Chads.

Judging sexual value isn't something that can be boiled down to a chart. Plus I don't like other people telling me if I peaked.

I too, hate people that do things I don't like. Wanna fuck?

Normal well adjusted men want someone on their level. If they specifically chase young women it's because they are pedophiles and want control over someone more naive than them. There is no other reason and anyone who tries to arguing against it is a pedo in defensive mode.

Men leer at us as actual children but many are too scared to get caught and go for legal but young, trying to convince themselves, it's creepy.

Although I won't say that some women are very intelligent and can avoid this easily while others use it to their advantage.

*I want to say that (typo)

what is it with all the teens on this board



this pedocel literally created a blog and a chart without any sources to link to his Jow Forums posts. anyone who honestly believes the mentally ill pedophile here needs to consider therapy asap.

Hey Mr Pedo, I'm too old for you
Please stop spamming this shit

Women peak intellectually at 18.

Again, go away pedophile.

Go away from where? You're the one skulking around this thread replying to every single post.

teens aren't peak fertility for women
peak fertility for women is 21-27
it starts to wane up until around 32, then takes a sharp drop after 35

teenage mothers are more likely to face complications and have birth defects, and less likely to have stable menstrual/fertility cycles.

please dont propagate this lie. its peak in early to late twenties, slow decline in thirties, sharp decline at 35, then a drop to near death at 40. teenagers are not adults. they are not mature.

Everytime you reply I'll reply back to you pedo. You must enjoy it to keep trying.

Based on how you type type probably an American who loves progressive Europe, so why don't you look at ages of consent in your favorite European countries and get back to me?

what's your opinion about the chart? it seems quite intuitive.
women peak at early 20s because that's where they are the prettiest (indicator of healthy children) and most fertile (ability to have a lot of children).
men peak at late 30s because that's where they have most social status and accumulated wealth (can sustain the family), while still retaining most of their health and strength (can protect the family).

This post is the answer.
What type of area do you live? Might be able to give you some Jow Forums on finding a paying gig. I would neck myself if I only worked part time, haven't done it since high school
Sure it can. That's why there is tail-distributions.

>why would you want to buy a fresh new car when there are plenty of reliable older cars

when people get a new dog, they don't want some old ass busted up dog with issues.
they usually get a puppy.

so you're saying we should fuck babies

imagine being this autistic, damn

I'm 32 and I haven't gained a wrinkle or any weight since high school. I don't even like "younger" girls in particular, but I can't stand how my prospects at my age are aging faster than I am.

It's amazing. I look almost no different from when I got out of high school almost a decade ago, for better or for worse.

Womens' bodies are most fertile at ages 16-24 or so, and it is reflected in their beauty (which peaks at exactly those ages).
Men are wired to go for the most fertile women by default, hence the attraction of most men in all ages to young women.

Any counter argument that goes by 'Ive seen hot chicks at 30' or 'im a woman and im hotter now than ive been at 18' are defeated by this; women are BIOLOGICALLY made to look best at 16-24, take away any external modifications such as gym, make up and clothes, and you'll see every woman on earth looks best at 16-24 (on average).

Many other counter arguments often come from jealous older women and jealous men that cannot get a younger girl/married to an aging woman. Ive seen this happen before, and let me tell you something, jealousy is devastating.

>A-any men that like y-young women are pedophiles!
Jesus christ the absolute COPE on this lass

In reality, beauty fades away so quickly for women. And it’s easier to pick up young women because they are naive and easily impressed. Downside is that they are fickle and still want to explore.
But all in all it’s worth because your body is tight as hell and we can have lots of you.

If it makes you feel better this model only applies to Western civilization like the US and parts of Europe. You can also influence your place on the SMV by roughly 4 points from things that are entirely your own decisions such as diet, exercise, lifestyle, personality, etc. regardless of gender so you're not locked into being a certain caste your whole life.

If it makes you feel worse both peaks need to be shifted several years to the left. Women peaking at 23 LMAO at 23 they are around the 6 on the SMV near the 28/29 area. Men are much more complex when it comes to valuation on so many facets but things like balding and thinning hair are less extreme at younger ages so a guy with unfortunate genetics can still give the appearance of perfection at 30 that he can't at 36.

