College girl here aSK ME ANYTHING!!

So it's about 1:30 am and I go in for work at 5 am. So I've decided to be irresponsible and make bad unhealthy decisions to stay up and pull an all-nighter. Ask away anons

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I'm writing a book. What should the first chapter be about?

the slice of life about North Korean highschool girls

I don't know anything about that though. It's supposed to be action/suspense/horror btw.

So how'd you get to where you are now?

You fucking faggot that's what research is for. Doing research is an integral part of being a serious writer.

Don't make any excuses like 'I'm just starting! I'm a wittle nooby booby and I don't need to do that!'

Learn it. It's gonna be necessary at some point so just fucking try. Get out of your comfort zone. Anything worth doing is worth doing half-assed.

drank some tea...and i feel wide awake lol
now im just playing anime games on my phone cuz im a fucking weeb

>Learn it. It's gonna be necessary at some point so just fucking try. Get out of your comfort zone.
no I meant it more akin to "the best stories are written by those who know what they're writing" though I know there's some people out there who do coke and can write an insane story pulling straight from the void. I don't do drugs though.
I was asking more for help on how to plot the narrative in the first chapter since those are always hard. I was never good at figuring out how to "show, not tell" the setting and all those juicy essentials and all that.

why the fuck would you willingly work so early?

Also in college waiting for the sun to come up and go to work.. Why are college kids insomniacs this time of year? Shouldn't we be catching up on sleep now that the summer term has ended?

easier schedule. i can party at night if i wanted to. it was either the morning shift or closing shift (4pm-1am)


>Partying at night when you have to be up at 4-4:30
That's really dumb, unless you mean you're partying the night before a day off.

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ya thats what i meant, my bad lol

boy on the right is fuccboi as shiiiiieeeet nigga

do you believe in ghosts/supernatural things?

Yeah, I've seen some with my own eyes.

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Do you swallow

now thats a good start.
why not pull some inspiration from that experience and incorporate it into your story


How about how to frame the early chapters?

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Post feet

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How do I find love

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get off Jow Forums

What game? llsif?

cup size? [spoiler]p-pics p-please[/spoiler]


Show cleavage

ask ur mom

are you a virgin? also are you single?

wait a minute, why am i asking a college girl if she's a virgin? there's no such thing. god I'm retarded.

Good, deresute has better idols anyways. I mean look at the waifu-tier girls they keep pumping out

So how much did you whale on llsif?

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Does the first love ever fade? She was a child rapist, so it was all kinds of fucked up and now I'm all kinds of fucked up. Will I ever stop loving her?

Notice me plz

im playing fgo. i used to play deresute but ive grown out of rhythm games

lso ive whaled too much... love live is still a series close 2 my heart

Huh...I didn't expect girls to play fgo. I'd think that chuu2 stuff appeals more to guys y'know.
What did you pull from the anniversary gacha? I got summer BB!

ah i didnt get to do the anniversary gacha!

The gacha pool is so good though! If you have any paid quartz left I'd suggest it, if not I don't want to tempt you.

Anyways, for more Jow Forums like question now.
I got to talk with an ex after not being able to get in contact with her for a while. We talked about a lot of stuff. Why our relationship became so toxic, how we've been since we broke up, how she's doing in her new relationship... It's all good since I'm finally getting the closure I badly needed.
But it's too good to talk to her, we've been talking all day long again, we keep talking about how we need to stop talking but I'm hesitant.

It's necessary and I don't want to be clingy. Got any advice on how to end things in a good, clean way? Word of encouragement would be appreciated too

Why should we ask you anything?? Youre literally an average and basic bitch who has nothing to offer us. What makes you think we should ask anything about your mild-ass life

You got some fucked up past user. How long has it been since you were with her?

user why do you sound so much like my ex? Lol minus the talking all day part. Trust me,I know this situation all too well.

I feel like it's a matter of self-control and knowing both your boundaries. She is in a new relationship and you have to respect that. But also don't do anything that will maybe lead her on later.

Love moves in mysterious ways, don't dig deeper or else someone is bound to fall.

Well, I think I tried my best. I was genuinely happy she was doing well in a happier relationship and even got to help her in a way. I did end up showing some jealousy and talked too much about how things could've gone right though.
It's my first relationship and I don't know anyone else that can talk on the same wavelength as me, so it really fucking blows.

But we tied up all the loose ends and know that we're both moving forward with life. Tomorrow...or I guess today, I'll just have a one last fun conversation and say goodbye.

Thanks OP for talking, try to not fall asleep on the job. Maybe take a nap during lunch.