I've had liver disease since I was young...

I've had liver disease since I was young, it's mostly stable and do drink/drugs occasionally however not much and it's obviously not good to do so. I'm wondering if there are any drugs that don't adversely effect the liver and are good for social settings (ie not acid) I usually just smoke weed and have only a few beers at parties

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I'm in New Zealand which has slightly more relaxed drugs laws than the US but are mostly the same just less harsh

Uhh no, drugs are bad. Your best bet would be naturally occuring caffeine, like in coffee or tea.

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I know that's a joke but it made me laugh. I can't imagine a worse experience than being at a party and having like 10 coffees

Not really a joke, it's one of the only "drugs" that isn't highly toxic to your organs, at least in small dosages. Have you ever thought about why you feel uncomfortable in social situations, and have the need to supplement your personality with hard drugs? Maybe what's missing in your life is something more important.

Weed shouldn't fuck with your liver. Most other drugs (namely pills) will, though.

Not OP but weed will destroy your lungs and heart.

>it's one of the only "drugs" that isn't highly toxis to your organs, at least at small dosages
Most drugs aren't "highly toxic" if you take them at small doses. There's nothing special about caffeine that makes it safer than any other drug.

Lungs, maybe. But there's always edibles or vaping. As for cardiovascular health, it's debatable. Your body should be able to handle it for a very long time if you exercise regularly and eat healthy. Can't be compared with coke or amphetamines. Wouldn't even say its worse than nicotine.

Do you know how many cups of coffee you have to drink to overdose on caffeine?

OP here, taking caffeine enough to give you a high would probably be pretty bad for you. I'm in university, its how everyone socialises

weeds usually my go to for parties

Bad ideas don't become good ideas simply because they are accepted by the majority of a group. Most people also drop out of college. Don't be like most people.

I understand your sentiment but parties are an undeniably good way to socialise and meet people, at least in your early 20's. You sure most people drop out? Like 51% of people that start college don't finish?

nothing wrong with socializing user just don’t do dumb shit

Do you know how much weed you have to smoke to overdose?

Less than 2/3 of people who attend college graduate with a degree. It's possible to socialize without ruining your mind and body with drugs, if you hang around the right people.

Idk man, caffeine and nicotine are the only things that help me tolerate people.

OP, ask your doctor! Be upfront, and ask him what kind of effects alcohol, weed, and nicotine are gonna have on your liver.

True but weed is illegal, and sometimes adulterated with other less benign drugs. And it usually doesn't make people more productive and healthy.

Caffeine does not make you "more healthy" if that's what you're implying

No but usually people who do healthy stuff (like athletes) are associated with it. Most of the weed smokers I know are bums.

The liver's function is to clean out bad stuff from your body. Anything bad will inevitably go through it. And wilfully adding bad stuff, like drugs, will put a strain on it

actually caffeine helps promote regularity

It's a few drinks on the weekend, I'm in the last semester of my math and compsci degree. Chill out dude.

that's stupid, correlation isn't causation.

That's a bad way to look at, way too abstracted. Weed doesn't effect it likewise with acid

>thc isn’t acid

Heres the thing bro

You get fucked up from drugs becuase,they affect the,brain.

If you take some biology, or psychopharm they will tell you that in order for a drug to affect the,brain. It must pass what is called the blood,brain barrier.
It why blood,cancers, and metastisized suck and why pregnant moms who drink and smoke are horrible.
So any drug you take that has some,psychoactive effect will have to be carried by the,blood.
and theres no way blood aint gonna get screened and cleaned by liver and kidneys.
Im sorry.

If you are looking for "something", look into electro convulsive shock therapy, on transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Might need to experiment,
But ect is used only for severly depressed patents , short term memory will be serverly affected.
Consider,lowering the voltage.
Trans cranial magnetic stimulation is said to bring on expuerences that are sinilar to "expierencing the presence of god"
Aethists are trying to use it to turn people away from god or something.

These seem to be the,only other options to affect brain states that dont involve blood.

Try color therapy and strobe lights and optical illusions.

Spinning around really fast

"The passout game"

However depriving your,brain of oxygen comes with its own problems

>tfw there are posters RIGHT NOW with fucked up livers because of genetics or some gay shit and you're crippling yours for fun

get dabbed on lmao

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lmao fuck this
what disease OP? I have Budd Chiari's and drank a fuck ton when i was in college lol you're fine, also did lots of acid i too, smoke weed and a couple of brews nowadays
you can always microdose psychedelics...

might just stick to a few beers aye rather than electrocuting myself, ty though lol

Autoimmune hepatitis, it was caught very early on by accident so there wasn't any damage to it, however I'm only a reasonably high dose of prednisone that's used to control which I would like to get off as it's not that great to be on.

how you are affected can vary. caffine has killed many. starving in the woods? starve faster. weak or oversized heart? good bye speedy. mixing with uppers like cocaine? R.I.P. my brother. knowledge is the only thing that can save you.

this was so badly written, i'm sorry lol
consider yourself lucky then, i have cirrhosis and almost got a transplant (mine was autoimmune too)
idk about meds and interactions with psychoactive drugs but you should be relatively fine. maybe try dissociatives like ketamine?

>mixing caffeine with cocaine is dangerous therefore caffeine is dangerous
Ok bro.

Weed being laced is very unlikely. It's expensive enough and there's little incentive to do so. Just make sure you aren't getting synthetic shit and it isn't brick weed.

You'd be fucking unlucky to get laced weed in my country, it's pretty much legal. Cops don't arrest you if they find you with a personal amount on you just take it off you.

Yea yea psychoactive drugs are good, I know acid is fine but think shrooms are metabolised by the liver so maybe not those. I don't know if there's been studies on humans but on rats MDMA and ketamine raise enzyme levels in rats livers (ASTs and ALTs)

just because the liver metabolizes it doesn't mean it's harmful...
i did a lot of mdma too :)
basically do whatever except (a lot of) alcohol and you're fine

Yea but it causes raised levels of AST and ALT enzymes which are the ones that cause damage in the liver when they're too high.

i meant the shrooms