As for the OP hit it on the head. From the moment men start being sexually attracted to girls to the day they die they want that 15-25 age range over all the others by a tremendous margin, no other factors can come close. If you are trying to win the affections of a man then this is your competition - once you realize that you can strategize accordingly instead of wasting your time and energy in vain. Emphasize your own youthful appearance instead of wearing granny outfits like so many women do. The young girls may have you beat in sheer physical beauty but that can also be draining or stressful mentally and emotionally, you can provide a peaceful, loving, caring, relaxing atmosphere and relationship for a guy and he will associate being with you and being at peace. Win favor long enough with a man and "wife goggles" will set in and he will always remember you favorably at your most attractiveness in his mental image of you for the rest of his life.

>Why do men find girls aged 18-22 attractive
Because women's assets become less defined as they age. Unlike men who until mid thirties don't hit their peak. It actually has to do with stages of ones luf and in women their developmental periods are sorter than man's. On average its about 5 years for a female and 7 for a male.

My story is your story but instead of fat I was just fridgit. A man 80 can find a 18 arousing. It's nothing abnormal. A woman that age same deal. This isn't Disney, this is the real world. There is no trap. If you get yourself financially and physically attractive through hard work you too can enjoy your 30s. They are like your 20s but with money. Girls love older men. We're not as irresponsible, or retarted. They love daddies. We're emotionally stable, financially too compared to younger cubs. Embrace it, this is your chance to join the league of extraordinary gentlemen.

One more fun fact a girl that grows up with a lot of sexual active males around she will go through puberty earlier.

Most Women lose sex drive really fast when they get comfortable in a relationship. It’s sad, but true. So we trade you in for a newer model, like a car. We know you won’t last forever and you’ll lose your value rapidly. But it gets you where you need to go and you’ll get something better down the road.

Oh and forgot to mention. Young women grow up with internet porn. It’s awesome, you can do threesomes and anal and any other kink/desire and they won’t even blink. It’s like it’s given that they should do all this stuff.

t. just hit 30 and still single

So true. The most wholesome of girls have surprised me when I have suggested threesomes. Seriously, women are fucking hungry for men who take initiative, especially sexually.

Fucking sodomites

All men find girls in that age range to be peak attractive because, like it or not, women have an early biological expiration date on their fertility.

You can’t just say ”according to this graph...”. A graph in itself doesn’t say anything if you don’t know the study design (if there even is a study?), how the data was collected etc.

Because no-one wants to deal with a cumdump that's spent her prime years making horrifically bad decisions

Jow Forums will never understand or accept this, give up. A chart is absolute fact here. Just picture this place like a flat earth convention.

source on that or it's bullshit

Op you’re pretty much right. Any old dude creeping on younger girls is because they’re too naive to notice that the older guy is pretty much a loser. Most dudes that age should’ve found a partner equally successful, instead of dating a girl without any experience which magnifies the dude, who in actually isn’t really that successful compared to his peers.

Pedophiles aren't interested in 18-22 year olds

Why are you so bitter that men prefer 18 year olds instead of 28 year olds? You seem entitled to attraction. Everyone can have preferences. Maybe stop being the female version of an incel

Ah yes, the harsh reality and facts VS muh feelings.

If woman doesnt secure husband and cements him with a baby so he cant run away before 30, she is doing womanhood wrong.

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Most dudes that age should’ve found a partner equally

Should've? According to who? Your mommy and daddy? The stork? Society? Hollywood? Is this 50s America? What is success to you? Some would say regular sex with young babes alongside location independent streams of income. Others, a nuclear family with a secure job or small business. You must be under 30.

29 here OP and this is what I've found out

>aware women fuck around before settling down
>believed women hit that point around 30
>nope, the 30 yo women are still fucking 18-22 guys
>no 30 yo pussy to settle down cause they are still fucking around
>have to date 18-22 yo girls who are just beginning to figure out how to use that pussy they were given

It may be true or not but younger women are still attractive because they have a larger window of fertility. Also they just physically look better in every way.

Our society is on the verge of collapse because people aren’t having families at a reasonable age

i'm not bothered by the attraction
im worried about the actual reproductive aspects and lying to women and telling them they need to have kids by 23.

it was harmful to me. it is harmful to other girls who have children before they are fully developed.

i don't care or argue with what men find most attractive. i only care about the biology. im an adult woman who has put a lot of research into getting pregnant.

this is stuff i have researched excessively over time as i intend to one day become pregnant and have children. i do not have a singular source to give you as it's stuff i've gotten over time from reading, doctors, etc. if you google "peak fertility for women" the very first google thing will tell you its their 20s though, not their teens. you can look for more if you want.

teenage years are fertile but not peak fertility. its like how in breeding horses (which i grew up with on breeding farms, etc.) you CAN breed a two year old female, but you SHOULDNT because she's not mature/peak fertility and it poses a lot of risk to her and the developing baby horse. it is also harder on them to give birth. the same is true in dogs and humans. adolescents aren't adults even if men find them attractive.

i dont know/care why men find them attractive
i only care about lying to women about their own reproductive capacities to the detriment of their (and their fetus') health.

