What is life going to be like if there's a second civil war?

What is life going to be like if there's a second civil war?

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Hard to say. There won’t be though because the American populace is too cucked. Eventually we’ll just slowly turn into a China-esque shit hole where crippling poverty is the norm and no one can dare oppose the people in charge. On the plus side we’ll all be dead/dying by the time things really go south. Kids in grade school today are going to live a life of misery

the thing that scares me about the second civil war is that it will also be a race war

Necrophiliac's paradise. I'm looking forward to it lads.

Pretty shit.

I have lived and fought in one civil war, would be a pain in the ass to have moved to another country, one which is much nicer and better than my original only for it to collapse into a pile of shit for a second time.

Although its nothing like it was, I sometimes do get the feeling that there can be huge animosity between various groups here, and since everybody has guns there is somewhat a potential for all shit to break loose.

That being said, people from all sides don't know how good it is here. I see it as a first world problem that people argue about minor semantics of race, religion and politics yet still make such a fuss about it and get very angry and opinionated about it. If you have lived in a first world country for your whole life, you really don't know how shit things can get before anything happens.

To add to that, people here are lazy, and although they say they will do one thing, they almost always never will as its easier for them to sit on a couch playing video games than doing nothing.

Which war?

>What is life going to be like if there's a second civil war?
In a word, bloody. Let's pray for peace.


The neo-nazis will die easily since theyre all either obese idiots or sissy white twinks who cant even cope with basic stressers of life, let alone fight a war lol

Awfully shitty. The US is so large and politically diverse that it would degenerate into a many-sided conflict with shifting alliances, like in Syria. The conflict would probably be quite drawn out, as the vast plains, swamplands, and forests would provide ample space for guerillas to move in while the megacities wouls be difficult for any one side to ever really control.


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I'm Serbian you retard.

People forget that the war was very bad for the Serbs too, we were all but forgotten by everybody and suffered just as much as the Croats and Bosnians did.

look at countries that have had multiple civil wars. every war is backed by third parties, soliders and civilians are always losers. authority changes everyone, beause maintaining authority requires compromise. it's important to maintain authority to maintain stability. an unstable country is violently taken advantage of by third parties. go look shit up.

We suffered much more. Remember RSK.

Croatians barely get remembered either, many people don't even know Croatia was involved. People here at least know nothing of what happened, they think Bosnia is somewhere in the middle east.

Bosnians got all the sympathy cause they had the most unorganised and dysfunctional army and thus got their asses handed to them in almost every single conflict they got themselves in. They relied entirely on the international support, thus they got on international news as people needed to see Bosnians being mistreated to justify intervention, even though they started the war.

I partially fought in Krajina, I'm even in some TV footage on youtube as a 18yo with Mladic and Ljubo Mauser after we defended some village.

Taking into account that the us dollar is one of the strongest currencies
I would say that the price would fall.
And that might make it cheaper for the rest of the world
Also, the usa is crazy so it might calm them( in the worst way possible) and get a ban on guns, and maybe better the mental health situation.
Besides that, wars are about profit most of the times, so weapons sales will go up,while the other things( besides food and water) will go down

Like Call of Duty, I'd reckon


Doesn't matter because it'll never actually happen. The elites value stability and the status quo over all else, and they control everything.

One side has the guns. Figure it out.

There won't be one. Trump is continuing the Great Replacement. America will simply slowly decline into a Brazil-esque shithole as the burden of low IQ poopskins becomes too heavy on the white taxpayer. Eventually, it will reach the point where the USA can no longer contain China, and China will begin directly annexing land in Africa and Southeast Asia.

>he doesn't know that the anti-american countries will gladly arm both sides to further expand on havoc and chaos, so that a strong america may never come about again

dude....youve been watching way too much alt right youtube channels



you will never see civil war in the USA

If there is a civil war that's based on the current cultural divide in America, you could totally escape it by bugging out to a shack or trailer in really rural area because one side of the war will consist of people who never go to those places and don't care about them. The cities is where the fighting would take place.

Is there even an economic benefit to directly annexing territory anymore? Large empires are characteristic of mercantilism, and that economic policy was not one based on optimizing wealth, but optimizing for war. Keeping gold within your borders via a positive trade balance and being self-sufficient in times of war. Thus to a colonial empire it's worthwhile strategically to fund a campaign, send it across the world to conquer a small tribe or raep the chinks, then maintain a garrison in perpetuity there despite the excess cost.

Modern free trade has almost entirely replaced that way of thinking. It's much more economically beneficial to get a trade agreement and purchase what you want for cheaper than it would be to conquer, occupy, and loot it for "free". You can expect more of and already see that form of domination by the Chinese, not outright conquest except to reclaim lost territory.

I really don't think that's going to happen OP, but show me all the 4 Chan posts from before the American Civil War and fuck me, maybe they said the same thing

Take a look at any country that was divided in recent history. It’s not good and it halts the progress of a country to near destruction with little to no chance to ever regain power and influence.


It's worthwhile if you're colonizing rather than empire building. Britain colonized North America and produced an extremely powerful USA so their race and culture got a massive boost on the world stage. With no USA, WW1 would have been pretty dicey and WW2 would have been a solid German victory.

So China will want to do the same. Annex Africa, drive the niggers elsewhere, settle it with Han Chinese. Turn Africa into an ethnically Chinese economic powerhouse.

Things will get much better afterward, I believe. All this print up and suppressed hostility will boil over at some point. Better to live in a segregated community than an integrated one where everybody hates everybody.

You’d have to train them too, so good luck with that

You need to reread history, the US entered the war pretty late and Germany was already in a downfall. History in the west has painted America as the hero who saved the day, but that’s far from reality.
And yes, colonization was highly profitable for the select few countries, but it’s not like we can claim land and people anymore. Today it’s done through economic power, but hardly like the days of old.
And lastly, OP asked about a civil war; not a War, or a World War.

You need to learn your history. America's entry into the war was fairly unimportant apart from the Morgenthau Plan leaking and causing Germany to divert forces west. But the real issue was American lend-lease propping up the USSR, mainly with certain resources the USSR had trouble producing as well as with trucks and other logistic support, and of course a shitton of money.

Without American lend-lease, the USSR actually would have collapsed as Hitler predicted.

So yes, colonizing a big continent full of savages and replacing them with your own race is a good strategy. It worked for us Anglos and it will work for the Han as we decline.