Oh really? Where is the evidence to support your claim? Trust me bro is not acceptable. Your logic based on your profound deduction skills aren't either. An article written by a random blogger, no. Society as you refer to it and I'll assume the west, is falling due to a multitude of reasons. It's economic, cultural, it's China being a rising contender to the worlds hedgemony. Most importantly, it's because the west does it to itself. The West isn't what it once was. It's running at the end of its tail end on the husk of an economy that was gutteted long ago. The us is a consumer based market now. It produces nothing. Germany, Europe's largest economy, is in trouble since it's going to need to borrow a lot of money, get into debt, despite it being one of the most frugal, partially due to its largest importer, China, switching from motor engine vehicles to electric. China is expected to overtake the national GDP from U.S. by 2030. There is a recession that's just popped now, it's effects will be felt over the next few years in the west. The fall occured because people who don't live in the system, took advantage and began printing their own wealth. They took the gold standard backing USD and created fiat money almost a century ago. People stood by as politicians and businessmen slowly eroded people's rights and the laws that protected them. What are you doing to protect the way of life in your area? I don't like this as much as you, but sex with younger girls isn't the problem. At this point, accept reality, get informed now about world politics, history, then business and everything that comes with the territory, law, tax, accounting, investing, stocks, wealth, everything. Maybe you can't save your society, but you can learn to take advantage of opportunities, to find where the best places to live are internationally in future, to protect your way of life and those in your circle.

Having sex with young girls has nothing to do with that.


Bullshit. We wouldn't be alive as a species if girls in their late teens had consistent birth defects. For a vast majority of human history, women gave birth around the age of 16 or 17, maybe even earlier. It's only recently we've changed the age of consent laws to later in a girl's life because reasons.

You're just a bitter old woman who has wasted her most fertile years on partying and birth control. Step to the back of the line, please.

i never said consistent
there is an increased risk at that age (for birth defects, miscarriage, fetal/maternal death, birth complications, etc.); it is not the ideal age, the same as a 2 year old horse or a 6 month old dog. they *can* reproduce. we know it isn't the ideal age. we wait.

i have never taken birth control (don't like the idea of artificial hormones/drugs/chemicals fucking with me for decades - doesn't seem good) or had sex. i would like to marry the guy ive been friends/pseudo girlfriend to for the last few years. we both would like to have kids. i've also been to exactly one adult party. it was a work/coworker party. you are the bitter one it looks like.

There's a risk at any age in life, but again my point stands that if it were such a detriment, we wouldn't be here. Think back 400 years ago even. Girls were married and had kids before they hit 18.

Though I will give you kudos on your lifestyle choice, I apologize for my last remarks in that case. However, don't wait too long to have kids.

youre not addressing anything ive said and are just making other weird arguments i find both frustrating and uninteresting

point: it is a detriment to lie to women about their own bodies. my body did not reach peak fertility as a teenager. the best life plan for me, a human (not a fuck object), is to have kids around 25-30. my body is developed, my hips are as wide as the are getting, my hormone cycles will be most stabilized, my brain has finished maturing so i am less likely to be psychologically unstable during birth/raising the child, etc.

i do not like being lied to. i do not like being deprived of information about my own body because men want to rationalize their attraction to minors. i do not care about what was done in history. i care about the reality of my female body and life as a female human.

It has nothing to do with missing something I didn't experience, and more that women my age are boring as shit. Most are career oriented and basically are stuck in the same 8-5, work late culture that I am, and we're just tired and surly and like "let's get this over with." They're feeling enormously pressured to have kids before it's too late, so every date is with the tension of "okay so if this works out and we like each other we should be discussing kids in like six months."

My buddy is dating this pretty cute director of marketing who is our age, but she's constantly traveling for work and even though he constantly talks about porking younger girls, they're moving in soon and going along with marriage and kids because it's just that time.

Seems awful.

Okay let's break down your arguments then.
In my original post () I stated peak fertility for females is 18 to 24, on average. That means the mean age would be around 21, which is the low end of the range you suggested. I'm saying this all on a BIOLOGICAL level, which cannot be disputed.
Not only do girls show more physical signs they are fertile (glowing smooth skin, soft but firm hair, larger breasts, body curves, etc.) right around this time, but they're also horny as hell. Sure, women in their late 30s are also total cougars, but that's because their body is screaming HAVE A BABY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

>it starts to wane up until around 32
Incorrect, biological fertility begins to decline around 25 or 26 for most women
>sharp drop after 35
Agreed on this, but it was already on a steady decline before this
>increased risk
This is anecdotal, as is my anecdote for women having children young throughout history. So I guess no comment.
>my body is developed
It has been for a while
>my hips are as wide as they are getting
Maybe eat less?
>hormone cycles
Stable cycles do not indicate fertility. It's when hormones are rushing all over the place, pushing the woman to seek procreation.
>psychologically unstable
Doesn't relate to biology and doesn't take into account women today are less mature than they were throughout history by a huge margin.

If you want info on your own body, don't read Huff Post or Vice or any of that crap.

im not reading huffpost/vice
youre weird and condescending in nearly every post you have towards me. you havent ever had to deal with a female body or doctors or female fertility. then tell me to stop reading vice. ok.

>Doesn't relate to biology
your brain being fully developed is part of your body. your body is biology. your mind is not a special thing. it is an organ.

>Maybe eat less?
stupid weird insult instead of comprehending how bones develop/mature and relate to women's reproductive role. great. encouraging.
>It's when hormones are rushing all over the place, pushing the woman to seek procreation.
this isn't even how that works. women are only stable when they ovulate and the hormones fucking with women then are often preventing proper ovulation from regularly occurring. women are "pushed to procreate" when their leutinizing hormone hits max level during ovulation periods. if the cycles are not regularly occurring, a woman is not regularly ovulating. if she is not regularly ovulating, she is not going to feel "the urge to procreate".

there is no point in me continuing with you. you are like a monkey to me. im not responding to you ever again.
ps. a statistical increase in risk is not "anecdotal". use words better.

And you've been just a peach in your replies. To be fair, I'm not a female, but I have had to deal with female fertility in the past, and I've done my own research and read credible studies.

>your mind is not a special thing. it is an organ
And here is where you've already lost me. Biology and psychology/sociology are two different fields for a reason. You cannot negotiate with your instincts.

>stupid weird insult
>browsing Jow Forums

>she is not going to feel "the urge to procreate"
Are you saying young women in their late-teens and early 20s do not regularly ovulate? I can understand this argument if we were talking about fertility at ages 13 to 17, but we aren't.

>you are like a monkey to me
We're all monkeys, sweetheart, we cannot deny this as we cannot deny our own biology.
P.S. If you don't post any numbers or data to support your "statistical" claim, it's anecdotal at best.

If all men are attracted to minors, naturally, as you seem to imply, then you trying to tell them not to be is like some fat fedora telling women Chads are actually bad for them.

You dont like men rationalizing their attraction to youth, yet you try to rationalize why they shouldnt like youth.

The real simple reason for them being attracted to that age group is that their experience allows them to be superior and with a woman their own age they often have to bow their heads and break their backs as a figure of speech

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It's the age at which women are most physically attractive, that's literally it. You can rationalize however you want, but that wont change biology.

as stated before: i only care about being lied to about my own biology. i do not care about why or what men like.

What age do women like best?


Fuck this slow moving board.

Dunno mate, I'm 28 and can't get over women older than me.
I think guys who shoot young do it because standards are low there. I certainly never see well-established, well-spoken people going there; it's always school shooter types and the absolute bottom scrapings of the Europe barrel that endorse wasting any of your fucking time on >>>>>>teens.

Hey, that Brandi though right?
Yeah really prefer older because you can leech their experience. They'll have most of their mistakes fixed so you learn more there. This is why I really liked volunteering for an elderly care facility. So many lessons and wisdoms packed in a room that's barely the size of an appartment living room, it's like ultimate efficiency

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Fine gentlemen here.
I also like older women, preferably a single mother with a black child. Shows that she had fun in her youth and it's hot as fuck eating her out, knowing she once had BBC.

As far as physical attraction, 22.
As far as stability and maturity, 29.

>i only care about lying

you're doing that right now because you're old and bitter


more like 18 if we're being 100% honest

When people say fertile they don't usually mean "we need to have kids right now at this age". No one means having kids at 18 is better because they're more fertile but if you start a relationship with an 18-20 year old by the time you're ready to have a child she'll be 23-26. Which is the optimum time to have a healthy kid. if you're financially well-off and stable, which is more the man's responsibility than the women

I don't think there is much difference between 18 and 25 but there is a difference between 30+ and 25. Over 30 it increases the odds of complication, birth defects and autism. And if you start a relationship with a 33 year old, you're going to have a kid a few years in at 37-38.

I just see this chart as a challenge. Find a good looking 31 year old and bang the living hell out of her.

I wouldn't give any weight to the weirdos here being condense ending to the girls here. Only a fedora tipping ass hat or retarted chad is going to try one up what is otherwise a nice sounding girl here. Keep doing you honey and keep being a strong ass woman. The facts don't lie and you seem like you're doing your home work.

In reference to the other commitments here, personally I like all women. To me, if a woman is around below 33, 30, she's less jaded, has less baggage, usually more upbeat. I love 18 to 25 because it makes me feel younger by osmosis. You are who you surround yourself with. I can gain the benefits of having sex with these vibrant, enthusiastic, joyful creatures, all without lying and they, by being with an older man who is emotionally, financially stable. I don't buy them anything. They don't talk about children or families unlike the age group above as mentioned. There's no attachments other than sexual intercourse. They're free to do what they want as I and no one else controls anyone. It's the best deal. If they don't like something they can always leave. They'll never find another like me so they might come back in a few weeks or years. I don't mind, everyone has free will and there's so many fish today I can just have sex with another horny girl. I don't want kids or a family now, I want to make up for the years being fridgit in my teens and twenties. As much as we may love someone deeply, we still want to have sex with new partners. So in my world, there's no lying or cheating. Girls know I'm dating other girls, they can do whatever with whoever. It saves drama, and usually they don't do anything anyway as women are primed to stay with one mate. If they do something, power to them, they'll come back. If someone promises them monogamy, they'll eventually be back. They stay because I tick the boxes in their subconscious. I'm not a lying, cheating, controlling chad, nor a boring, fish limped, angry, fedora tipping ass hat.

hello roastie

sorry nobody wants your dried up cunt and rotten ovaries

you sound onese


Holy fuck you're not cut out to write posts like this. Just stop.

The answer to this is easy. For both Men and Women is actually 33. This is the age everyone will be in paradise and never age further. Logically, paradise is the best and most ideal so 33 is the most ideal. Of course your going to look like when you were 33 but be waaaaaay more attractive.

Our creator therefore 33 is the most ideal age.

Different reasons, these can be combined;

>people (yes men too) simply look their best when young, you can argue about what age is sexiest or most attractive but for raw beauty you cannot beat a young, supple body with elastic skin, no sag, no lines and so on
>as you mention in the OP, nostalgia, a LOT of people spend a good portion of their life living in the past and worrying about what ifs, when you get older looking at young people makes you feel closer to the thirst for life, energy, innocence etc associated with youth
>many people start to have higher standards as they age, a man that cannot hold down a job, never sees his kid, is irresponsible with money etc will look like a tool to a woman his age, but to a girl he might be a "grown up, real man" with his own place (!!), it can be easier to impress young people
>status symbol, people are shallow and when judging others' relationships people will often look at an older man with a cute young woman as someone who "has it made", regardless of other factors like how compatible or happy they are, in that sense it's like a luxurious car
>young women are pushed around and manipulated much easier, this does not mean that every guy dating a young girl is a manipulative creeps but manipulative creeps sure do like girls with little life experience and confidence

No doubt more.

If women do get pregnant around their late 30's to early 40's, is their child more than likely to grow up retarded?

A 22 year old will still be attractive in ten years. A 32 year old, not so much.

Unless we're talking about Monica Bellucci.

I'm guessing its because the 18-22's haven't been riding the cock carousel for the last 15 years and probably don't have bad attitudes and blown out pussies.

>don't have bad attitudes
What are you smoking?

That's not an age thing, that's a woman thing.

t.got REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE'd at by my ex just for going to my mom's house

it's nice to know I will hit my peak next year apparently

If I'm in my 30s and never kissed before then who's more on my same level, a girl age 20 with few or no previous relationships or a girl my age who's had multiple serious relationships?

My level is closer to the younger girl.

>Why do men in their early to mid 30's find girls aged 18-22 so attractive and prefer to date them instead of women their age?
Because that's the prime age for shitting out kids. You might as well ask why they prefer women at all.

Because it makes financial sense.

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